News 2008

13.12.2008 Terry Top Show ESS !!!!

We are happy and proud to announce that:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was rewarded today in Helsinki Winner show as TOP SHOW ESS 2008 !! What a lovely year we have had with him. Huge thanks to Saija and Janne for great co-operation and of course congratulations for Terry's win!
Terry's enormous points in this competition were 98,0 and he was in the leading place for months. Terry got his best points from Springer Club Annual Main Show where he went BIS-1. This show plays a special role in this competition as all points from that show are "extra points". But if we count the points from this show away from every dog, we found Terry would have won it anyway ;)
Second and also Top ESS Bitch in this competition was beautiful Adamant's La Dolce Vita "Sawanne" with 83,6 points. Our congratulations to Sawanne's breeder and owner!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was placed 4th in same competition and she was 3rd Best Show ESS Bitch in 2008. Diva was beated only by two of her half sisters :) Our congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) placed 14th in this competition and he was 8th Best Show ESS Male in Finland. Congratulations!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was right after Wallu and placed 15th in this competition, congratulations!  
And huge thanks to all our active puppy buyers who have entered show rings this year!

Terry - TOP #1 Show ESS 2008!!!

10.12.2008 Unna's hips B/B

We got hip x-ray result from Kennel Club:  
Unna (Wildomar's Field Of Dreams) - B/B hips

6.12.2008 Lovely day in Tampere

We entered Tampere group show under Reia Leikola-Walden (44 ess entries).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was showing LOVELY way and went again BD-1 and also BOB. And as there is only one show left this year in Finland, Terry also made it clear he will win the "Top Show ESS" competition in Finland this year! Huge congratulations to Saija and Janne and our big thanks for the great co-operation! The Top Show ESS will be rewarded after a week at Finnish Winner international show in Helsinki.  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) went BD-2 right after Terry and gained one more CC on his credit, congratulations!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went 3rd in champion class males.  
Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) went 2nd in junior class males.  
Gilda (Wildomar's Gilt Trinket) went 3rd in junior class females.
Our breeder group went again nicely BOB-breeder with lovely critique: "Group of different aged dogs. Excellent English springer spaniels. All have the correct breed type and lines as well as nice movement. Breeder is on correct track."

Terry showed himself perfect way to BOB-win just as usual!
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Hightide's Unique Style
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

1.12.2008 Great year

We have had a lovely year 2008 and one result we achieved was an extra special one. Finnish Kennel Club arrange every year the "Top Breeder" competition and this year in this competition the Top English Springer Spaniel breeder was kennel Wildomar's. During the year 2008 our breeder groups have achieved lovely results: 2xBIS-1, BIS-2, BIS-3, 2xBIS-4.
Huge thanks to all who made this possible!  
And of course we are very happy that Terry (Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty) is still in lead of Top Show ESS competition arranged by the Springer Club of Finland. The final results of this competition will be clear 13th December after the Helsinki international show. :) In Kennel Club's all breed top show dog competition Terry was placed 58th and he of course also was invited to Champion Of Champions gala.  
And the year has of course been great also for our lovely setter Christa (Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal), who is for sure also getting a nice placement in English Setter Of The Year competition (this competition will end to same winner show as well). Christa herself has not entered any shows lately and will not enter the winner show either because of her motherhood duties, so we are just excited about the results of other dogs :) In Kennel Club's all breed Top Show Dog competition Christa was placed as 42nd and she was once again the top winning English setter in our country. And Christa was of course also invited to Champion of Champions gala in January, but this time Christa will not enter the gala as she has her 2nd litter at the moment and we show her only in top condition.

30.11.2008 Christa's puppies

At last it was time to meet Christa's little babies. . . How cute can a setter puppy be?!

30.11.2008 Terry's progeny

We met two of Terry's progeny and no need to say we were very satisfied :)

Adamant's Perfect Feelin' (Lady) - 13 months
(Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty - Ch.Adamant's Let'Em Talk)

Walnut Finally Here (Lenni) - 4,5 months
(Ch.Linmoor Your Majesty - Walnut Wow Wow)

28.11.2008 Congratulations to A-litter!

A-litter is today 5 years old. Congratulations to all our A-puppies!
Just to mention about our A-litter, we have there two champions, five CC-winners, four BOB-winners and two with first prize from tracking test. So we may be very proud of them all :)

24.11.2008 Hip x-ray result

We got news about Terry's daughter:  
Bella (Adamant's Perfect Look) - A-hips (best possible)

22.11.2008 Jyväskylä INT results

We entered Jyväskylä international show under Saija Juutilainen.  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) was nicely the intermediate class winner and also 2nd Best Male with CC and res-CACIB. This res-CACIB will turn to CACIB as the CACIB-winner was already international champion. Congratulations to Wallu's owners!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was 2nd in champino class and finally 4th Best Male.  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) won the junior class males in his junior debute show :)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was 2nd in champion class and Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was 2nd in junior class.  
Our breeder group went nicely BOB-breeder with very good written critique. We did not show the group in final ring.
"Very high quality breeder group of young springers from 3 different combinations. They all have excellent sexual marks, bones and beautifully arched necks. Long heads with beautiful expressions. Good ears and lips. Correct coat qualities. Congratulations to the breeder for the quality work."

Our new CACIB-winner - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No

17.11.2008 Diva's eye-check

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was officially eye-checked today and she has healthy eyes. We have puppy plans for Diva in summer 2009.

15.11.2008 Hilda 8 months

Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) was photographed at 8 months old. Next time you see her in junior classes :)

Wildomar's Hit It Big - 8 months

14.11.2008 Christa whelped the litter

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) - 'the one and only' - whelped today an even and beautiful litter to kennel Blue Baltic's ( We are excited to meet the puppies! Huge congratulations to breeder of the litter Mrs Marita Peuhkuri!
More information and photos coming soon....

8.11.2008 Two new Estonian Champions!

In Tartu Estonia international show under Cindy Pettersson (Sweden):  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - Best Male CC CACIB BOS and also EST CH!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - BB3 CC and just as her brother also EST CH!  
Diva and Weeti went also nicely 2nd Best Brace in Show!  
Huge congratulations to Marja, Harri, Nappi and Nana! And huge thanks to Nappi and Nana for all the effort and work they have done for Diva's and Weeti's success!

7.11.2008 G-litter 1-year-old

G-litter is today 1-year-old! Congratulations to all our G-puppies!

6.11.2008 Eye-check results

We went to eye-check:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - no signs of hereditary eye diseases  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - PRA/HC/RD clear (healthy), extra eyelash  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) - no signs of hereditary eye diseases  
Unna (Wildomar's Field Of Dreams) - no signs of hereditary eye diseases

1.11.2008 Hilda BOB BIG3 -puppy

We entered Espoo puppy show where springers were judged by Anja Puumala (Finland).  
Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) entered her 2nd and also the last puppy class show. She ended her puppy career nicely being BOB-puppy and also BIG3-puppy.  
Hero (Wildomar's HardLikeARock) entered his first and last puppy class show and went BOS-puppy. Congratulations!

