News 2010

31.12.2010 Happy New Year

I want to wish all puppy buyers, co-owners, friends, breeder colleagues and all the 'dog world' a Happy and Successful New Year 2011!

30.12.2010 Placements / ESS of the Year

Our team gained some nice placements in Show ESS of the Year 2010 competition:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was 4th time in row the most successful springer male in Finland. Terry was also 2nd best in the breed. This happened despite of the fact that Terry was under limited showing this year. Congratulations Saija and Janne!  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) (Terry's son) was right after his father the 2nd best springer male in Finland this year and 6th best in breed. Huge congratulations to Maarit!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) whelped a litter in start and in end of the year, but she still managed to be 4th best show ESS and 3rd best bitch springer in Finland this year. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) was this year the best male from my breeding and he went 8th best male in Finland. Congratulations Reetta and Mika!  
My warm thanks to all Wildomar's bred dogs and their owners for entering shows this year!

23.12.2010 K-puppies have moved

K-litter have now moved to their new loving homes. All the best for the future to Karla, Kiara, Kadja, Plättä, Kira, Kaisa and Kiddi!

21.12.2010 We expect puppies

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') is now mated with handsome young import male:  
Both parents of this expected litter have social and happy springer temperaments and excellent health. Additional information in puppy page.

19.12.2010 Merry Christmas to all of you!

I wish all my friends and puppy buyers a Merry Christmas! :-)

18.12.2010 Planned litter

Spring puppies planned!  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') will be mated with young and handsome import male Barecho Young At Heart "Torsti". Both parents have nice temperaments and they are healthy and rewarded. Contact me if you feel interested in this combination: Sanna Kavén, mobile +358 44 3634243 or email sannak "at"

12.12.2010 Julia was retired

This was a special day. Our foundation bitch Julia (Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece of Adamant) was retired from her active show career. In the future Julia most likely will be seen in breed speciality shows and maybe some other shows too, but our 'grandmom' will now mostly spend peaceful and fun days at home at 9,5 years old. She is still in lovely condition, so she could have continued her career still, but we thought she deserves to be retired. :-) Beside the ring there was many people having some sparkling wine with us and Julia was sitting in the middle enjoying her meatballs (on the chair of course). :-) Thank you all who shared this moment with me!

Copyright: Harri Kontio

11.12.2010 Terry HeW-10!

This year was the first time "Helsinki Winner" show was arranged with official title "Helsinki Winner 2010". Judge for springers was Matti Tuominen. We had only one dog entered, but the result was super:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) won the champion class males and went Best Male and BOS with the title "Helsinki Winner 2010". Congratulations Saija and Janne!

6.12.2010 Hilda BOB, Terry BOS

We entered Tampere group speciality show under Bo Skalin and here are the results of our team:  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) - working class EXC/1 BB1 BOB  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - champion class EXC/1 BD1 BOS  
Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) - open class EXC/1 vara-SERT

4.12.2010 Fara passed BH test!

Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) passed today the behaviour test (BH) and got the official BH-title! Huge congratulations to Mervi!

28.11.2010 A-litter 7 years

A-litter is today already 7-years-old, congratulations to all Wildomar's A-puppies!

28.11.2010 Weeti became C.I.B. !

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went today best male in Belarus and won also CACIB. This certificate gave him also the title C.I.B. (international champion with working merit). Huge congratulations to Harri and Marja! And thanks to Pauliina Artiola for taking care of Weeti during the trip and professional way of handling!

14.11.2010 Iris 2-years-old

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) is today 2-years-old and she has received the "adult age" :-) Congratulations to our little Iris as well as to all the other Christa's Crystal-puppies!

14.11.2010 Terry BOS CACIB

Results from Jyväskylä international show for our team (judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen):  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - champion class EXC/1 Best Male CACIB and BOS, congratulations to Saija and Janne!  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) - champion class EXC/2 and among 6 best males :-)

13.11.2010 New Champion!

We entered Kouvola group speciality show where the breed was judged by Matti Luoso:  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) - open class EXC/1 Best Male CC BOS and he is our new Finnish Champion! Huge congratulations to Reetta and Mika!  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) - champion class EXC/2 and 2nd Best Female :-)  
Hertta (Wildomar's Intense Desire) - junior class EXC/2 :-)

12.11.2010 Hip scores :-)

We have received the following official hip scores from Kennel Club:  
Jimi (Wildomar's Imaginary Lover) - A/A (best possible)  
Lotta (Wildomar's I Lust After U) - A/A (best possible)  
Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) - A/A (best possible)

7.11.2010 Congratulations G-litter!

Congratulations to 3-years-old G-litter! :-)

31.10.2010 Iris Best Bitch in Lahti

In Lahti international show under Eduardo Gonzales from Spain:  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) went again Best Bitch and gained also CACIB and CC. She ended as BOS, when her uncle Lenni (Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger) was chosen to be Best of Breed.  
Veikka (Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze) was also with and he ended as 2nd Best Male with CC and res-CACIB. Congratulations Sari and Kai!  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) went nicely 3rd Best Bitch with res-CC, congratulations!

