News 2009

14.12.2009 Lovely placements in 2009

We are very happy to tell you our placements in Top Show ESS 2009 competition:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - went 3rd time in a row as Top #1 ESS male in Finland and he was also 2nd in overall competition  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - went Top #2 ESS female in Finland and she was also 3rd in overall competition  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) - went Top #2 ESS male in Finland  
Congratulations to owners of these dogs! Great work! And thank you all our puppy buyers for entering the shows this year with Wildomar's dogs. :)

13.12.2009 Christa's son is NordJW-09!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is proud of her son:  
Veikka (Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze) went nicely 2nd Best Male with his first CC in Nordic Winner 2009 show and he gained also the title Nordic Junior Winner 2009! Huge congratulations to his breeder and owners! :)

12.12.2009 Julia BOB-VET in Winner show!

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) finished her show year nicely being BOB-veteran in Finnish Winner 2009 show! Judge was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went 3rd Best Male in this same show. He was also 3rd Best Male next day in Nordic Winner show under Eva Mjelde.

1.12.2009 Penny's DNA-test results

Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) is now DNA-tested as fucosidosis clear and GPRA cord1 clear.

28.11.2009 A-litter 6-years-old!

Today it is 6 years since our very first litter was born :) Congratulations to all Wildomar's A-"puppies" on their 6th Birthday!

14.11.2009 Iris 1-year-old!

Congratulations to our princess Iris for her 1st birthday! And congratulations to all other Blue Baltic's Crystal puppies too!

10.11.2009 Hertta GPRA cord1 normal

We were happy to receive a DNA-test result:  
Hertta (Wildomar's Intense Desire) - GPRA cord1 normal (not carrier)

9.11.2009 Hopes for the future :)

We are happy to show you some of our future hopes :)

Wildomar's Imaginary Lover - 16 weeks

Goldmoore's Destiny Of Love - 3 months

Wildomar's Intense Desire - 3 months

Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody - 11 months

8.11.2009 Iris BOB CC

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) went today nicely Best Of Breed with her second CC under Paavo Mattila.It was a great pleasure to handle our Princess myself this time. This girl really is full of power and attitude!

Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty - 3,5 years
He was rewarded with "very good" by the judge Johan Juslin
(this new photo of Terry was taken 2 weeks earlier)

7.11.2009 Diva CC -> DK & NORD CH!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered today the Herning (Denmark) international show under Niels Brandstrup (Norway). Diva went 2nd Best Bitch from total 36 springers and won already her 21st CC and gained the new titles Danish and Nordic Champion. Big congratulations to Nappi and Nana and also huge thanks for all the work you have done!  
Diva is now officially called:
C.I.B. C.I.E. FI, SE(U), DK, NORD, EE, LV, LT, BALT & BY CH FIW-07 LTJW-07 EEJW-07 BaltW-08 BYW-09
Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Copyright: Johanna & Katariina Isola

7.11.2009 G-litter 2 years old!

We congratulate all Wildomar's G-puppies on their 2nd Birthday! :)

25.10.2009 Siena's success :)

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is very proud of her daughter:  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) went last weekend BOB BIG-2 BOB-junior with junior-CC in Rakvere Estonia all breed show and today she went 2nd Best Bitch with CC in Seinäjoki international show! Congratulations!

24.10.2009 Julia BOB-veteran

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) went BOB-veteran in Seinäjoki international show and was also chosen to 12 best veterans in show.

Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant - BOB-veteran

16.10.2009 Lady 2 years!

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') is today 2-years-old! Congratulations to Lady as well as other Adamant's Perfect "puppies" too!

7.10.2009 Puppy plans!

We have pupp plans from the combination:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - International Champion (C.I.B.) and International Show Champion (C.I.E.), as national champion in 6 different countries, official results from agility competitions, passed also the spaniel working ability test.  
Topi (Coco Hit's Flaming Boy) - Finnish Champion, BOB and BOS wins, passed spaniel working ability test, used for practical hunting.  
Both parents have social and friendly temperaments and excellent health (healthy hips and eyes, no allergies etc.).  
If you feel interested in this planned litter, contact us: Sanna Kavén, +358 44-3634243,

4.10.2009 Etta 1st prize tracking

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) gained today 1st prize in winner class blood tracking test with 47 points. Congratulations Tuija for this nice result!

27.9.2009 Ato 1st prize in tracking

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) won today 1st prize in winner class in blood tracking test with 46 points! Congratulations to Tiina!

15.9.2009 Diva is now also C.I.E.

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) can now add one more title to her credit as FCI has now confirmed she is also International Show Champion / C.I.E.. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana and thank you for all the effort! :)

13.9.2009 Today Lassi moved

Lassi (Wildomar's Inborn Charmer) moved today to Rovaniemi and his new best friend is Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy). We are sure this boy will have many kind of hobbies together with her owner Jaana. We wish you good luck! :)

Leevi was very happy about his new little friend :)
Copyright: Jaana Riskilä

Wildomar's Inborn Charmer "Lassi" (7,5 weeks)

13.9.2009 Welcome Penny!

Our team has got a new member:  
Penny (Goldmoore's Destiny of Love) moved to Finland and lives now with family Kaleva and her new best friend is Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction). This girl will most likely be seen training at least obedience and tracking :)

Penny with her happy "moms" Sanna and Mervi

Goldmoore's Destiny Of Love "Penny" (9,5 weeks)

Goldmoore's Destiny Of Love "Penny" (9,5 weeks)

Penny and Mervi

10.9.2009 Jimi and Lotta moved

Today moved two I-puppies to their new homes :)  
Lotta (Wildomar's I Lust After U) moved to Turku to bring joy and speed to Kim's and Sara's daily life :)  
Jimi (Wildomar's Imaginary Lover) moved to Tarvasjoki with family Laine :)  
We wish them all the best for the future!