25.10.2008 Terry BIG-1 in Seinäjoki!

We had a wonderful day in Seinäjoki international all breed show, where springers were judged by Mr Blaz Kavcic (Slovenia) and group was judged by Mrs Marija Kavcic (Slovenia). There was total 57 springer entries. Thanks to all Wildomar's bred dogs who entered this show and huge thanks to all our friends for a nice show day together!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) took the jackpot in this show by being Best Male and BOB with CACIB. In group finals Terry enjoyed the show atmosphere as usual and went all the way to GROUP WINNER!!! Huge congratulations to his co-owner Saija!  
Was very nice to see so many dogs bred by us entering the show and we also showed the breeder group which went nicely BOB-breeder from total three groups. We did not show the breeder group in group finals this time. Mr Blaz Kavcic gave the following written critique to our breeder group: "Group with very high level of resemblance in type and excellent individual quality."

BIG-1 Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Adamant's Let Me See

BOB-BREEDER kennel Wildomar's

20.10.2008 Congratulations Madde!

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is today 4-years-old, congratulations to lovely Madde Matti Madison for her birthday!

19.10.2008 BOB-progeny AGAIN for Julia!

We entered Spaniel Club Annual Main show (even though this was not the main show for springer breeds this year). There was total 63 English springers entered from which 9 puppies. Breed was judged by Christina Daniels (Mistily's, Sweden).  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) entered only the progeny class, but she did it with style and took THIRD YEAR IN ROW the win and her group went BOB progeny group. Thank you Weeti, Diva, Sissi and Vilma with their owners for being there!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered the champion class and went 2nd Best Male. Congratulations Saija, we gained our 'goal'!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) was nicely the winner of the youngster class and he went all the way to 4th Best Male with resCC. Congratulations!  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) (11 months old) won the junior class bitches with lovely written critique and she was placed in best female/male classes as only junior in the breed. So Gia went 4th Best Female with resCC. Congratulations!  
Huge thanks to our friends who were there and made this day very special! And thank you all who helped us with handling all dogs. :)

BOB-progeny - Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
Copyright: Harri Kontio

16.10.2008 Congratulations Lady!

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') is now a "big girl" already. Congratulations to 1-year-old Lady! And congratulations also to other Adamant's Perfect-puppies from their daddy Terry!

12.10.2008 Fara 3rd prize obedience

Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) entered her 2nd obedience test ever and she gained again a result, which was this time 3rd prize with 124 points. Congratulations to Mervi and good luck for the future tests!

11.10.2008 Diva in agility

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered agility competition. From first track she got 5 fault points and placement 12/43. From second track she got 15 fault points.

11.10.2008 We expect puppies for Christa

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is found to be very pregnant :) Daddy to this expected litter is the one and only Ch.Esthete's The Mountain King "Neville". You find more information from this expected litter from our puppy page or you may contact the breeder of this litter: Marita Peuhkuri,

2.10.2008 G-youngsters developing

We met some of our G-puppies last weekend and now it is time to publish some more official photos from this nicely developing younsters :)

28.9.2008 Ato 2nd prize tracking

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) gained 2nd prize in tracking test today with 30 points. Congratulations!

27.9.2008 Puppy meeting

G-litter is already 10 months old and five of them came today to visit us. Also Vilma, dam of the G-litter, was with as well as Eetu's new friend Lenni (Terry's son). And of course the grandmother Julia was also enjoying from the company of her grandchildren and also Hilda from our H-litter was having lots of fun with her friends. Huge thanks to all for visiting us! We had a fun day together, enjoyed every minute!  
More photos coming soon!

Dogs: Julia, Vilma, Eetu, Hilda, Gia, Gilda, Lotta and Geri

Who will catch the ball !??!

Julia, Hilda, Gia and Vilma

Eight speedy springers in one photo, wow… ;)

Thank you Gilda, Lotta, Gia, Vilma, Eetu and Geri with their owners!

27.9.2008 Terry proudly presents

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) proudly presents you his lovely and absolutely promising son Walnut Finally Here "Lenni":

Walnut Finally Here "Lenni" (11 weeks)
owned by Maarit Kohtala-Pimiä, bred by Susanna Pohjola

26.9.2008 Robi cord1-normal

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) was DNA-tested against GPRA cord1 and he was found to be normal (not carrier).

21.9.2008 Hunting news

We received some nice hunting news today :)  
Emma (Wildomar's Glossy Bauble) (10 months) has got her first game in bird hunting :)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) has also started the training for bird hunting and he got again some game today :)  
Well done and lots of luck for future trainings and hunting situations! :)

Wildomar's Glossy Bauble "Emma"
Copyright: Raili Vesterinen

Linmoor Your Majesty "Terry"
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

21.9.2008 McCloud CC resBOB

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) entered a Gundog Championship show in South Africa where he won his 4th CC and now he is only one CC away from the champion title! McCloud went also reserve-BOB and in BIS-final he was placed as BIS4 res-BOB. Huge congratulations to owner Irma Bense for this success!

20.9.2008 BIS-breeder + Wallu BOS

We had again a great show day and this time in Hyvinkää group show :)  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) has developed nicely during the last months and he was nicely Best Male and BOS with one more CC. Congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went 3rd Best Male in this same show.  
Our breeder group went BOB-breeder and finally also BEST IN SHOW -breeder. Huge thanks to all dogs with their owners who were in this group!

Wildomar's Fiction Oh No (19 months)

BOS Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - BOB Adamant's So Far So Good

BIS1-breeder - kennel Wildomar's :)

Wildomar's Gimcrack (10,5 months)

13.9.2008 Wilma in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained again 0-result in agility II-class! She was placed 7th. Congratulations!

7.9.2008 Lotta BOB and BOB-junior

Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) entered an international show in St.Petersburg in Russia and she did super job there being BOB-junior and BOB with junior-CC as well as title "Nevsky Winner 2008". Our huge congratulations to Melina and Seppo for this lovely day!

ROP & ROP-juniori - Wildomar's Graceful Bijou
Copyright: Melina Wiiskanta

7.9.2008 Training

We had a nice training day together with some of our puppy buyers. Thanks for the nice day to all who were there and special thanks to Saija and Janne for allowing us to "visit you" :)  
Also our own Hiltsu-Hippiina (Hilda) was with us and I was SO PROUD of her. She needed only the first try and immediately retrieved the "game" from the water and went to swim. And she enjoyed swimming so much that she did it three times in row and every time she was full of joy nearly jumping to the water. We of course stopped the training this time to these three successful times and hopefully next time Hildan harjoitukset lopetettiin näihin kolmeen hienoon onnistumiseen. Seuraavalla kerralla taas enemmän :)

Wildomar's Gewgaw "Gia"

Wildomar's Circean Beauty "Gina"

Wildomar's Gimcrack "Geri"

Wildomar's Field Of Dreams "Unna"

Wildomar's FatalAttraction "Fara"

6.9.2008 Terry BOS

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went today Best Male & BOS in Helsinkin national all breed show. Congratulations to Saija!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) entered a show also after a long break and went EXC/2 in champion class.  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) entered working class and went nicely EXC/2.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) continued her nicely started show career and went EXC/2 in junior class.  
I was also honoured to handle a welsh springer spaniel Maisa (officially Benton United Colours) and I was thrilled when she went BOB with her first CC. Congratulations to owners and breeder!