30.10.2010 Results from Lahti

In Lahti international show under Robert Lott (Australia):  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') won the open class and ended 2nd Best Bitch with res-CACIB in top quality competition, congratulations Minna, Sami and Minttu!  
Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) won the working class and went 4th Best Bitch with res-CC in this same show, congratulations Melina and Seppo!

27.10.2010 New team member!

We wish welcome our new team member from Estonia:  
Feya (Bimbik's Femy) - owned by Sanna Kavén, Katri Merinen and Henna Renholm

27.10.2010 A puppy moved to America

Kidi (Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon) moved today to America :-) This boy will live in Canada and we are so excited to follow his development :-)

24.10.2010 Christa's daughter BIS4-puppy

Christa's daughter has done great job in puppy class:  
Siiri (Blue Baltic's Sweet Surprise) went BOB & BIG-1 and BIS4 -puppy in Lahti all breed puppy show. Breed and group was judged by Joanna Pronin and BIS was judged by Johan Juslin. Congratulations to owners and breeder!

24.10.2010 A puppy moved again :-)

Plättä (Wildomar's Knocks U For A Loop) moved today to her new home in Pori Finland :-)

Wildomar's Knocks U For A Loop

16.10.2010 Lady 3 years

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') is today 3-years-old. Congratulations to Lady as well as all the other Adamant's Perfect -puppies!

15.10.2010 Wallu's C.I.B. title confirmed

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) is now confirmed by FCI to be International Champion (C.I.B.). Once again congratulations to Marja and Harri!

14.10.2010 Kira moved to Estonia

Kira (Wildomar's Knocks You Out) moved today to Estonia and she is owned by Katrin Juurak (kennel Bimbik's). :-)

11.10.2010 A SPECIAL BOY is gone :-(

There is no words to tell... a SPECIAL BOY is gone. We will miss Jekku a lot. Jekku was my mother's dog and was the last almost 2 years loved and cared by my father. What a big loss this was for him too.
Jekku was a super happy tibetan spaniel boy. He loved everything and everyone. Sweet, social and friendly. Could not expect more from a dog. He left a big hole in our hearts...... Tears coming to my cheeks. Nothing is the same anymore. He will never run happily to me anymore. Hard to believe this is true. :-(  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) - IN MEMORIAM 2002-2010

7.10.2010 Health tests

We went to health checks in Turku with the following results:  
Ch. Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant "Julia" - no signs of PRA/HC/RD (9,5-years-old)
Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty "Terry" - no signs of PRA/HC/RD (4,5-years-old)
Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac "Vilma" - no signs of PRA/HC/RD (6,5-years-old)
Wildomar's Imaginary Lover "Jimi" - no signs of PRA/HC/RD
Wildomar's I Lust After U "Lotta" - no signs of PRA/HC/RD
Goldmoore's Destiny Of Love "Penny" - no signs of PRA/HC, show signs of MRD

7.10.2010 DNA results

We received today the following GPRA cord1 DNA results:  
Kidi (Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon) - normal (not carrier)  
Karla (Wildomar's KnockOnHeaven'sDoor) - normal (not carrier)  
Kira (Wildomar's Knocks You Out) - normal (not carrier)  
Plättä (Wildomar's Knocks U For A Loop) - carrier

5.10.2010 Eye check results

We have received some eye check results of Wildomar's bred dogs:  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - healthy eyes 10/2010  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - healthy eyes 8/2010

5.10.2010 Kaisa moved today

Kaisa (Wildomar's Knock Your Socks Off) moved today to her new home in Somero. All the best for the future :-)

29.9.2010 Two new team members!

We wish very welcome two promising and lovely puppies from our K-litter:  
Karla (Wildomar's KnockOnHeaven'sDoor) is co-owned with Taija Kavén and Vesa Känkänen. Karla lives together with her mother Gia (W. Gewgaw) and grandmother Vilma (W. Bric-A-Brac) :)  
Kidi (Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon) is co-owned with Melanie Conrad (kennel Waternymph, Canada) :-)

Wildomar's KnockOnHeaven'sDoor

Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon

26.9.2010 Ato 1st prize in tracking

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) won today 1st prize in winner class blood tracking. This was his 2nd first prize in winner class and there is now one more to go to finish his tracking champion title! Congratulations Tiina!

26.9.2010 Dixi mental tested

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was officially mental tested and got 110 points :-)

12.9.2010 Leevi 1st prize tracking

We received nice news from Rovaniemi blood tracking test:  
Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) got 1st prize with 46 points and he will move to compete in winner class, congratulations!  
Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) got 3rd prize with 20 points, congratulations!

12.9.2010 Lenni BOS, Unelma CC

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) may again be proud of his offspring! We received great news from Porvoo:  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) - Best Male & BOS, congratulations Maarit!  
Unelma (Adamant's Perfect Dolly) - 2nd Best Bitch & CC, congratulations Mira!