Wildomar's I Lust After U "Lotta" (7 weeks)

Wildomar's Imaginary Lover "Jimi" (7 weeks)

9.9.2009 Ida moved today

Iita (Wildomar's Ideal Mistress) moved today to her new home in Töysä. We wish all the best for the future and lucky hunting days :)

Wildomar's Ideal Mistress "Ida" (7 weeks)

9.9.2009 The new member of our team

We wish welcome to our team our new co-owned bitch:  
Hertta (Wildomar's Intense Desire) - owned by Sanna & Sami Kavén and Senni Husso
This girl lives in Hyvinkää together with her flat coated retriever friend Kerttu :)

Wildomar's Intense Desire "Hertta" (7,5 weeks)

6.9.2009 Leevi 2nd prize tracking

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) went to his 2nd tracking test today and gained 2nd prize in open class with 39 points. So it was very close he got his 2nd first prize, but maybe next time :) Congratulations to Jaana for Leevi's great start in his tracking career this autumn!

6.9.2009 Lady BOB CC

We had a great day in Vantaa all breed show:  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') entered her 3rd official show and she did it great winning Best Bitch and BOB with her first CC!  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) won the intermediate class and went 3rd Best Bitch with res-CC.  
Gilda (Wildomar's Gilt Trinket) went 4th Best Bitch right after her siste.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went nicely 2nd Best Dog when the winner was Terry's (Linmoor Your Majesty) son Lenni (Walnut Finally Here).  
Our breeder group was also rewarded as BOB-breeder (the group was not shown in the BIS final because of the bad weather). Thank you all who were part of this group and congratulations to all our "team members" for the great results! :)

BOB CC - Adamant's Perfect Feelin' "Lady"
Copyright: Taija Kavén

BOS CC - Walnut Finally Here "Lenni"
Copyright: Taija Kavén

4.9.2009 Congratulations to E-litter!

E-litter is today already 3-years-old! Congratulations to all E-puppies on their birthday! :)

30.8.2009 Lady won res-CC

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') won today a res-CC in Tervakoski winning also open class bitches. Thanks to Lady's breeder Tarja Hovila for handling help. And congratulations to Lady's family for a nice result in her 2nd official show :)

30.8.2009 Again BIS-breeder!

Today we received again news from Belarus:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went again Best Bitch with CC and CACIB, congratulations!  
Our breeder group was also in this 2nd international show the BEST BREEDER GROUP IN SHOW!

29.8.2009 Gina passed the working test

Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty) passed the spaniel working ability test today. Congratulations!

29.8.2009 BIS-breeder and new titles!

Today we received happy news from "Belarus Winner 2009" international show:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - Best Bitch CC CACIB BOS as well as Belarus Winner 2009 and Belarus Champion titles!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - 3rd Best Dog, CC and Belarus Champion title!  
Diva and Weeti went also BIS3 Brace and our breeder group went nicely BEST IN SHOW BREEDER.  
Huge thanks to Nappi and Nana for making this all possible and congratulations to Diva's and Weeti's owners for the new titles!

29.8.2009 Leevi in agility!

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) gained agility result on Saturday with 5 fault points and about a second under the ideal time. Judge was Mika Moilanen. Congratulations to Jaana and thanks for being so active with Leevi! This boy has a result already from show, agility, tracking test and working ability test :)

23.8.2009 Lovely day in Heinola!

We entered the Heinola all breed show and the results were fantastic!  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) made her junior debute in Finland and she went 3rd Best Bitch with her first CC handled by Pauliina Artiola! Thank you Pauliina! Setters were judged by Anatoly Zhuk.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went nicely Best Bitch & BOB under Miklos Levente and also BIG-2 under Elina Tan-Hietalahti!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was BOB-veteran but also 2nd Best Bitch right after her daughter Diva! Julia made also short cut in the BIS-veteran competition to 11 best veterans in show.  
Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) did great job from intermediate class and went 3rd Best Bitch right after her grandmom Julia and Lotta got also her first CC! She was already 6th CC-winner to our G-litter!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) placed nicely 3rd Best Male
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) placed right after his friend Wallu and was 4th Best Male
Kennel Wildomar's was rewarded as BOB-breeder, thank you all who were part of this group!
Terry's son Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) was handled by Sanna and made his way to Best Male and BOS with his 3rd CC.
Our warm congratulations to all for nice results and huge thanks to all our good friends for such a nice day together again!

BIG-2 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"
Copyright: Harri Kontio

BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - BOS Walnut Finally Here
Copyright: Taija Kavén

ROP-VETERAANI Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
Copyright: Taija Kavén

22.8.2009 Dixi is now a FI CH!

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) passed today the spaniel working ability test and he is now a Finnish Champion! Huge congratulations to family Ruonala and thank you for all the work you have done! :)  
Dixi is 4th champion in our D-litter out of Ch.Mompesson Royal Destiny and Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant :)

FI CH Wildomar's Discovered Plot "Dixi"
Copyright: Maiju Ruonala

22.8.2009 Christa's daughter BaltJW-09!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is again proud of her children:  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) - Baltic Junior Winner 2009! Congratulations!

22.8.2009 Working test results

We entered the spaniel working ability test today in Elimäki and happily we tell you that:  
Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) - passed  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) - passed

21.8.2009 Elli's hips B/B

Elli-Justiina (Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope) was re-x-rayed (hips) and the result is now B-B.

17.8.2009 Christa now also LV CH!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) got today a letter from Latvia and she is now confirmed to be also Latvian Show Champion! This was Christa's 5th champion title and total 17th title :)

16.8.2009 Diva BOB, Hilda CC!

Lovely day in Ikaalinen group speciality show where was two Wildomar's dogs entered!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) continued her nice career being again Best Bitch & BOB! Diva was also placed 2nd in combined FCI 7 & 8 group! Congratulations!  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) was nicely right after her sister 2nd Best Bitch with her 2nd CC! Huge thanks to Nappi and Nana for taking Hilda with to this show, preparing her for the show and handling her!  
In this same show our Christa's (Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) daughter "Siena" (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) did her junior debute being nicely 2nd Best Bitch with her first CC. Congratulations to the owners!