BOS Linmoor Your Majesty - BOB Adamant's Let Me See
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

Julia's (7 years) way to have fun ;)
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

Hero-son, Julia-mother and Hilda-daughter

6.9.2008 Fara 2nd prize in obedience

Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) made her debute in obedience tests and she did it great by getting 2nd prize with 152 points. Congratulations to Mervi for this result and good luck for the future tests!

Nice co-operation (photo not taken at the test)

4.9.2008 E-litter 2 years

E-litter is today 2-years-old. Congratulations to all E-puppies!

30.8.2008 Leevi passed the working test

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) was 3rd Wildomar's dog from 3rd different litter this month who passed the spaniel working ability test. And Leevi did it with style and lovely written critique! Congratulations Jaana!

27.8.2008 Ato 2nd prize obedience

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered the obedience test in Masku and he gained 2nd prize in beginner class with 157 points which is only 3 points from first prize. But maybe next time ;) Congratulations to Ato's active owner Tiina!

25.8.2008 Terry's Walnut puppies

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is proud to introduce you his Walnut-puppies which we went to meet with Saija. Thank you Susanna for your hospitality. :)
See the photos of the puppies!.

23.8.2008 Whoopie CC in Austria

Whoopie (Wildomar's Deep Silence) entered an all breed show in Innsbruck Austria where she gained CC from the judge Peter F. Berchtold. Congratulations to family von Bukowski!

23.8.2008 Gia BB2 RESCC

Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) entered Valkeakoski all breed show where she nicely won the junior class bitches and ended as 2nd Best Bitch with res-CC. Congratulations Taija!

23.8.2008 Wilma gained 0-result in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained the 0-result in agility Maxi2 class today in Porvoo with time of -17 seconds from ideal time. This gave Wilma the 8th place in competition. Congratulations Nappi and Nana!

23.8.2008 Wallu passed the working test

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) entered a spaniel working ability test the very first time and passed it. Congratulations to Marja and Harri! Wallu need now only one CC after 2 years of age to gain the Fin CH title.

23.8.2008 McCloud CC + res-BOB

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) won CC today in South Africa and he went also reserve-BOB. Congratulations to Irma!

19.8.2008 Diva gained result in agility

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered her first official agility competition and gained immediately a result (15 fault points, 4 seconds over the ideal time). Congratulations Nappi and Nana, this was a great start!

16.8.2008 Weeti became FIN & LTU CH!

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went today to working ability test and passed it! This gave him the new champion titles and he is now officially Fin & Ltu Wildomar's Diverse Tails. Big congratulations to his owners Marja and Harri Kontio!

Fin & Ltu CH Wildomar's Diverse Tails

12.8.2008 The one growing at home. . .

Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) is the happy baby in our house at the moment. Time will show what she will become, but her most important mission IS to keep her 7-years-old mom Julia in move and to bring joy and happiness to our family life :)

Wildomar's Hit It Big "Hilda"

Hilda says.. . . SLURPS ! ;)

10.8.2008 Gia BOB CC, Weeti BOS!

Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) made today her official debute in the show rings when she is only 9 months and 3 days old. Gia really showed to older ones what the little girls are made from and went direct Best Bitch and BOB with her first CC!!! Huge congratulations to Taija for this great start in adult classes!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was at the show too and he did not give the win for free to Gia. ;) Weeti went Best Dog and BOS, congratulations to Marja and Harri!

BOB CC - Wildomar's Gewgaw "Gia"

BOS - Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti"

9.8.2008 Geri resCC

Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) made today her official debute when 9 months and 2 days old in Vesilahti group show. Geri was nicely winner of the junior class and ended as 2nd Best Bitch with resCC. Congratulations to Helena and Ville for this great start in official classes!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was 2nd Best Dog in this same show, congratulations Marja and Harri!

9.8.2008 Summer photos

Our puppy buyers have sent us some photos during the summer and here is some of them again :) Thank you ALL who have sent us photos from Wildomar's dogs!

Ch.Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"
Copyright: Johanna & Katariina Isola

Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope "Elli"
Copyright: Anu Lemminkäinen

Wildomar's Fiction Oh No "Wallu" & Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti"
Copyright: Harri Kontio

Ch.Wildomar's Brave Barchelor "Robi" + friend Kevin
Copyright: Anna Alichniewicz

Wildomar's GreatWhiteHope "Rasmus"
Copyright: J. T.

3.8.2008 Christa BOB BIG-1 !!!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) did it AGAIN!!!! Breed judge was successful and respected breed specialist Darren Bowey (kennel Bridgewood, Australia) and group judge was well-known Laurent Picard (Switzerland). And what happens: Christa decided to redo her big win and went BOB and BIG-1!!!!. There is no words anymore. . . My once in a lifetime dog did it again and I can only show my gratitude to Christa's breeder Marita Peuhkuri as well as to Christa's handler Sanna Vartiainen as well as to Christa's "fans" ;)
Read more about Christa's super weekend!  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) entered today last time puppy classes and did it with style being BOB-puppy, congratulations!

BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal - BOS Blue Baltic's Monte Castagno

Christa coming to the big ring

BIG-1 Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

This weekend was so perfect for Christa!

BOB-puppy Wildomar's Grim'N' Crusty - BOS-puppy Adamant's Birthday Party

2.8.2008 Diva - Baltic Winner 2008!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) gained a new title today: Baltic Winner 2008 when she went BOB with CC and CACIB in Vilnius Lithuania international show.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) gained a CC and res-CACIB in this same show.  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) gained EXC/1 from working class.  
Our big congratulations for the nice results!

2.8.2008 Christa BOB BIG-1, Terry BOS

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) did it great again in Kuopio international show under Robyn Wallis (Australia) by being BOB and BIG-1 in hard competition. We are extremely happy that an experienced setter specialist rewarded our Christa this highly. And again thanks to Christa's talented handler Sanna Vartiainen!  
Christa's breeder's Marita Peuhkuri's breeders group went all the way BIS-4 breeder from tens of breeder groups. Huge congratulations to Marita for this great result!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went BOS with CACIB in this same show, congratulations!  
Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) entered puppy class and went BOS-puppy, congratulations!

BIG-1 Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

1.8.2008 Christa BOB BIG-4

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered an international show today in Kuopio and she went BOB under Douglas A. Johnson (USA) and BIG-4 under Dan Eriksson (Sweden).  
Huge thanks to Christa's handler Sanna Vartiainen for beautiful handling!

BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal - BOS Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger

BIG-4 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

Going happily together :)

1.8.2008 BIS-brace, BOB, 2xCACIB, 2xCC. . .

We received some wonderful news from Vilnius Lithuania international show!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went all the way to Best Bitch and BOB with CACIB and CC. Diva also became a Lithuanian Champion (Ltu CH).  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) went Best Male with CC and CACIB. Weeti needs only the working test result to gain titles Fin&Ltu CH.  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) was in working class and went EXC/1.  
Diva and Weeti entered also the brace competition and they did it very well as they ended as BIS-brace from about 20 braces. Huge congratulations for these great results!