6.9.2010 Etta 6th in tracking test

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) entered the district championship tracking test and was placed 6th.

6.9.2010 Terry BOS, Julia BOB-vet

We spent a nice day in Helsinki all breed show :-)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - Best Male and BOS, congratulations Saija!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - BOB-veteran (did not enter the finals)  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) (Terry's son) - right after his father 2nd Best Male, congratulations Maarit!

4.9.2010 E-litter 4 years

E-litter is today 4-years-old. Congratulations to E-puppies on their birthday!

31.8.2010 I-puppies hunting

We are extemely happy to receive news about the I-youngsters who have done great work hunting on their first hunting season :-)

Wildomar's I Lust After U
Copyright: Kim Eerola

Wildomar's Intense Desire
Copyright: Senni Husso

Wildomar's Ideal Mistress
Copyright: Johanna Kleimola

29.8.2010 Lenni BOS, Lady BB-3

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is again proud of his progeny:  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) entered Tervakoski international show and went Best Male & BOS with CACIB. Congratulations Maarit  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') won the open class and went 3rd Best Bitch in top quality competition. Congratulations Minna, Sami and Minttu!  
Unelma (Adamant's Perfect Dolly) won res-CC, congratulations Mira!

24.8.2010 NEW TITLES!

We had a great day in Marttila spaniel working ability test!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - passed and to his titles new additions Finnish, Estonian and Nordic Champion and after FCI's approval also C.I.B.. Congratulations Saija and Janne!  
Eetu (Wildomar's Great Gun) - passed, congratulations Maarit!  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) (Terry's son) - passed and Finnish Champion title. Congratulations Maarit!

Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty

Wildomar's Great Gun

Ch.Walnut Finally Here

22.8.2010 Terry BOS, Julia BOB-vet

We spent a nice show day in Heinola:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - best male and BOS  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - BOB-veteran  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - 4th Best Bitch  
Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) - res-CC

BOB Adamant's Let Me See - BOS Linmoor Your Majesty

15.8.2010 Caro passed working ability test

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) passed the spaniel working ability test today. Congratulations!

7.8.2010 Eevi passed working test

Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) passed the spaniel working ability test today with great written critique. Congratulations Henna!

7.8.2010 Iris BOB CC BIG2

We had a great day in Vesilahti group speciality show!  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) got a lovely written critique and went Best Bitch & BOB. Iris was showing perfect way and in the huge combined FCI 7&8 group she went BIG-2.  
Veikka (Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze) (litter brother to Iris) went Best Male & BOS in this same show with one more CC to his credit. Congratulations Sari and Kai!  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) (Terry's son) did great in springer ring being Best Male & BOB with his last CC from Finland. It was his 9th CC. Congratulations Maarit!  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') (Terry's daughter) entered also the ring and she went Best Bitch & BOS. Lady also got her last CC from Finland. Congratulations Minna, Minttu and Sami!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was showing nicely despite of the hot weather and she went 2nd Best Bitch & BOB-veteran.

BOB BIG2 - Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody
Copyright: Maarit Kohtala-Pimiä

BOB Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody - BOS Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze
Copyright: Maarit Kohtala-Pimiä

Siblings giving a hug to each other after the winning
Copyright: Maarit Kohtala-Pimiä

5.8.2010 We have puppies

K-litter was whelped today. In this litter we have one liver-white male, 5 liver-white females and one liver-white tan female. All the puppies and the dam are feeling well. Read more about them from our puppy page!
Bitch puppies available!

1.8.2010 Diva 2nd prize tracking

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) gained today 2nd prize in open class blood tracking in Luumäki with 34 points. Congratulations!

1.8.2010 Etta is tracking champion 2010!

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) entered Springer Spaniel Club's annual blood tracking championship test and she got 1st prize in winner class with 49 points from maximum 50 points. This meant she won the title 'Springer Club's blood tracking champion 2010'. Great result! Our warm congratulations and thanks for all the work to Tuija and Markku!

25.7.2010 Diva BOB in Helsinki

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered Helsinki all breed show and went again Best Bitch & BOB. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!

19.7.2010 Congratulations to I-litter!

I-litter is today 1-year-old. Congratulations to Jimi, Lassi, Lotta, Hertta and Ida!

17.7.2010 Diva BOB in Lammi

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went today Best Bitch & BOB in Lammi group speciality show. Congratulations!  
Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) placed 4th Best Male in Ylivieska on same day. Congratulations!

Copyright: Hanna Hyypiä

11.7.2010 Diva BOB in Karjaa

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went today Best Bitch and BOB in Karjaa all breed show. Congratulations Nappi and Nana!