BIG-2 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"
Copyright: Johanna Isola

9.8.2009 Christa's daughter 2xBOB-puppy

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) congratulates her daughter:  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) went BOB-puppy on Saturday in Mäntyharju under Hannele Jokisilta and again BOB-puppy on Sunday in Vesilahti under Anita Maljanen, CONGRATULATIONS!


We heard some wonderful news from Vesilahti group speciality where the breed was judged by Kirsti Louhi:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - Best Bitch & BOB  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - Best Dog & BOS  
Kennel Wildomar's - BOB & BIS-3 Breeder  
Thank you Nappi, Nana, Harri and Marja for making this possible and thank you also to all who helped handling our breeder group!

BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - BOS Wildomar's Diverse Tails
Copyright: Harri Kontio

BOB & BIS3 BREEDER - kennel Wildomar's
Copyright: Harri Kontio

8.8.2009 Weeti in MH

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was today MH mental described and all went just as expected :)

26.7.2009 Iris BOB-puppy

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) went again BOB-puppy in Helsinki under Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen.

26.7.2009 Leevi 1st prize in tracking

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) entered his first blood tracking test ever in Rovaniemi and the result was fabulous: 1st prize in open class with 41 points! Judge was Jouni Simonen (chief judge Marika Ahola). Congratulations to Leevi's owner Jaana! This was a great start for Leevi's tracking career! :)

25.7.2009 Lotta passed working test

Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) passed today the spaniel working ability test in Renko. Judge was Anitta Kauppila. Congratulations to Melina and Seppo! :)

Copyright: Maria Isomäki

25.7.2009 Terry's daughter BIS-2!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is proud of his offspring! Already 2nd Group winner and BIS-placed to his progeny even if they are still youngsters!  
Unelma (Adamant's Perfect Dolly) went Best Of Breed with her first CC in Kihniö group speciality show under Harry Tast. In group finals Unelma did also great job being GROUP WINNER and 2ND BEST IN SHOW!! Congratulations to owner Mira Mäkivirta and breeder Tarja Hovila!

Copyright: Jenina Ovaskainen

Copyright: Tiina Lielahti

24.7.2009 Iris AGAIN BIG-1

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) was again BOB-puppy in all breed puppy show in Helsinki. Breed was judged by Paula Valakari. The group was judged by well-known all-rounder Hans Lehtinen and Iris went nicely BIG-1. :)

19.7.2009 Iris BIG-1

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) travelled today with her breeder to Helsinki all breed puppy show where she continued her great performances being BOB-puppy and also BIG1-puppy. Huge thanks to Marita for taking our girl with to this show!  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) was also entered and she was placed 2nd after her sister with honorary prize.

19.7.2009 I-litter is born!

I-litter was born today 19th July 2009. They are after FI CH Adamant's Take It Easy and Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac. The dam and puppies are okay. More photos you find from I-litter page :)

19.7.2009 Anet BB-4

Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) placed today nicely 4th Best Bitch in Oulu international show. Congratulations to Henna and thank you Katri for lovely handling!

18.7.2009 Christa's daughter BIG-2

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is very proud of her children!  
Siena (Blue Baltic's Crystal Star) was entered Heinola puppy show today where she went nicely BOB-puppy as well as BIG2-puppy! Congratulations to her owner and breeder!

18.7.2009 Terry BIG-2

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went nicely BOB with CACIB in Oulu INT show under Janiki Steinbock and ended as 2nd In Group in this big show under Wim Wellens. Huge congratulations to Saija and Janne!


We had a fabulous day in Karjaa! 19 springers were judged by Branislav Rajic and we had seven dogs entered:  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) went nicely Best Male & BOB, congratulations Marja and Harri!  
Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) placed right after Wallu as 2nd Best Male with his first CC! Congratulations Riitta!
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was also placed and he was 4th Best Male.  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) made a little surprise for her mom and went Best Bitch & BOS winning her first CC from junior class.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was 2nd Best Bitch right after Hilda and won res-CC, congratulations Taija!
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) went finally 4th Best Bitch.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) won the biggest class in breed which was veteran bitches and she went also BOB-veteran.
Our breeder group included BOB- and BOS-winners as well as 2nd Best Male and 2nd Best Female and the group went also BOB-breeder. Huge thanks to all who entered our group!
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) also entered the puppy class and the judge Harri Lehkonen rewarded her as BOB-puppy :)

5.7.2009 BIG3, BIG4, 2xBOB, BOS, BOB-vet. . .

We had a great day in Kokkola international all breed show!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) made her comeback to Finnish show rings and she did it with style winning Best Bitch & BOB with CACIB and she ended also as BIG-4 in hard competition! The breed was judged by Harri Lehkonen and group judge was Laurent Picard.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did nice job again by winning Best Male & BOB with CACIB. He was also placed in group and went BIG-3. The breed and group were judged by Harri Lehkonen. Congratulations to Saija and Janne!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) entered the veteran class and went nicely BOB-veteran and she shew the younger and older springer girls what are the "grandmothers made from" as she went also Best Bitch & BOS. In BIS-veteran final the judge Saija Juutilainen choosed her to 7 best veterans in show :)  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) went third in intermediate class bitches with quality prize 'excellent'.  
My huge thanks to Taija for wonderful company! Let's do it again someday! :)

Christa made her comeback to Finnish show rings: BOB, CACIB & BIG-4!

BOB BIG-3 Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS BOB-VET Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

Terry at Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät beach

4.7.2009 Wallu BOS

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) went today Best Male & BOS in Tuusula all breed show. Congratulations to Marja and Harri!