26.7.2008 BIS2-breeder, BOS, CC. . .

We had another great show day and this time in Raisio all breed show, where was total 24 entered springers and judge was Rony Doedijns from Netherlands.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was nicely BD-1 and BOS and won his last Finnish CC. Weeti needs only the working test result to gain the Finnish Champion title. Congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was BD-4 from champion class, congratulations to Satu!  
Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) was last time in puppy class and went nicely BOB-puppy, congratulations to Helena and Ville!  
Our breeder's group included dogs W.Bland Esquire, W.Dig Dub'N'Deny, W.Diverse Tails and W.Flyin' Thoughts and the result was fabulous: BOB and BIS-2 breeder!!. Huge thanks to all dogs and their owners who were part of this group!

BOB Ch.Adamant's Let Me See - BOS Wildomar's Diverse Tails
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

CC-winner - Wildomar's Diverse Tails
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

CC-winner - Wildomar's Diverse Tails
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

BOB-puppy - Wildomar's Gimcrack
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

BIS2-breeder - Wildomar's

24.7.2008 Sad news

Emma (Melverly Violetta) - IN MEMORIAM
Like a lace of pearls
are my happy memories.
And every single pearl,
like one moment we shared.
We miss you so much, Sanna and Sami
Our deepest sympathies to Emma's "mom" Taija. Emma was a dog with a big heart and we all miss her a lot.

Emma and Taija - there is no better photo to show the love between a dog and a human

Emma was full of speed and happiness

Emma loved to do jumps to the water in the summer

And Emma was beautiful . . .

20.7.2008 Great day in Ypäjä!

We entered to Ypäjä all breed show where springers (25) were judged by Maret Kärdi from Estonia. Our big thanks to all who entered and congratulations to the winners!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) had a lovely day and she ended as BB1 and BOB as well as BIG-4 in group finals under Markku Santamäki (Finland).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) continued his great show year being 12th time in row Best Male in a Finnish show (in his 12th show this year in Finland). This time Terry ended as BOS.  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was nicely BB-2 right after Diva and gained her 3rd and last CC. Now she need only the working test result to finish her FIN CH title :)  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was also nicely BD-3 with res-CC.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) entered last time puppy classes and went again BOB-puppy. This was a nice end to puppy career :)
Our breeder group went nicely BOB-breeder as well as BIS4-breeder under Lilian Hanniste (Estonia).

BOS Linmoor Your Majesty - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

BIG-4 Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Fin&SU(u) CH FinW-07 LtuJW-07 EstJW-07 Wildomar's Dig Dub 'N' Deny
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

CC-winner - Wildomar's Beautiful Piece
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

19.7.2008 Wildomar's Fun Day

Today we had a FUN day together with our puppy buyers in Somero Haukkukallio. This year the event was a great success and it made us breeders very happy to meet so many dogs we have bred as well as their owners too. Also owners of Ch.Wildomar's Catch Inthe Rye "Cooper" were there from United States, David Swank and Scott Lenz. It was a great honour and joy to have them as our guests.  
As first thing in program we had the Wildomar's Game where was 6 different tasks to do with the dog. This was a very funny competition, which most likely will become a tradition :) Breeder Sanna showed first how to do it together with Julia, but of course then rained A LOT and we even thought if this changed to be "miss wet t-shirt" competition ;) Well, we found the winners and as the quickest one was rewarded Vilma (W. Bric-A-Brac) and as the funniest one was rewarded Lotta (W. Graceful Bijou). CONGRATULATIONS!  
Then we had some coffee and delicious things to eat like Finnish grilled sausage (called 'makkara' in Finnish). We also had a fun quiz about Wildomar's breeding. And we rewarded our new champions who have gained the champion title during the last year: Ch.Wildomar's Alpen Rose, Ch.Wildomar's Bland Esquire, Ch.Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac and Ch.Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny. We also rewarded the most successful Wildomar's bred show dog in 2007 Ch.Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny and the most successful Wildomar's bred working dog in 2007 Ch.Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac. And after this there came a big happy surprise for me as our special guests David and Scott wanted to give something for me (Sanna) as a big thanks for the great Wildomar's bred dog they have. They gave me something very special: an outstanding work of art where was illustrated "Cooper" (Ch.Wildomar's Catch Inthe Rye) in movement and standing as well as his head and a picture where I am holding him in my arms on the day when he left from Finland to USA as a little puppy. Just waiting now to get it framed so I may admire this beautiful piece of art on our wall every day. THANK YOU DAVID AND SCOTT!  
And then we had still the Wildomar's Show, where judge was David Swank (kennel Mariposa, USA). Here are the results:
BB-1 BIS - Diva (W. Dig Dub'N' Deny)
BB-2 - Wilma (W. Alpen Rose)
BB-3 - Viola (W. Classy Violetta)
BB-4 - Vilma (W. Bric-A-Brac)
BD-1 BIS2 - Weeti (W. Diverse Tails)
BD-2 - Kevin (W. Bland Esquire)
BD-3 - Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty)
BD-4 - Wallu (W. Fiction Oh No)
At the end of the day some of the people gathered to our home to have a nice evening together. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and from that I would like to tell my big thanks to Saija and Janne, as they brought with absolutely delicious meat of moose and deer. This evening was full of fun and of course it continued until the "little hours" . . . ;)

Vilma - Wildomar's Game winner (fastest)

Lotta - the funniest performance in Wildomar's Game

BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - BOS Wildomar's Diverse Tails

Some of the audience of Wildomar's Show :)

Dinner at our house

13.7.2008 BIG3, BOB, BOB-puppy, BOB-breeder

We had a lovely day in Karjaa all breed show :)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) made a comeback to Finnish show rings after a break of almost 1,5 months. And results was nicely again Best Male and BOB and this time also BIG-3.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was nicely BOB-puppy.  
Our breeder group went nicely BOB-breeder. In our group there was dogs from 4 different combinations, 4 different sires and 3 different dams and they all got the quality prize 'excellent' in this show.  
Thanks to all these Wildomar's bred dogs for entering this show and congratulations!

BOB BIG-3 - Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

BOB-puppy - Wildomar's Gewgaw

13.7.2008 Terry became a father

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) became father today in kennel Walnut. Dam to the litter is EstW-06 EstJW-06 Walnut Wow Wow (A-hips, eyes clear, gpra cord1 clear, fucosidosis clear). "Vendi" whelped an even and healthy litter from which we hopefully will get some photos soon to be published. :)

13.7.2008 Dixi res-CC

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) entered Oulu all breed show and won res-CC, congratulations!