10.7.2010 MH mental description

Today was three Wildomar's bred dogs MH mental described in Punkalaidun. Thanks for entering the dogs and thanks for a nice company to Helena, Taija and Vesa! The tested dogs were:  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) (dam to our G- and I-litters)  
Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty)    
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big)  

9.7.2010 Congratulations Penny!

Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) is today 1-year-old. Congratulations to Penny! :-)

4.7.2010 Etta became TR CH!

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) got today 1st prize winner class with 46 points in Pilkottu tracking test and she is now Finnish Tracking Champion. Officially she is called now FI SH&TR CH Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac. HUGE congratulations to her owners and big thanks for all the work you have done!

3.7.2010 Terry BOB, Diva BOS

We spent a sunny and nice show day in Forssa all breed show.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - Best Male + BOB, congratulations Saija and Janne!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - Best Female + BOS, congratulations Nappi and Nana!

26.6.2010 Iris won the class in WW show!

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) won today the intermediate class in World Winne show in Herning Denmark under Kurt Nilsson from Sweden.

25.6.2010 Julia BOS-veteran

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) went today nicely BOS-veteran in Danish Spaniel Club Show under Kate Keely from Australia.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was amonb 6 best bitches in big open class and she was handled by Louis Kruger.

24.6.2010 Terry DK CH in World Winner!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) won today the big open class males in World Winner International show in Herning Denmark. He also won the CC and became Danish Show Champion. Judge was well-known Per Iversen from Norway. Congratulations Saija and Janne!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went 4th place in champion class with quality prize 'excellent'.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) went 4th place in huge open class of 30 bitches with quality prize 'excellent'. Gia was handled by Louis Kruger.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was 4th in veteran class bitches with quality prize 'excellent' and also she was handled by Louis Kruger.

13.6.2010 Christa's puppy looking for home

One of Christa's puppies is still looking for a loving home. More information: Kennel Blue Baltic's.

7.6.2010 New team member

We are proud to introduce you our new team member :-)  
Doris (Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon) lives in Aijala together with Sissi (W.Beautiful Piece) and Domino (W.Flyin' Thoughts).

Doris is 8,5 weeks old in this photo

7.6.2010 Gia is mated

Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) is now mated (AI) and we expect puppies for August! Sire to the litter is handsome Winton Man On The Moon "Apollo". More information at our puppy page.

6.6.2010 Success in Club Show!

We had a fabulous day in our Annual Main Speciality show!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) took the jackpot and made her breeder to cry for joy. . . Diva is dam to only 11 weeks old puppy, but she went BEST BITCH, BEST OF BREED and finally also BEST IN SHOW!!! And this Diva did in high quality competition as there was several top winning springers entered. :-) Huge congratulations to Diva's owners Nappi and Nana and big thanks for all the hard work you have done with our beauty queen!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did our day perfect as he went third time in a row BEST MALE in our annual main speciality show and was finally BOS. Congratulations to Saija and Janne and once again thanks for the nice co-operation!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) did great job too being BOB-veteran and finally BIS2-veteran. Also her progeny group went again BOB-progeny. This was already 5th time in row Julia's progeny went BOB in our main speciality show! The progeny group went also BIS2-progeny. Thanks to all who were part of this group this year!  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) took her last CC from this show and now she needs only the working test passed to finish her title. Congratulations Taija and Vesa!
By the way Terry's son Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) went 2nd best male with CC in this show! Congratulations to his owner Maarit and breeder Susanna!  
And our day was crowned with great win with our breeder class from several quality groups. So Wildomar's went BOB- and BIS2-breeder. In Best Brace competition Diva and Weeti went BIS Brace. Our day was the greatest we have ever had in our main speciality show and this for sure is something special for us breeders. We are extremely proud of all the dogs bred/co-owned by us who were entered to this show. The day was so fun. Let's do it again next year! ;-) Thanks to all entered Wildomar's team dogs and their owners, you are the BEST! :-)

BOB/BIS Ch.Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - BOS Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Taija Kavén

BOB/BIS2-progeny - Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
Copyright: Taija Kavén

BOS-veteran Ch.Newmix Cosworth - BOB/BIS2-veteran Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

BOB/BIS2-breeder - Kennel Wildomar's
Copyright: Taija Kavén

BD2 CC - Walnut Finally Here (Terry's son)

6.6.2010 Christa's son BOB BIG-3

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is again proud of her children:  
Marski (Blue Baltic's Crystal Mountain) went nicely BOB and BIG-3 with his first CACIB. This was a great debute show in official classes for a handsome boy! Marski is owned and loved by Ray Lindholm, Sweden.

30.5.2010 Dixi BD2 and BD3

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) entered Rovaniemi group speciality show on Saturday where he went 3rd Best Male and on Sunday Haukipudas group speciality show where he went 2nd Best Male. Congratulations for the placements!