BOS - FI&EE CH Wildomar's Fiction Oh No
Copyright: Hannele Pakkala

1.7.2009 Diva is now C.I.B.

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) had the official confirmation from FCI that she is Champion International de Beauté (C.I.B. meaning she is an international champion with working merit). Congratulations to Nappi and Nana and huge thanks for all the hard work! :)

27.6.2009 Wallu became Estonian CH!

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) entered an international show in Pärnu Estonia under Lilian Hanniste (Estonia). He took the highest place in breed and went all the way to Best Male and BOB with CC and CACIB. And that CC gave him also a new title Estonian Champion.  
We want to congratulate his owners Marja and Harri and of course tell our huge thanks to Senni Husso for professional way of handling!

BOB CC CACIB -> EE CH - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No
Copyright: Senni Husso

27.6.2009 Iris again BOB-puppy

We entered Hämeenlinna all breed national show with following results:  
Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) - BOB-puppy  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - Best Male  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) - 4th Best Bitch  
Thank you Taija, Nappi and Nana again for a super lovely show day together! :)

BOB-PUPPY - Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody
Copyright: Taija Kavén

21.6.2009 Ecpected a big litter for Vilma

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) is clearly in whelp and we expect a big litter for her in the middle of July.

18.6.2009 No puppies for Diva

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was unfortunately not in whelp so this time she did not get puppies :( We will try again from next season.

16.6.2009 Christa - C.I.E.

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is now officially C.I.E. - International Show Champion! For this title the dog has to get 4 CACIBs from at least 3 different countries and at least from 3 individual judges. Christa has at the moment 44 CACIBs from 6 different countries and from 34 individual judges. ;)  
We also want to congratulate Christa's brother Victor and his owners for this very same title!

13.6.2009 Christa's comeback

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) made a comeback today to the rings being Best Bitch and BOS gaining the Latvian CC and her 44th CACIB. Thank you Sanna Vartiainen for taking Christa with!

11.6.2009 Ato & Etta 2nd prize obedience

Two dogs bred by us gained a result in official obedience test:  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) - 2nd prize beginner class (151 points)  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - 2nd prize beginner class (153 points)  
Our congratulations to Tiina and Tuija!

7.6.2009 Christa's children

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is very proud of her children!  
Engla (Blue Baltic's Crystal Angel) went all the way to BIS-puppy in her debute show under Petter Steen (Norway).  
Marski (Blue Baltic's Crystal Mountain) made his debute in Norrköping and went all the way to BIS4-puppy in all breed national show. Breed was judged by Fredrik Norgren (Sweden) and BIS-puppy was judged by Dan Ericsson (Sweden).  
Our congratulations to Wenche Farstad and Ray Lindholm!

7.6.2009 Terry BOS, Julia BIS2 progeny

We spent a lovely day in Springer Spaniel Club Main Speciality show in Karkku. Our huge thanks to all entered Wildomar's dogs as well as their owners!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went 2nd time in row Best Male and this time BOS. Congratulations Saija and Janne!  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) went nicely BOB-junior from total 19 juniors in breed. Huge thanks to Nappi for lovely handling!  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) went nicely 4th Best Bitch from total 41 bitches. Congratulations Tuija and Markku!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) and her progeny went nicely BOB-progeny from total 4 entered progeny groups and ended also as BIS2-progeny! Huge thanks to all who entered this group as well as their owners and handlers!

BOB Adamant's Let Me See - BOS Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Janne Kaleva

BOB-JUNIOR Wildomar's Hit It Big (from 19 juniors)
Copyright: Janne Kaleva

BOB & BIS2 PROGENY Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
Copyright: Mervi Kaleva

31.5.2009 Iris BOB and BIG1 Puppy!

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) entered her 3rd puppy show and won 3rd time in row BOB-puppy, placed in group 3rd time in row and won the group already 2nd time! This happened in Helsinki all breed puppy show under Elisa Koivunen (Finland).

Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody - 6,5 months

27.5.2009 Lady has A-B hips

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') got her official x-ray result A-B :)

Lady at 1,5 years old

27.5.2009 Congratulations to Julia!

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is today already 8-years old which is counted to be veteran age. Julia is our foundation bitch as well as the happy clown in our family. We always remember the day so clearly when we travelled to Turku harbour to meet first time our little Swedish princess, who travelled together with Senja Mäkinen (Foogel) from Sweden to Finland. . . So many dreams have become true with Julia and let's hope this "grandma" will have still many years ahead living with us. Julia is nowadays living mostly a well-deserved happy countryside life, but of course she will enter some veteran classes too :)

23.5.2009 A nice day in Tampere

We entered Tampere group speciality show under Eeva Anttinen (Finland).  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) went nicely 2nd Best Male  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went right after Wallu 3rd Best Male  
Our breeder group went BOB & BIS3 breeder. Thanks to all Wildomar's dogs who were in this group and congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Terry's (Linmoor Your Majesty) son Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) took the jackpot. This was his 2nd official show and he immediately won his 2nd CC, but also went BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-2!! Our huge thanks to Maarit for GREAT co-operation! Sanna is so happy to handle this promising boy :)

BIS3-breeder - kennel Wildomar's

Walnut Finally Here, Ch.Wildomar's Diverse Tails & Ch.Wildomar's Fiction Oh No
Copyright: Mervi Nousiainen

BIS-2 - son of our own majesty Terry - Walnut Finally Here

Terry's son Lenni with her prizes for winning BIS-2

Terry's son Walnut Finally Here
handled by Sanna Kavén
Copyright: Mervi Nousiainen

23.5.2009 Etta won CACIB!

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) entered Helsinki international show under Petr Rehanek. Etta went nicely 2nd Best Bitch with res-CACIB, which will be confirmed as CACIB in FCI (the winner bitch was already international champion)! Huge congratulations to Tuija and Markku!

22.5.2009 Gia and Geri have A-A hips

We were happy to receive the official hip x-ray scorings:  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) - A/A (best possible)  
Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) - A/A (best possible)

21.5.2009 Ato mental tested

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) has been today officially mental tested with 87 points.