8.7.2008 Trip to Sweden

I want to thank my friends Saija, Taija, Nappi and Nana for lovely company in Sweden. I enjoyed a lot this trip and it was a pleasure to meet many breeders from so many countries as well as the high quality dogs in the ring. And of course the success of our own dogs just made this trip even more perfect. :)
We entered three shows but also on Saturday evening the IESSC Symposium ( There we listened some lectures and discussions about the breed, health and breed standard.
During the weekend we received some very nice feedback about our dogs and that of course made me very happy. I had some truly interesting discussions with many breeders about the breed, dogs, breeding, working ability, grooming, handling etc. My biggest thanks to all those people who shared their views and experiences with me.
I was also very happy to meet 'Charlie' (Ch.Mariposa Aldabaran) again. He is son to Cooper (Ch.Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye). Last August I had an honour to handle him in Calgary Canada and it was nice to meet this boy again. I also met my friends Mr David Swank and Mr Scott Lenz, who will visit us still later this month. :)
My trip to Sweden was very interesting and unforgettable. I enjoyed every second!

7.7.2008 Diva in WW-show

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) did great job in World Winner show in Stockholm! Diva won the huge open class! In CACIB-competition Diva had 'too much fun' and started to 'jump around', but at least the dog enjoyed the life full heart as always and that made me as breeder very proud. Big congratulations to Nappi and Nana!!! You have done absolutely great job with Diva!
Unfortunately Diva could not go to compete for the CC, because she became Swedish Champion already a month ago. Luckily the CC went anyway to Diva's half sister who was also competing in open class. Congratulations to Sophie and her breeder/owner Tarja for the CC and the champion title!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) placed nicely 3rd in big open class males in WW-show. Congratulations!

Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - after the show ;)

6.7.2008 Christa - WORLD WINNER!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) made our biggest dream true! Christa gained a superb result in World Winner international show in Stockholm Sweden champion class 1st, CACIB "World Winner 2008" and BEST OF BREED English Setter. There was 71 entries and breed was judged by Mr Laurent Picard from Switzerland.
This was already 3rd time in 3rd different country handled by 3rd different handler when this same judge reward our Christa. And this 3rd time was the brightest one. Now Christa has gained maybe the most valuable and aspired winner title. After our dream came true Christa of course will still be seen in the show rings, but at least at the moment we not have any big goals with her. ;)
Our huge thanks to Christa's breeder Marita for all the help and support and special thanks also to Ms Sanna Vartiainen for professional way of grooming and handling Christa. Thank you also to Ms Tanja Elo for the help to prepare Christa for the show ring. And thanks also to all people who were as power behind the scenes to gain this title. And thanks to all who gave their support and applauses to Christa beside the ring! Christa loves to show and she get very excited always when people encourage her. You could see from dog's face how she really smiled when she ran to her magnificent win!

Copyright: Per Unden

5.7.2008 Terry BIS2 open class dog

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was nicely today winner of the big open class males and BIS2 open class dog in Springer Club speciality show in Sweden under Colin Woodward (Wadeson ESS, UK). Congratulations to Saija!

Linmoor Your Majesty

Linmoor Your Majesty

29.6.2008 Diva BOB

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went again today Best Bitch and BOB in Järvenpää all breed show, congratulations!

BOS Bogaloo's Beyond It All - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

28.6.2008 Diva BOB

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) went nicely Best Bitch and BOB in Järvenpää all breed show today. Congratulations!

BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

28.6.2008 CH-titles approved in Sweden

Our two new SU(U) champions have now titles approved in Swedish Kennel Club:  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - official titles now SU(U)CH FINJW-06 ESTJW-07 ESTW-07  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - official titles now FINCH SU(U)CH FINW-07 ESTJW-07 LTUJW-07

21.6.2008 Dixi res-CC

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) entered Rovaniemi international show and he went there 4th Best Male with resCC. Congratulations!

Wildomar's Discovered Plot
(photo taken in Rovaniemi group show in May when he was CC-winner)
Copyright: Marjaana Määttälä

17.6.2008 Health check results

Wildomar's dogs have been officially health checked during the spring/summer and here are results:  
Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope - eyes clear
Wildomar's Free Spirit - eyes clear
Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - eyes clear
Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac - eyes clear
Wildomar's Double-Dealing - hips A/A
Wildomar's FatalAttraction - hips A/B, eyes clear
Wildomar's Fading Memories - hips D/D, eyes clear

15.6.2008 Results of the weekend

Some Wildomar's bred dogs entered shows this weekend: Forssa INT (11 entered ess, judge Marjo Jaakkola), Kotka INT (12 entered ess, judge Elena Ruskovaara) and Raisio group show (12 entered ess, judge Horst Kettendörfer, Germany). Here comes some results:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) Forssa international show champion class EXC/1 BB-2 res-CACIB and Kotka international show champion class EXC/1 BB-2 res-CACIB, congratulations!  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) Raisio group show champion class EXC/1 BD-2, congratulations!  
Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) Raisio group show open class EXC/1 BB-2 res-CC, congratulations!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) Raisio group show intermediate class EXC/1 BD-3 res-CC, congratulations!

Wildomar's Classy Violetta
Copyright: Satu Raassina

11.6.2008 Terry becoming daddy again

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is becoming a father again and this time at Walnut kennel. Walnut Wow Wow "Vendi" was ultra-sounded and found to be in whelp :) More information: Kennel Walnut.  

Meanwhile the proud and happy upcoming 'daddy' is having a holiday from Finnish show rings and enjoys full heart the summer by swimming and training some blood tracking :)

Is there something more fun than retrieving fromt he water on hot summer day? ;)
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

8.6.2008 2x SU(u)CH !!!

We travelled with Saija to Southern Sweden to show Terry and Diva. We entered two shows in Hasslarp and also Vänersborg international show. Weather was hot and sunny and the atmosphere was lovely. It was a pleasure to meet many Swedish breeders and their dogs and to attend the well arranged shows. Judges in these three shows were Mr Bertil Lundgren (Sweden), Mrs Anne Buvik (kennel Stormbird's, Norway) and Mr Inge E:son Thor (Sweden).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) had entered two shows in Sweden before this trip and he had gained CC from both of them. And from his third show in Sweden on Friday he gained the last needed (third) CC being 2nd Best Dog. So Terry is our new champion with title SU(u)CH. On Saturday Terry was nicely winner of champion class, Best Dog and BOS when his dam Myggan went Best of Breed. On Sunday Terry won again the champion class and ended as 2nd Best Dogwith CACIB.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) made her debute in Swedish show rings and she did it well gaining all we could dream of. . . She won the big open class and went 2nd Best Bitch with CC and this means she gained her 2nd national champion title SU(u)CH. So Diva is a champion of two Scandinavian countries, when she is not even 2 years and 2 months old! On Saturday Diva was 3rd in champion class and on Sunday Diva was placed as 5th in Best Bitch competition in high quality competition.  
Big congratulations to Saija for Terry's championship and to Nana and Nappi for Diva's new title. And thanks to Saija for lovely travelling company in Sweden.  
Also our big thanks to Annelie Karlsson (Linmoor), Ann Lundin (Astrospring's) and Annika & Harald Ulltveit-Moe (Whisborne) for your hospitality, nice company and the possibility to visit you. It was again a pleasure to meet you and your lovely dogs. We hope to meet you again when we visit Sweden in July!