30.5.2010 Hilda CC FI CH BOB BIG-2!

Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) was today in Järvenpää all breed show and she went Best Bitch and BOB with her last needed CC. This was the day she also finished her Finnish Champion title. In group final Hilda was also placed as BIG-2 under Jens Martin Hansen who was judging also the breed. :-)  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is very proud of her new champion progeny :-) Our 'grandma' herself went BOB-veteran in same show.
Our other girls did great results too:
Adamant's Perfect Feelin' "Lady" - 2nd Best Bitch with resCC
Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva" - 3rd Best Bitch
Goldmoore's Destiny Of Love "Penny" - 4th Best Bitch  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) (Terry's son) was handled by Sanna and he went again Best Male and this time BOS with one more CC.  
Jimi (Wildomar's Imaginary Lover) was in his second official show and again with great results. Jimi went nicely 2nd Best Male with resCC.  
Our breeder group (Jimi, Diva, Hilda, Gia) went BOB-breeder, thank you all! And huge congratulations to all for great success today!

FI CH Wildomar's Hit It Big

29.5.2010 Wildomar's Fun Day

Today we arranged the traditional Wildomar's Fun Day in Somero. Again we saw many dogs bred or co-owned by Wildomar's and their owners. Thank you all who spent the day with us! The day was such a fun even if it was raining and the weather was rather cold. :-)  
The day started with taking a photo of all together. After that we continued with Wildomar's Show judged by Satu Raassina. The results of our show were:
BB1 BIS1 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"
BB2 - Wildomar's Alpen Rose "Wilma"
BB3 - Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant "Julia"
BB4 - Wildomar's Gimcrack "Geri"
BD1 BIS2 - Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti"
BD2 - Wildomar's Imaginary Lover "Jimi"
BD3 - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No "Wallu".  
After the show we had the Wildomar's Game, which is nowadays also a tradition with very funny tasks. This year the fastest was Adamant's Perfect Feelin' "Lady" with Minna (time 2:50). And the funniest was an easy choice and it was again Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) with Harri. Weeti's time was by the way over 6 minutes, but we all had fun watching him. . . :-)
The sponsor of our show and game was Musti & Mirri / Salo.  
After being outside in fresh (and rainy) air it was time to go inside to have some coffee and delicious food. Then we also had the traditional Wildomar's Quizz. The winner was this year Nappi (with 9/13 correct answers). And the honour to do the questions for next year's quizz was given to one who had lowest points this year. Because there was two with result 3/13, the winner was drawn out of the hat and the "winner" was Minna :-)  
We had one new champion to reward, but Dixi (Ch.Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was rewarded already earlier (as we knew he could not come to our fun day). The most successful show dog of our breeding in 2009 was rewarded and she was "Diva" (Ch.Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny). We also rewarded most successful working dog of our breeding in 2009 and she was "Etta" (Ch.Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac), but Etta was not present, so we will deliver the prize later.  
We also wanted to thank some special people who have done remarkable things for us and our breeding work. They have always been there for us when needed and we wanted to thank them somehow. So a huge thanks to Saija and Janne Kaleva, Taija Kavén and Johanna and Katariina Isola!
And huge thanks to you all who entered the Wildomar's Fun Day! See you all next year :-)

29.5.2010 Caro BD3 resCC

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) was today in Joensuu all breed show and he went 3rd Best male with resCC. Congratulations!

27.5.2010 Julia 9-years-old

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - our playful 'grandma' full of joy is today 9 years old. She is still fresh as a daisy and loves to play with puppies and youngsters. Congratulations to Julia!

23.5.2010 Puppies planned!

We have puppies planned! Gia has started her season already :-)  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) will be mated with a gorgeous male:  
Apollo (Winton Man On The Moon) - gorgeous, successful, healthy, MH mental tested and qualified in spaniel working ability test, sire of our J-litter.  
Read more from our puppy page!

23.5.2010 Ato 2nd prize in tracking

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) went today to blood tracking test and gained 2nd prize in winner class. Congratulations to Tiina!

22.5.2010 Lenni BOB CC CACIB

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is very proud of his son:  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) went BOB with CC and CACIB in Helsinki International show under a specialist judge Jenny Miller (Feorlig ESS, UK)! Lenni was handled by Sanna Kavén. Congratulations to Maarit for this great success and thank you for the good co-operation :-)  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was in same show and she went nicely 2nd Best Bitch with res-CC and res-CACIB. Congratulations Taija and Vesa!  
Our breeder group went BOB-breeder, thanks to all dogs and their owners who were part of our group!

Copyright: Taija Kavén

16.5.2010 Tracking test results

We are delighted to tell you the results from blood tracking test in Marttila 16.5.2010 :-)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) (dam to our J-litter) gained 1st prize in open class with 45 points and she was rewarded as 2nd best dog in open class. Diva was also the best Wildomar's team member in this test :-) Diva was handled by Katariina Isola.  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) (dam to our G- and I-litters) made her debute in blood tracking tests and she did it great with 1st prize in open class with 42 points. Vilma was handled by Vesa Känkänen.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained 1st prize in open class with 41 points. This was Wilma's second 1st prize from her 3rd test and with this result she will compete in winner class from now on. Wilma was handled by Johanna Isola.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did also his debute in blood tracking tests and gained 2nd prize in open class with 33 points. He was handled by Saija Kaleva.  
Our warm congratulations to all these dogs and their owners and handlers!