17.5.2009 Fara 3rd prize obedience

Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) entered her 3rd obedience test and gained her 3rd result which was this time a 3rd prize from beginner class with 136,5 points. Congratulations!

17.5.2009 Diva BOS, Gilda CC!

We had a great show day in Hamina all breed show where springers were judged by Roberto Schill (Romania):  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was nicely Best Bitch and BOS and may start her motherhood duties now :)  
Gilda (Wildomar's Gilt Trinket) was nicely 2nd Best Bitch with her first CC! Gilda is already 4th CC winner in our young G-litter! Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) is very proud of her children and we breeders are very excited about her expected litter this summer :)  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) has not been shown much yet, but she did it nicely winning the junior class and being 4th Best Bitch. :)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is also very proud of her promising son, who was handled by Sanna when made his debute in junior classes. Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) won immediately his first CC and went also nicely 2nd Best Male right after the champion class male. :)  
So we want to congratulate Nappi, Nana, Maarit and Laura! Well done!

BOB Adamant's Ivor Novello - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

OUR NEW CC-WINNER - Wildomar's Gilt Trinket

Terry's son Walnut Finally Here "Lenni" - CC BD2

17.5.2009 Vilma is mated

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) has been mated today with handsome Wiljami (FI CH Adamant's Take It Easy). Read more from our puppy page :)

16.5.2009 Iris BOB & BIG2 puppy

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) entered her 2nd puppy show and continued nice way her puppy show career being BOB-puppy and also BIG2-puppy under Merja Järnstedt. Sanna handled also Veikka (Blue Baltic's Crystal Gaze), who went nicely BOS-puppy in his debute show. Congratulations to Sari and Kai Merilä! And thank you Helena for helping with handling Veikka in BOB-competition :)

11.5.2009 Congratulations to B-litter!

B-litter is already 5-years-old today! Congratulations to Robi, Kevin, Luka, Vilma, Alma, Sissi and Siiri!

9.5.2009 Diva is in whelp

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) is found to be in whelp!  
Divan astutus 2009-litter will be born in the middle of June!  
Sire to this litter is handsome "Sammy" (Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer), who just havea won BEST IN SHOW in Open Show in Sweden under well-known and successful breed specialist judge Bob Jackson (Mompesson ESS, UK)!

9.5.2009 A Wonderful Wildomar's Fun Day :)

It was again time to spend some nice time together with Wildomar's dog owners. We had a Wildomar's Fun Day in Somero Haukkukallio with lovely atmosphere. Breeders send their huge thanks to all who were there!  
The day started with Sanna's presentation about the breed characteristics and breed standard. Presentation was illustrated also with many photos and the paper material was given also to our puppy buyers, so they may read it still again at home :)
Then it was time to take some photos especially from those who we not see so often and then we had the traditional Wildomar's Show and this year we had a breed specialist judge Antti Hokkanen (kennel Glamorly). Here are the results from the show:
Best Bitch & BIS-1 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"
2nd Best Bitch - Wildomar's Hit It Big "Hilda"
3rd Best Bitch - Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant "Julia"
4th Best Bitch - Wildomar's Gewgaw "Gia"
Best Dog & BIS-2 - Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti"
2nd Best Dog - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No "Wallu"
3rd Best Dog - Wildomar's Great Gun "Eetu"
4th Best Dog - Wildomar's Double-Dealing "Väiski"
As it was raining during the Wildomar's Show, we decided to go inside after that to have some coffee and enjoy the delicious treats everyone brought with them to our coffee table. :) Then it was also time to another tradition called Wildomar's Quiz, and the winner of the quiz was Henna who won a dog book but also a task to do the quiz questions for next Wildomar's Fun Day ;) We also rewarded our three new champions for their titles: FI & EE & LV & LT & BALT CH Wildomar's Diverse Tails, FI CH Wildomar's Fiction Oh No and FI & EE CH Wildomar's Addicted To You. Also the most successful show dog in 2008 bred by us was rewarded: Multi CH Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva". Unfortunately the most successful working dog in 2008 bred by us was not there, but we will deliver the prize later to FI MVA Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac "Etta". Etta also won the best tracking dog prize donated by Saija and Janne Kaleva :)  
After the coffee break it was time to go out again to compete in Wildomar's Game. This was 2nd year in row we arranged this funny game where dogs and their owners do different tasks as fast and correct as possible. This time the tasks included crawling under and jumping over the fences, not to take the treat in front on the ground, do some basic obedience tasks, to be nicely on the chair, catch a thrown toy and to eat the meatball from full water cup. This year the fastest was Diva and Nappi. We also reward the funniest performance and this year the quite clear winner was Weeti and Harri. :)  
And then it was still time to have some more coffee and treats ;) Thanks to Taija, Mervi and Henna for helping us cleaning the place before going home!  
This day was such a fun and unforgettable. Let's do it again next year! We as breeders are sure we have managed to find the best puppy buyers in the whole world! You all are amazing! :)

BIS Diva - BIS2 Weeti (judge Antti Hokkanen)

We rewarded all the new champions

Diva was the fastest in Wildomar's Game

Weeti was the funniest in Wildomar's Game :)

8.5.2009 Planned J-litter!

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) has started her season and we have decided to mate her with Wiljami (FI CH Adamant's Take It Easy). Hopefully puppies will be born in July and they are ready to move to their new homes in September!
Both parents have balanced and social temperaments. They are also very healthy dogs (official hip x-ray, eye check and DNA tests are done and general health is excellent). They are both rewarded in shows and in working ability test. Vilma is also mental tested with good points. This is Vilma's second litter and we are very pleased to her progeny including already three CC-winners and some very nice hunting dogs too.
Read more from our puppy page and contact us if you are interested in this combination: Sanna Kavén, tel. +358 44-3634243, email

3.5.2009 Iris BOB and BIG-1 PUPPY!

Iris (Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody) made her debut in Hollola all breed show and after superb showing she ended as BOB-puppy but also Best Puppy In Group! Here is the written critique by the judge Teija Salmi-Aalto for our little princess:
5 months old very beautiful and stylish bitch puppy of nice lines. Feminine head with beautiful lines. Gorgeous neck and topline. Excellent body. Beautiful angulation. Fitting bone. Beautiful paws. Moves excellent from all angles for her age. Very beautiful. Promising..