SU(u)CH FinJW-06 EstJW-07 EstW-07 - Linmoor Your Majesty

FinCH SU(u)CH FinW-07 EstJW-07 LtuJW-07 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

8.6.2008 Wilma BB2

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was today 2nd Best Bitch in Lohja group speciality show, congratulations!

8.6.2008 Photos

We have received some nice photos of Wildomar's bred dogs and here are some of them :)

Wildomar's Circean Beauty "Gina" - she loves swimming!
Copyright: Helena Turunen

Wildomar's Elfin Stories "Eevi" - tracking training
Copyright: Henna Renholm

Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti" - big boys sit on the chair
Copyright: Harri Kontio

Wildomar's HardLikeARock "Hero" - summer play
Copyright: Harri Väisänen

Wildomar's Graceful Bijou "Lotta" - flower girl
Copyright: Melina Wiiskanta

7.6.2008 Anet BB2 RESCC

Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) entered Raahe group speciality show and went 2nd Best Bitch with res-CC. Congratulations!

3.6.2008 Dusty 9 years

Dusty (Adamant's Stardust) is today already 9-years-old. Dusty is our first springer and responsible for all the passion we have for this lovely breed :) Congratulations to Dusty on her 9th birthday!

1.6.2008 Great results for Lotta

Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) travelled to Tallinn this weekend for two shows. On Saturday she entered spaniel speciality show under spaniel special judge Petr Studenik (Czech Republic). Lotta went nicely BOB and BIS-3 puppy. On Sunday Lotta entered an international show with result BOS-puppy (judge was Daniela Radu, Romania). Our big congratulations to Melina and Seppo for these great results with adorable Lotta!

Wildomar's Graceful Bijou - Icicle's Excuse Me Miss
Copyright: T Steenroos

1.6.2008 Terry BIS-1 in CLUB SHOW!!!

Today we entered the club show arranged by Springer Spaniel Club (annual main show), where the breed was judged by Mr Glenn Miller (Graftonbury ESS,UK). There was around 100 entered English springer spaniels.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) had a bright day again. . . And his success continued! After just gorgeus way of showing he went Best Male and BOB, but this was not enough for him and he went also BEST IN SHOW of our club show! This was a great achievement which we will never forget. Huge thanks once again to Terry's breeder Annelie Karlsson for this lovely boy you allowed to come to Finland two years ago. Terry is doing best possible job in the rings, but also as a beloved family member. Huge thanks also to Terry's 'mom' Saija for all the hard work she has done and my big congratulations for Terry's great win!
Terry has done super work in latest breed special shows: Hyvinkää Annual Main Show 2007 2nd Best Male (judge Bob Jackson, Mompesson ESS), Helsinki special show Best Male (judge Jessie Borregard-Madsen, Sieger's ESS) and now Karkku Annual Main Show 2008 Best Male, BOB and BEST IN SHOW (judge Glenn Miller, Graftonbury ESS).  
Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) was nicely again best male puppy and finally BOS-puppy. Congratulations to Riitta!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) did not enter the ring herself, but she came to show her progeny group and also this time it was worth it. Julia's progeny group went again BOB-progeny in our main show and this time also BIS-progeny. Thanks to all dogs and their owners who were part of this group!

BEST IN SHOW - Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

BIS-progeny - Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

His Majesty with the jester (in clothing competition)
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

And BOB-winner is . . . LINMOOR YOUR MAJESTY!
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

BOS-puppy - Wildomar's Granite Hard

31.5.2008 Christa Estonian Winner-08

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) gained today her 14th title as she won the title "Estonian Winner 2008" today in Tallinn. Thanks to Sanna Vartiainen for taking her with and handling our Christa so professional way!

Estonian Winners 2008: Esthete's The Mountain King and Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Pauliina Artiola

28.5.2008 Photo from Rauma

We received a nice photo from Rauma all breed show where our breeder group went BIS-4. From left: W. Diverse Tails, W. Fiction Oh No, W. Beautiful Piece and W. Flyin' Thoughts.

27.5.2008 Congratulations Julia!

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) , our foundation bitch, is today 7-years-old. Time goes so fast, but Julia has no marks of being "old" ;) Julia has brought so much happiness and joy to our lives during these years and let's hope we may still have at least 7 more years of life together with her! :) So congratulations to our clown Julia!

25.5.2008 Christa BOB CACIB BIG-1

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) been under very selective showing this year but results have been very nice. This time it was turn to go to Helsinki international show where breed was judged by Mr Ove Germundsson from Sweden and group was judged by Mr Laurent Picard from Switzerland. Christa was again full of joy and happiness when she entered the ring with her 'mom' and she truly enjoyed the big ring. And the result was fantastic too Best Bitch, CACIB, BOB and finally also BIG-1!!!
It is again time to thank Christa's wonderful breeder Mrs Marita Peuhkuri for this lovely girl. . . We could not be more satisfied to this dog. She is truly a "Once in a lifetime dog". . . .

25.5.2008 Diva BB3 resCACIB

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was today 3rd Best Bitch with res-CACIB in Hamina. Congratulations!

24.5.2008 Terry BOB CACIB

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) continues his nice show year with great results. This time he went Best Male and BOB with CACIB in Helsinki international show. Judge was Peter Beyersdorf from Germany, who choosed Terry as Best of Breed also in Estonian Winner 2007 international show from junior class. :)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was 4th Best Bitch in this same show. Congratulations!

BOB CACIB - Linmoor Your Majesty

24.5.2008 Dixi BD2 CC

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was today in Rovaniemi group speciality and he went nicely BD-2 with CC. Judge was Leila Kärkäs (Finland). There was total 18 springers entered from which only 2 got 'excellent' from quality and of course we as breeders are very pleased the other of these two was a dog bred by us. :) Congratulations to Ruonala family for Dixi's success!

17.5.2008 Gia BIG1-PUPPY!

We had a nice day again with G-puppies. This time we entered Tampere all breed puppy show under Reia Leikola-Walden.  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) continued her nicely started puppy show career and went BOB-puppy and BIG1-puppy. Congratulations to Taija!  
Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) made her debute and she was 2nd in class right after her sister and got also the prize of honour. Congratulations to Helena for this lovely start in the rings with Geri!  
Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) was 2nd in class with the prize of honour. Congratulations to Riitta!

BIG1 - Wildomar's Gewgaw

BOB Wildomar's Gewgaw - BOS Aitoc's Avon Cusanus Validus

17.5.2008 Diva BEST IN SHOW!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) had a great day today as she went Best Bitch and BOB as well as BIG-1 in Laitila under Markku Santamäki. And in BIS-competition Esko Nummijärvi still choosed her as winner so the result was not more and not less than BEST IN SHOW!!! Our big congratulations to Nappi and Nana for this lovely win!  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) was 4th Best Bitch in this same show.

BEST IN SHOW - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Ritva Rantanen

13.5.2008 Terry had a date

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) had a date today with his new bride Vendi (Walnut Wow Wow). We are excited to see if this romance will produce some results too. More information about Vendi and this combination you find at:
kennel Walnut.