11.5.2010 B-litter 6-years-old!

B-litter is today 6-years-old. Congratulations to all Wildomar's B-litter 'puppies'!

2.5.2010 Jimi CC BOS

Jimi (Wildomar's Imaginary Lover) did today his debute in adult classes and went Best Male & BOS with his first CC in Koski group speciality show. Huge thanks to Satu Raassina for handling him and congratulations to Jimi's family for this super start!  
Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) went in this same show 3rd Best Bitch with res-CC. Congratulations to her handler and co-owner Mervi Kaleva!

27.4.2010 C-litter 5 years

C-litter is today 5-years-old! Big congratulations to all Wildomar's C-puppies!

21.4.2010 Congratulations Christa 7 years!

Huge congratulations to our 7-years-old Queen!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) has been a real "once in a lifetime" dog and she deserves all the attention today :)

17.4.2010 Julia BOB + BOB&BIS3 vet!

We had a nice day in Sysmä group speciality show :)  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) showed again what she is made of! She will have her 9th birthday next month and her result was BOB-veteran but also Best Of Breed and she ended as BIS3-veteran.  
Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) won the open class bitches and ended as 4th Best Bitch with res-CC. Congratulations to Helena and Ville!  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) went 2nd in bigger working class with quality prize 'excellent'.  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) (Terry's son) went Best Male & BOS with one more CC to his credit. Congratulations to Maarit!

14.4.2010 D-litter 4-years-old

D-litter is today 4-years-old! Huge congratulations to our D-team!

10.4.2010 Lady BOB & Hero BOS

We had a lovely day in Kurikka group speciality show!  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') did great job being Best Bitch & BOB with her 2nd Finnish CC. In group final she was among 7 best dogs. Congratulations to Lady's family!  
Hero (Wildomar's HardLikeARock) entered his 3rd official show ever and the result was nicely Best Male & BOS with his first CC. Congratulations to Hero's family!  
And thanks to Mervi for nice travelling company!

10.4.2010 News from Norway

Sire of our J-litter:  
Apollo (Winton Man On The Moon) was MH mental tested today in Norway. More information and photos at Winton kennel homepage.  
So now both of the parents to our J-litter are MH mental tested.

8.4.2010 Christa's litter was born

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) whelped her litter today at kennel Blue Baltic's :-)

5.4.2010 BIS3-breeder in Ruovesi

Our breeder group went nicely BIS3 Breeder in Ruovesi group show today. Thank you all who made this possible! :)  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went 2nd Best Male in this same show. Congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) won the champion class bitches and went 3rd Best Bitch. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!

28.3.2010 Jimi BOS-puppy

Jimi (Wildomar's Imaginary Lover) made his debute in show rings being BOS-puppy in Helsinki puppy show. Congratulations to his owners and big thanks for letting him come with me to this show :)  
In this same show Hertta (W.Intense Desire) was 2nd in class and Penny (G.Destiny Of Love) 3rd in same class and both of course with honorary prize :)

BOS-puppy - Wildomar's Imaginary Lover "Jimi"

27.3.2010 Caro BM2 with resCC

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) went today 2nd Best Male with resCC in Joensuu. So the last needed CC was quite close :) Congratulations to owners and good luck for the future shows!  
Gilda (Wildomar's Gilt Trinket) won the open class in this same show with quality prize 'excellent', congratulations!

21.3.2010 Terry BOB, Julia BOB-vet

We had a great show day in Tampere international show (springers judged by Reia Leikola-Walden):  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did super job being Best Male and BEST OF BREED from 46 entries with his 20th CACIB. Also his written critique was something special to read: "A male with excellent proportions and beautiful lines. Head of nice shape. Gorgeous topline. Balanced angulation. Magnificent movement. Wonderful coat and temperament.". Our congratulations to Saija and Janne!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) placed nicely as 4th Best Male. Thanks to Nana and Mira for handling and congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) entered a show ring after a break of about half a year and placement was very nice 4th Best Bitch with res-CC, so she was only one placement way from champion title in her first possible show. :) Thanks to Nana for handling Hilda!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) came also with to veteran class and she did it great being again BOB-veteran and in BIS-final she was among 8-10 best veterans in show (judge Nils Molin).  
We are also happy to tell Terry's son Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) won intermediate class males and Terry's daughter Unelma (Adamant's Perfect Dolly) won open class bitches. Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was 2nd in open class after Unelma.