Blue Baltic's Crystal Melody (5,5 months)

2.5.2009 Dixi won BOS and CC

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) won the last needed CC for the champion title and went also BOS in Kalajoki under Markku Santamäki. Big congratulations and good luck for the working tests to finish his FI CH title! ;)

2.5.2009 Caro won CC

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) went nicely 2nd Best Male from junior class with his first CC! Huge congratulations!

27.4.2009 C-litter 4-years-old

C-litter is today already 4-years-old! Big congratulations to all Wildomar's C-puppies on their 4th Birthday!

26.4.2009 Terry BOS CACIB, Gia CC

Many seemed to have power to enter both Lahti and Vaasa international shows this weekend. We decided to enter only Vaasa with two dogs:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - Best Male, CACIB, BOS  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) - 3rd Best Bitch, CC
This was Gia's 3rd show this year and she has gained CC from every three shows :)  
Our best congratulations to Saija, Janne and Taija for the great results! :)

23.4.2009 Lotta's hips A/A

Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) got the official hip x-ray result and it was best possible A/A :)

21.4.2009 Christa 6th Birthday

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is today 6-years-old. Unbelievable how fast the time goes by, but also these years have been full of unforgettable and fantastic moments together with Christa. She is the queen in our house, who truly deserved a huge Birthday-hug as well as many titbits :)

14.4.2009 Congratulations to D-litter!

D-litter is today 3-years-old. Congratulations to all D-puppies! :)

13.4.2009 Diva has been mated!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) has now been mated with handsome Sammy (Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer).  
Divan astutus 2009-litter is expected to be whelped in the middle of June :)

12.4.2009 We have a new godchild

We are very proud to tell that we have a new godchild again. We are happy godparents to most beautiful little girl Aino :)

11.4.2009 BOS, CACIB, CC, BOB-BREEDER. . .

We had again a nice show day and this time in Lappeenranta international show. Thanks to all entered Wildomar's bred dogs!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) continued his nice show year and went 3rd time Best Male in his 3rd show in Finland this year and he also won already his 14th CACIB. Congratulations Saija!  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) went nicely 2nd Best Bitch from intermediate class and she won also res-CACIB as well as her 3rd CC. Congratulations Taija!  
Our breeder group was shown 5th time this year with 5th BOB-breeder win :) This time we unfortunately could not show this group in BIS finals.

BOB-BREEDER - kennel Wildomar's
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

CC resCACIB - Wildomar's Gewgaw

9.4.2009 Wildomar's cover girls!

We received today the Finnish Kennel Club's magazine Koiramme (Our Dogs) and we were so very pleased to find that on the cover there was two dogs bred by us:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) and  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) :)

8.4.2009 Diva will be mated next week

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) has started her season and she will be mated next week with handsome young and promising male Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer "Sammy". This expected litter will hopefully be born in the middle of June and puppies are ready to move to their new homes in August. Read more from our puppy page!

Sammy's photo by: B. Årdh

5.4.2009 BIS-breeder, BIG-2, new CHAMPION etc.

Our wonderful weekend got a super end in Mäntsälä group speciality show. We were ourselves in Rymättylä to bury Sanna's mother's urn, but our puppy buyers did great job by themselves in Mäntsälä! Breed, group and BIS-breeder were judged by Markku Santamäki (Finland).  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) did great job and went BB1, BOB and BIG-2. Huge congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) did not travel for nothing all the way from Oulu, as she and Diva were the only bitches gaining excellent from quality and Anet went 2nd Best Bitch right after Diva. Anet also gained her last needed CC and she is now also Finnish and Estonian Champion! Big congratulations to Henna and thanks for all the hard work! :)  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went Best Dog and finally BOS after his sister.  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) was 2nd Best Dog right after Weeti. Congratulations to Marja and Harri for great weekend!  
Our breeder group won nicely today again BOB-breeder award and the weekend was more we could ever dream about when the group went ALSO TODAY BEST IN SHOW BREEDER! Our huge thanks to all of you who made it possible to show this group! The written critique for our breeder class by Markku Santamäki:
Very appropriate breeder group. Proof of successful and lucky breeding work. They behave open and with good carriage.

BOS Wildomar's Diverse Tails - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

CC -> FI & EE CH - Wildomar's Addicted To You
Copyright: Johanna Isola

4.4.2009 Terry's son BIG-1 puppy!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is very proud of his son Lenni (Walnut Finally Here) doing such a great job in his debute show! Lenni entered Helsinki all breed puppy show and ended nicely BOB-puppy as well as Best Puppy in Group! He was handled by Sanna Kavén :) Breed judge was Juha Palosaari (Finland) and group judge was Elena Ruskovaara (Finland). Our big congratulations to Lenni's owner Maarit!

BOB Walnut Finally Here - BOS Bogaloo's Drezzed Up
Copyright: Anna Mannermaa

4.4.2009 BIS-breeder in Oitti!

Our puppy buyers did great job in Oitti group speciality while breeder was in Helsinki puppy show. In Oitti the breed was judged by Harri Lehkonen and BIS-breeder was chosen by Saija Juutilainen.  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) did great job by being the winner of champion class males and went Best Male and ended as BOS. Congratulations Marja and Harri!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was placed as 4th Best Female.  
Our breeder group was chosen in this show nicely as BOB-breeder and at last also BEST IN SHOW BREEDER!!! We want to send our biggest thanks to our puppy buyers who made this possible! You are amazing people! :) The written critique by breed judge Harri Lehkonen:
Even breeder group of high quality breed type. They all have pleasing heads, good bones and correct proportions. Congratulations to the breeder!