11.5.2008 B-litter 4 years

B-litter is today 4 years old. Big congratulations to Kevin, Robi, Luka, Vilma, Sissi, Siiri and Alma!

11.5.2008 BOB, CC, BIS4-breeder. . .

Today on Mother's Day we were in Rauma all breed national show. Judge was Elena Ruskovaara and there was 19 springers entered.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was nicely Best Male with his 2nd CC and he finally ended as BOB. Huge congratulations to Marja and Harri!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) won the junior class males and ended as 3rd Best Male with res-CC.  
Domino (Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts) was the winner of intermediate bitches and finally 2nd Best Bitch with res-CC.  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was also nicely placed as 4th Best Bitch.  
Our breeder group of these four dogs was nicely BOB-breeder and also BIS4-breeder. Thanks to those Wildomar's bred dogs entered and congratulations for the success!

BOS Hightide's Venus Williams - BOB Wildomar's Diverse Tails

10.5.2008 BIS-placements, new champion. . .

We entered Spaniel Club speciality show in Helsinki where English springers were judged by a breed specialist judge Jessie Borregard-Madsen (Sieger's ESS, Denmark). Total 41 entered springers and we had GREAT results!  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) was nicely BOB and BIS-3 Puppy and her brother Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) went best male puppy and BOS-puppy. Total 15 puppies entered.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was in his 8th show this year and was 8th time best male and finally BOS.  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) won the working class bitches and ended 2nd Best Bitch with CC and now she is also FINNISH CHAMPION.
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) competed first time in champion class and won the class and ended as 3rd Best Bitch.
Domino (Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts) won the quite big junior class and ended as 4th Best Bitch with res-CC.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) entered only the progeny class and result was lovely: BOB and BIS2-progeny with lovely written critique: "Bitch is giving lot of breed type to her progeny and has been able to keep her eye colour to her progeny even because of the tan colour. They are all excellent movers and have good bones. She seems to be ver nice producer, produces evenly."
Our breeder group was nicely BOB and BIS-3 Breeder.  
Big congratulations to all Wildomar's bred and co-owned dogs for the success they had and huge thanks to all entered dogs and their owners! Thanks also to all the dear friends who made the day perfect with their happy and nice company. :)

BOB-puppy Wildomar's Gewgaw - BOS-puppy Wildomar's Granite Hard

BOS Linmoor Your Majesty - BOB Adamant's La Dolce Vita

BIS3-breeder kennel Wildomar's

BIS2-progeny Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

5.5.2008 Hugo moved

Hugo (Wildomar's HardNutToCrack) moved today to his new home in Espoo. We wish all the best for the future this happy boy :)

4.5.2008 Osku BOB BIG-2, Gia BOS

Our G-litter did their debut in Hollola puppy show under Matti Luoso (Finland). Total 16 springer puppies entered.  
Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) - 1st HP BOB BIG-2 puppy  
Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) - 1st HP BOS  
Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) - 2nd HP  
Gilda (Wildomar's Gilt Trinket) - not placed in class  
Our breeder group was 1st from two breeder groups and also BOB-breeder with following written critique: "Even group of very good type of dogs. I am very pleased with their head shapes and very healthy anatomy, which make them also move well. Pleasing temperaments.".
Thanks to all G-puppies who entered to this show and congratulations for the great results as well as beautiful showing!

4.5.2008 Tracking test result

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - MEJÄ VOI2 (37p), congratulations!

4.5.2008 Robi CC res-CACIB

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered an international show today in Poland. He was in champion class and gained result EXC/1 CC & res-CACIB.

3.5.2008 Terry BOB

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) went BOB in Koski group speciality show. Judge Arja Koskelo wrote the following about Terry:
Absolutely beautiful, balanced, firm, masculine and healthy built young male. Charming head, excellent angulations. Good coat quality and beautiful movement. Beautiful entirety.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was 2nd Best Male in this same show.  
Unna (Wildomar's Field Of Dreams) was in junior class and gained result VG/2.  
Congratulations to all of them!

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Nimblewhit Indelible Touch
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

Wildomar's Field Of Dreams
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

2.5.2008 Hero moved today

Hero (Wildomar's HardLikeARock) moved today to his new home and also his name changed from Harry to Hero. We wish all the best and many happy moments with the new family member to family Väisänen!

1.5.2008 Welcome Hilda!

Hilda (Wildomar's Hit It Big) is now a new member of our springer team, welcome little Hilda! :)

6 weeks old

27.4.2008 Diva is FIN CH!!

We entered Lahti international show where springers were judged by Anges Ganami-Kertes (Israel).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was in his 6th show this year and took 6th time Best Male win and now also 5th time BOB. And Terry of course gained one more CACIB on his credit. Congratulations to Saija!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was again best bith and BOS. Diva also gained CC and CACIB and this means she is now a FINNISH CHAMPION - FIN CH. Huuuuuge congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Elli-Justiina (Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope) made her debute in junior classes with quality prize "excellent". It was so nice to meet Elli again :)  
I want to tell my warm thanks to my friends for a nice and happy day together in this show. The support of dear friends give the strength and power to continue this hobby weekend after weekend, month after month and year after year, even if there might be discouraging factors "in the air" sometimes. -Sanna-

FIN CH Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Susanna Pohjola

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Susanna Pohjola

27.4.2008 Congratulations to C-litter!

C-litter is today 3-years-old. Congratulations to all Wildomar's C-puppies!

27.4.2008 Unna BIS-4 (match)

Unna (Wildomar's Field Of Dreams) was today BIS-4 in a match show in Köyliö. Congratulations!

22.4.2008 Congratulations Emma!

Emma (Melverly Violetta) is today 7-years-old. So our English lady will be in veteran age soon. Time goes so fast. Congratulations to Emma for her birthday!

21.4.2008 Christa 5-years-old

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is today 5-years-old, congratulations to our lovely setter! Unbelievable it is already 5 years since our beauty was born. This dog has given us SO MUCH (and even more), and we of course hope there is even more happy and unforgettable moments to come in the future with this "once in a lifetime" dog.
We send also our congratulations to all Christa's siblings!

20.4.2008 Rasmus sent greetings

Rasmus (Wildomar's GreatWhiteHope) sent us greetings and some photos. Rasmus has a happy life now and he enjoy a lot of the attention he get as well as the company of his best friend Roni :)

Roni & Rasmus
Copyright: J. T.

20.4.2008 Congratulations Sira!

Sira (Blue Baltic's Coral Heart) (daughter to our Christa) was nicely to day Best of Breed in Jyväskylä international show and she gained CC and CACIB as well. Christa and the rest of the Wildomar's team send warm congratulations to Sira and her owners for this win!

19.4.2008 BIS-breeder, BIG2, BOB, BOS. . .

We had a SUPER day in Loviisa group speciality under Leila Kärkäs (Finland).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was once again BD-1 and this time also BOB and in group he ended also as BIG-2. Congratulations Saija!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) was right after Terry BD-2 with his second CC. Congratulations Marja and Harri!  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) was a happy surprise as she went BB-1 and BOS with her first CC.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was BB-3.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was 2nd in open class with quality prize 'very good'.
Our breeder group did our day just perfect as we were BOB-breeder but also BIS-breeder. BIS-breeder was chosen by judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland).