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Adamant's Let'Em Talk

Sanna with BOB-Terry and BOB-veteran-Julia :)

19.3.2010 Our Jewel was born :)

We are proud to tell you today was born our J-litter where was one sweet and beautiful bitch puppy:  
Doris (Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon) - liver-white coloured from combination Winton Man On The Moon & Ch.Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

14.3.2010 Julia BOB & BOB-vet!

Our another nice show day in Lithuania international show:  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) showed what the grandmoms are made of! From veteran class EXC/1 BOB-veteran and BEST OF BREED! The judge told me the reason she won was her effective movement :)  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') won the open class and received CC & res-CACIB.  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) got EXC/2 from champion class.  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) continued nicely competing in intermediate class and won her 4th CACIB from her 4th possible show. She got also her 2nd Lithuanian CC.

BOB + BOB-veteran - Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant "Julia"

Ch. LtW-10 Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody "Iris"

13.3.2010 Wallu C.I.B. & Julia BIS3-vet!

Great day in Lithuanian Winner 2010 international show!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) - champion class EXC/2 res-CACIB (->CACIB) and after FCI's confirmation he will be International Champion C.I.B. (with working merit). Huge congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - veteran class EXC/1 BOB-vet with new titles Lithuanian Veteran Winner 2010 and Lithuanian Veteran Champion. In BIS-finals Julia showed like a youngster and went all the way to BIS3-veteran.  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') - open class EXC/1 CC & CACIB and title Lithuanian Winner 2010. Congratulations to Minna, Sami and Minttu!  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) - intermediate class EXC/1 CC & CACIB and title Lithuanian Winner 2010. Thanks to Maaret Korhonen for handling Iris!

New C.I.B. (after FCI's confirmation)
Ch.Wildomar's Fiction Oh No "Wallu"

BIS3-veteran - Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant "Julia"

LtW-10 Adamant's Perfect Feelin' "Lady"

11.3.2010 H-litter 2-years-old

H-litter is today already 2-years-old :) Congratulations to our "trio" Hilda, Hero and Hugo!

7.3.2010 Iris - Belarus Champion!

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) continued her show weekend in Belarus with very nice results being Best Bitch and BOS winning CACIB and the second needed CC for the Belarus Champion title! Huge thanks to Sanna Vartiainen for good work with our youngster :)

6.3.2010 Christa's daughter BALT JCH!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) may almost every weekend be proud of her children ;)  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) went nicely BOB, BIG-2 and BOB-junior in Tallinn Estonia all breed show with the last needed junior-CC. This means she is now Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian (Baltic) Junior Champion. Congratulations to her breeder and owners!

6.3.2010 Iris BOB CC CACIB!

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) travelled to Minsk Belarus with her handler Sanna Vartiainen and the result was super: from first possible show our young setter took the CACIB and she went also BOB with CC. Huge thanks to Sanna for great job!

6.3.2010 Wilma became EE CH!

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered Tallinn Estonia all breed show and she did great job being Best Bitch and BOB with CC, so she gained also new title Estonian Champion! In group finals Wilma continued doing well and placed Runner Up in Group!. Huge congratulations to Nappi and Nana!

BOS Bimbik's Eugen - BOB Wildomar's Alpen Rose
Copyright: Johanna Isola

BOB BIG-2 - FI & EE CH Wildomar's Alpen Rose
Copyright: Johanna Isola

5.3.2010 Terry 4-years-old

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) has today his 4y birthday party, congratulations and hugs to Terry!

27.2.2010 Christa clearly in whelp

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is clearly in whelp and puppies are expected from quality combination! Read more from our puppy page or from Blue Baltic's homepage at

26.2.2010 Veikka's health records

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is proud mom to:  
Veikka (Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze) who got official results A/A hips and 0/0 elbows (best possible)

21.2.2010 Caro CC BOS

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) entered Tuusniemi group speciality under Saija Juutilainen. Caro did great job being Best Male & BOS with his 2nd CC. Huge congratulations to Mika and Reetta!

21.2.2010 Christa's children

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is again very proud of her children :)  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) was on Saturday 20.2.2010 in Latvia Valmiera and went BOB-junior and BOS with junior-CC. On Sunday 21.2.2010 she entered a show in Panevezys Lithuania and did even better job being BOB-junior, BOB and BIG-5 with junior-CC. Our warm congratulations to Siena's owners!  
Engla (Blue Baltic's Crystal Angel) went 1st in junior class with prize of honour in Norway international show. Congratulations to Wenche Farstad (kennel Streamside's)!

19.2.2010 Lenni's hips A/A

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was happy to receive news about his son:  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) has healthy A/A hips (best possible) :) Already earlie was also Lenni's sister x-rayed and her hips are also A/A.