BIS-breeder - Wildomar's
Copyright: Irina Linjala-Hyökki

BOB Adamant's Let Me See - BOS Wildomar's Fiction Oh No
Copyright: Harri Kontio

29.3.2009 McCloud res-CC

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) won today a res-CC under Jill Hocking (Australia), congratulations!

28.3.2009 McCloud CC resBOB

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) won today one more CC and went also nicely res-BOB under Jan Braithwaite-Campbell (Australia). Congratulations to his owner Irma Bense!

25.3.2009 LSSK Dogs of the Year

Spaniel Club of South-West Finland awarded today the most successful dogs of their members in 2008. We are very happy to tell that our "team" gained two awards:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - Show Dog Of The Year 2008  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) - Obedience Dog of the Year 2008  
Our warm congratulations to Terry and Ato as well as their active owners! :)

23.3.2009 Health check

Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) - eyes healthy 3/2009 and hip x-rays were sent to Fnnish Kennel Club for grading :)

22.3.2009 McCloud - South African CH!

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) gained today the South African Champion title! Judge Christine Sanford rewarded McCloud with CC and McCloud went finally resBOB and 2nd in Mini Grand Group. Our biggest congratulations to McCloud's owner Irma Bense!  
McCloud is fifth champion progeny for Julia (Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) and he is also 10th Wildomar's champion :)

SA CH - Wildomar's Dictatorship
Copyright: Irma Bense

15.3.2009 Great day in Tampere!

We entered Tampere INT show with six dogs (judge Ann Ingram, Ireland). We are extremely happy that from these six dogs four were placed in Best Dog/Bitch competitions in hard competition (57 ess entries in this show):  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - EXC/1 BD-1 CACIB BOS  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) - EXC/2 BD-3 (his first show in champion class)  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) - EXC/1 BB-2 CC RES.CACIB (-> CACIB) (CACIB from her first show in intermediate class!)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - EXC/2 BB-3  
And our breeder group was chosen as BOB-breeder from three shown groups. In BIS-final our group was chosen to about 8 best groups from many quality breeder groups. Huge thanks to those puppy buyers who took part to this group! We truly appreciate your effort! And thanks to all friends for nice company during the show day :)

CC resCACIB (-> CACIB) - Wildomar's Gewgaw

11.3.2009 H-litter 1-year-old!

H-litter is today 1-year-old. Congratulations to our three Heartbreakers: Hilda, Hugo and Hero!

8.3.2009 BIS3, BIS-brace, 2xBALT CH etc. . .

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - BB1 CC BOB BIG-1 and BIS-3 + Latvian and Baltic Champion titles  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - BD1 SERT BOS + Latvian and Baltic Champion titles  
Diva and Weeti went nicely also BIS-brace.  
Huge congratulations to Nappi, Nana, Marja and Harri!

BOB BIG-1 BIS-3 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Johanna Isola

7.3.2009 Wallu became Finnish Champion!

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) gained the Finnish Champion title today in Valkeala where he went nicely BD-1 and BOS with the last needed CC. This was his first show after his 2nd birthday, so he won the title in first possible show :) Judge in Valkeala show was Leila Kärkäs (Finland).  
Congratulations to Wallu's owners Marja and Harri Kontio, and thanks for all the hard work you have done to achieve the title this fast!

NEW FINNISH CHAMPION - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No

BOB Adamant's So Far So Good - BOS Wildomar's Fiction Oh No

5.3.2009 Terry 3-years-old!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) has his 3rd birthday today! Congratulations to Terry! :)

4.3.2009 Madde found a loving home

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) found a new loving home and she will move soon to her new family :)

26.2.2009 Madde is looking for new home !!

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is looking for new home because of changed family situation. If you are interested to offer her a loving and caring home, please contact us! Madde is suitable to be a pet, but also for many kind of hobbies if the new owner is interested. Madde is a sterilized bitch (not for breeding purposes) and she has always been very healthy. Madde is used to children and she gets along fine with all dogs and people. Madde is obedient and she is very willing to please. We may well say she is an "easy dog" :)
Tel. +358 44 3634243 or email  
UPDATE 5.3.2009: Madde has found a most loving new home. Thanks to all you who contacted us :)

Madde is looking for a loving home. . .

26.2.2009 Planned litters

Finally it is time to tell more about our planned litters.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) will be mated from her next season. We will tell you more about the chosen male soon.  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) will be mated with handsome Tapsa (New Design's Wings To Fly).  
Parents to both of these litters are healthy dogs with good temperaments and they all are merited.  
If you feel interested, please check out our puppy page :)

15.2.2009 Diva BOS CACIB

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went Best Bitch and BOS in Tallinn show with one more CACIB on her credit. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana and thank you Sanna Vartiainen for handling Diva!  
Swedish judge Göran Bodegård choosed Cooper's (Ch.Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) son Ch.Mariposa Aldabaran as Best of Breed. "Charlie" was handled by Annika Ulltveit-Moe (Whisborne, Sweden). Congratulations to Charlie's owners/breeders David Swank and Scott Lenz!

Copyright: Sanna Vartiainen

14.2.2009 Christa - ENGLISH SETTER OF THE YEAR!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) has now been rewarded 4th time in row as ENGLISH SETTER OF THE YEAR (KSP ry). What a fabulous career our queen has had!
Thank you Marita for this "once in a lifetime" dog and special thanks also to Sanna Vartiainen, who has most professional way handled our Christa to many of Christa's most remarkable wins in 2008!

Photos: Koirauutiset and Sanna Kavén

12.2.2009 Health examinations

We have received the following official health examination results:  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) - hips B/B  
Sara (Wildomar's Free Spirit) - hips C/B  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) - eyes healthy (no signs of hereditary eye diseases)

8.2.2009 Princess of the house

Finally we proudly introduce you our latest family member, our own and TRUE PRINCESS:
And thank you breeder / co-owner Marita Peuhkuri for trusting us :)  
And we want to wish all Blue Baltic's Crystal -puppies a successful future! We are excited to follow their development :)  
Blue Baltic's Crystal Mountain moved to Sweden (kennel Champhurst) and Blue Baltic's Crystal Angel moved to Norway (kennel Streamside).