14.2.2010 Terry is now C.I.E. (*) !!!

We had a lovely trip to Tallinn Estonia international show where springers were judged by Ligita Zake:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went nicely Best Male & BOB winning also the CC and CACIB. This made Terry also an International Show Champion C.I.E. (* still waiting for FCI approval). In group Terry made his way to 5 best dogs. Congratulations to Saija and Janne!  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was showing nicely in good condition and ended as Best Bitch & BOS with CC and CACIB. Congratulations to Taija!  
Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) made her debute being BOB-puppy. She was also among 10 best puppies in BIS-competition. Congratulations to Mervi!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was also with us and ended nicely as 3rd Best Bitch and BOB-veteran and this means she gained the title Estonian Veteran Champion. In BIS-final Julia ended as BIS2-veteran handled by Sanna Vartiainen.  
And finally Terry and Julia were rewarded as BOB Brace. :)
And thank you Saija for such a nice travelling company :)

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Gewgaw

Julia BIS-2 veteran handled by Sanna Vartiainen

10.2.2010 Diva is in whelp

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) is clearly in whelp, read more from our puppy page!

10.2.2010 Health results

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) got the official health results today from the Kennel Club and her hips are healthy B-B and elbows bes possible 0-0.

4.2.2010 Iris TOP PUPPY 2009 (KSP)

We got happy news that:  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) will be crowned as Top Puppy 2009 (KSP). :)

3.2.2010 Christa is mated!

Our Queen has been mated:  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was mated 3.2.2010 and we expect puppies to be born to kennel Blue Baltic's ( in April. Sire to this promising combination is Am&Ru&Lt&Lv CH Silver Fog Vernisazh "Dali". Read more from our puppy page!

1.2.2010 Wildomar's Fun Day 29.5.2010

We wish all Wildomar's bred/co-owned dogs and their owners welcome to Wildomar's Fun Day in Somero Haukkukalliio 29th May 2010!
- Wildomar's Show (judged by Satu Raassina)
- Wildomar's Game (fun tasks together with your dog)
- Wildomar's Quiz
- Rewarding of the most successful Wildomar's dogs in 2009 + new champions
- Delicious food
- Sharing experiences
And also a lecture about the characteristics of working dogs (in Finnish).

30.1.2010 Champion of Champions gala

We entered the Champion of Champions gala with Terry. To this gala is invited every year the 150 most successful show dogs from all breeds. The evening was lovely with delicious food and perfect company :)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did a fabulous job by ending to Top 8 dogs in this very high quality competition! Judges were Laurent Picard (Switzerland), Nina Karlsdotter (Sweden) and Matti Luoso (Finland). Huge congratulations to Saija and Janne!  
And thanks for the company to Saija, Nappi, Nana, Irina and Marita :)

26.1.2010 F-litter 3-years-old

F-litter is today already 3-years-old so congratulations to all twelve F-puppies: Wallu, Eetu, Veeti, Domino, Fanny, Fara, Unna, Fenja, Elli, Mimmi, Fiona ja Sara!

23.1.2010 Christa's children won CC's :)

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is again very proud of her children:  
Veikka (Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze) went nicely Best Male and BOS in Turku international show with his 2nd CC! Congratulations to Sari and Kai!  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) went 2nd Best Bitch with her 3rd CC in high quality competition.  
These were very lovely results from junior class dogs and we are very grateful to handler Sanna Vartiainen! :)

BOS, CC - Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze

18.1.2010 Eye-check

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was eye-checked today at almost 4 years of age and his eyes were found healthy (no marks from hereditary eye diseases).  
Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) was also eye-checked and his eyes were healthy too. He was also x-rayed and we will wait for the official hip score from the Kennel Club :)

17.1.2010 Diva is mated

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) is now mated (AI from frozen semen) and we are excited to see if there will be whelped some spring babies :)  
Diva was mated with gorgeous Winton Man On The Moon "Apollo". Read more from our puppy page!

9.1.2010 Terry BOS CACIB

We entered Kajaani international show with following results:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - Best Male, CACIB, BOS  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) - 3rd Best Male, resCC  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') - resCC  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - EXC/2 in veteran class  
Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) - EXC in champion class
Thanks to Sanna Vartiainen and Antti Hokkanen for handling help and congratulations to winners!

BOB Adamant's Let Me See - BOS Linmoor Your Majesty

res-CC - Adamant's Perfect Feelin'

BD3 res-CC - Wildomar's Grim'N' Crusty

2.1.2010 Diva started her season

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) started her season! Read more about the plans from our puppy page :)

1.1.2010 New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010!
Wildomar's team has many exciting plans. We wish all Wildomar's dogs and their owners good luck for the year 2010!
And we breeders wish some more Wildomar's team members as we have planned to mate at least these two bitches in 2010:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) , which went Top #2 Bitch in Top Show ESS competition in 2009. Diva is also international champion and national champion of SEVEN countries (including three Nordic countries). Diva has also passed the spaniel working ability test and she has results from official agility competitions. Diva will be mated to Winton Man On The Moon "Apollo", which was the Top #1 ESS in Norway 2009 despite of his young age. From this combination we expect some beautiful, social and healthy springers which bring joy to their owners on many fields. :)  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') , which will be mated in summer 2010, but we have not yet decided who will be "the lucky man". Lady has BOB, CC and resCC from shows (entered only 4 times official classes).