Iris 12 weeks old

31.1.2009 Champion Of Champions -gala

Judges: Hans Lehtinen (Finland), Ann Ingram (Ireland), Gunnel Holm (Finland)
"Champion of Champions" gala is a show where 150 most successful show dogs (all breed) in Finland 2008 were invited. Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was this year the only springer who entered this gala show. Our English setter Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was also invited (she was the only English Setter invited), but we did not enter her as she just had her litter of 7 puppies and is not yet in top show condition. ;)
In this competition dogs compete in pairs from which other always continue to the next round and other gets a beautiful rosette and a "thank you".
In the first round Terry competed against a Finnish Spitz. All three judges voted Terry so he continued to next round. In second round Terry competed against an English Bulldog, who won last year this gala as well as was the Top #1 Show Dog (all breeds) in 2008 in Finland (a very handsome and always so happily showing dog). So Terry did not win this round, but at least we did not loose to bad one and it was an honour to compete against such a successful dog. :) I was first time handling myself a dog at this gala show and I think it went quite well. I must admit that before the show I was a bit afraid that either me or Terry will fall down to the floor from the 'catwalk'... ;)
I had a pleasure to enjoy nice company of Saija, Nappi and Nana at this gala. Thank you girls for a nice evening together! This was very relaxing as I have had quite hard time in my life lately. THANK YOU!
This was a lovely way to celebrate the successful show year 2008 together. And also Terry seemed to enjoy the atmosphere with silver glitter etc. ;)

Sanna, Terry and Saija

Sanna and Terry

29.1.2009 Important person is gone

A very important person has left us. Our family miss her a lot and our hearts are full of sorrow, but we are also very happy she not have to suffer from pain anymore.
An angel touched the hand of a tired one,
leaded You up to the brightness.
Can't see the shine in your friendly eyes,
can't hear the beat of your generous heart.
Now you are free and you fly with the wind,
you may walk on the edge of the eternity.

Rest in peace mother, Sanna

26.1.2009 F-litter 2-years-old

F-litter is today 2-years-old. Happy birthday to 12 Wildomar's-dogs: Eetu, Wallu, Felix, Fanny, Mimmi, Domino, Unna, Fenja, Fiona, Elli-Justiina, Sara and Fara!

25.1.2009 The sire of G-litter is now a CH!

The sire of our G-litter Adamant's Lucky Strike gained today his 3rd CC in Sweden and became a champion SU(u)CH! Congratulations to owners and breeder!

19.1.2009 Weeti's approved CH titles

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) has now his titles approved by national kennel clubs and he is officially FI & LT & EE CH :) Congratulations once again!

Copyright: Harri Kontio

16.1.2009 We miss you. . .


11.1.2009 Terry BIS-2! Diva INT CH!

We entered Kajaani international show, where was 52 springers entered (over 3100 dogs total). Breed judge was Ligita Zake (Latvia), group judge was Laurent Picard (Switzerland) and BIS-judge was Tomasz Borkowski (Poland).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) took the jackpot in his very first show this year: BD-1 CACIB BOB BIG-1 and BIS-2!!!! In this show there was 483 entries in FCI group 8 and total 3278 entries! Right from the start until the end Terry performed extremely well as usual. It was a great feeling to run with him in the big ring again. Huge congratulations to Saija and Janne!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) did also great work by winning a high quality best bitch class with CACIB. She ended as BOS after Terry. With her 10th CACIB (6th from Finland) Diva became International Champion (C.I.B. / with working merit) (still need the FCI confirmation). Diva is the first FCI international champion of our breeding. Congratulations and huge thanks for their active and good work with Diva to Nappi and Nana!  
Emma (Wildomar's Glossy Bauble) made her debute in the show rings in this show and she did it with style: winner of the junior class bitches, 4th Best Bitch, CC and BOB-junior!!! In BIS-final she was short cutted from tens after tens of juniors, but was not placed in this hard competition. Great start for this young girl! Congratulations Raili and Osmo, and thanks for co-operation as well as your hospitality!  
There was shown 4 different breeder groups in breed and we are proud to tell you our breeder group was chosen as BOB-breeder!! In BIS-final our breeder group was chosen to be one of the 6 best groups in show. Thanks to all who were part of our breeder group!  
Thank you for all Wildomar's dogs entered to this show and thanks to all our friends keeping such a nice company during the day. Special thanks to Saija for travelling company and to Nappi and Nana for arranging hotel rooms for us :) This was a super start for the show year 2009!!!

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Jaana Heiskari

BIG-1 and BIS-2 - Linmoor Your Majesty

New CC-winner - Wildomar's Glossy Bauble

BOB-breeder - Wildomar's
(W.Dig Dub'N' Deny, W. Discovered Plot, W. Grim 'N Crusty, W. Glossy Bauble)
Copyright: Jaana Heiskari

2.1.2009 Happy New Year!

We wish you all a Happy and Successful New Year 2009!  
Again we had the most successful year ever! The brightest stars this year were: Christa (Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal), which was the top winning English setter in Finland and she gained total 3 international show group wins, and Terry (Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty), who was rewarded as Top Show ESS and most likely his top moment was to win BEST IN SHOW in our breed club's Annual Main Show (Springer Club Show).  
We also had some new champions this year: SU(u)CH Linmoor Your Majesty, Fin&Ltu&Est&SU(u) CH Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny, Fin&Ltu&Est CH Wildomar's Diverse Tails ja Fin CH Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac.  
We are extremely happy that Wildomar's dogs have so active and co-operative owners. Thanks to you all making this success possible and that you are active with your dogs!

Our champions in 2008