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Fading Memories
Copyright: Johanna & Katariina Isola

BIG-2 Linmoor Your Majesty

A NEW CC-WINNER Wildomar's Fading Memories (14 months)

19.4.2008 Ato BD2 RES-CACIB

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered Harstad Norway international show today and went 2nd Best Male with res-CACIB. Judge was Matti Tuominen (Finland). Congratulations!

14.4.2008 D-litter 2 years

D-litter is today 2-years-old. Our warm congratulations to all D-puppies for their birthday! :)

12.4.2008 Tracking training

Many dogs bred/co-owned by us came today to tracking training in Paimio. We thank all participants. We had a lovely day. The sunny spring weather and nice company made the day perfect!  
In following photo you see Saija&Terry, Jenni&Unna, Sanna&Fanny&Lady, Susanna&Fara&Domino, Marja&Wallu, Nappi&Diva and Harri&Weeti.

From F-litter: Unna, Fanny, Fara, Domino & Wallu

8.4.2008 Eye checks

Two Wildomar's dog were eye-checked today:  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) - no signs of pra/hc/rd  
Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) - no signs of pra/hc/rd  
Also Emma (Melverly Violetta) was eye-checked when almost 7-years-old and her eyes had no signs of pra/hc/rd, she had a corneal lipidosis (causing no harm to her).

7.4.2008 Terry's daughter

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is proud to introduce you his lovely daughter Adamant's Perfect Edition "Perri". Thanks to Tarja and Mikko for sending this lovely photo.

Adamant's Perfect Edition - 5,5months
Copyright: Mikko Hovila

5.4.2008 BIG-3, BOB, BOS, CC

We had AGAIN a great show day and this time in Pertunmaa under Elena Ruskovaara (breed and group).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was in his 4th show this year and he went 4th time also Best-Male-1. He also took his 3rd ROP this year and he placed BIG-3 in group finals. Our congratulations to Saija!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was in same show and she also took already her 4th Best-Bitch-1 win this year and this time she was BOS and gained also one more CC. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana! This was the last show for Diva before her 2nd birthday so this means from next CC-win she get also the champion title :)  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) won the junior class bitches and went nicely 4th Best Bitch :)

BIG-3 Linmoor Your Majesty

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

4.4.2008 Rasmus moved today

Rasmus (Wildomar's GreatWhiteHope) moved today to his new home where he has already been waited to arrive with big excitement. Rasmus lives now in a loving and caring home together with his friend who is a golden retriever in Nurmijärvi. :)

30.3.2008 McCloud BOB CC BIG-3

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) was today BOB with CC in his home country South Africa. In group finals McCloud was placed nicely as BIG-3. Breed was judged by a specialist Emma Parker (kennel Clanach, Australia). Our biggest congratulations to his owner Irma Bense!

29.3.2008 Vilma 157 points from mental test

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) took part to official mental test today and she gained nice result with 157 points. :)

29.3.2008 Adorable H-puppies

H-litter is growing and developing. Their eyes have started to open and soon they will already walk if the limbs just have enough power to carry their big tummies ;)
Here is the adorable girl puppy Hilda at 2,5 weeks of age :)

Wildomar's Hit It Big "HILDA"

25.3.2008 Puppies are growing

H-litter are growing and developing. . . We are excited waiting when they start to play in the puppy box. Now there is quite peaceful life when they are just happily eating and sleeping :)

25.3.2008 Wilma doing well in agility!

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained 19th March in Kirkkonummi the last needed 0-result in agility needed to compete in higher class. So now she is competing in Maxi2-class agility. Our warm congratulations for this great achievement!

23.3.2008 BIG-2, BIG-4, 2xBOB, 3xCACIB. . .

We had a GREAT day in Lappeenranta international show!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) took her 41st BOB win with her 36th CACIB and in group she was nicely BIG-4. Christa's and her handler Sanna Vartiainen really do amazing job together in the ring. Our big thanks again to Sanna for handling Christa!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did it even better than Christa and he went nicely BOB with one more CACIB to his merit list and finally after gorgeous showing he ended BIG-2. Congratulations to Saija!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was again best bitch and this time BOS with one more CC and CACIB on her credit. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) is our new CC-WINNER and he is also first CC-winner of 2nd generation Wildomar's breeding. Wallu was 2nd Best Male right after Terry :) Congratulations to Harri and Marja!

BOB BIG-4 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Handled by Sanna Vartiainen

BOB BIG-2 Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

BD2 CC - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No

21.3.2008 Lady BEST IN SHOW

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') did her unofficial debute today in Salo match show. This was her 4th time in lead (we live in country side and not need such usually). This was her first time entering any kind of dog happening and her first time ever training show running. Her performance was lovely and result not more and not less than BEST IN SHOW!!!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered this very same match show and he went nicely BIS-3. Congratulations to Saija, who also handled Terry from start to the end!  
And thanks to all my friends who were there and spent the nice spring day together with me.

Adamant's Perfect Feelin' - 5 months

16.3.2008 Diva BOB & Terry BOS!

We entered Tampere international show with big success. English springer spaniels were judged by John Thirwell (UK). There was 52 springers entered.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) took the greatest win by being Best Bitch and BOB with one more CC and CACIB to be added to her merit list! Huge congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered his 2nd show this year and he went again Best Male and this time BOS with CACIB and his last Finnish CC when he was only 11 days over 2 years old. Congratulations to Saija!  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) entered a big junior class in her "bikini" and gained lovely result EXC/2. :)  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained EXC/3 from champion class.  
My big thanks to my friends for a nice show day together, enjoyed your company a lot!

BOS Linmoor Your Majesty - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

11.3.2008 Puppies are born

H-litter was whelped today. In this litter there is two handsome boys and one lovely girl. Very even and beautiful litter :)  
Both boys are already booked. For girl puppy we might be looking for a show interested active co-owner (nearby us in Somero Finland).  
They even got their names already (official names still need to be approved by our kennel club of course):
W. HardLikeARock "Harry"
W. HardNutToCrack "Hugo"
W. Hit It Big "Hilda"

7.3.2008 Osku visited us

Wildomar's Granite Hard - 4 months old

Wildomar's Granite Hard - 4 months

6.3.2008 Lady gpra/cord1 normal

Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') is found to be GPRA cord1 normal as now both of her parents are tested and found to be free from this mutation. :)

5.3.2008 Congratulations to Terry!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) celebrated today his 2nd birthday! Congratulations to Sanna's dream boy!

2.3.2008 G-girls visited us

We had a nice day together with four G-girls with their owners. Thanks to Lotta, Gia, Gilda and Geri for visiting us. :)  
Photos: G-girls having FUN.

Wildomar's Graceful Bijou "Lotta"

Wildomar's Gimcrack "Geri"

Wildomar's Gilt Trinket "Gilda"

1.3.2008 Diva won her 10th CC

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was 3rd Best Bitch with already her 10th CC in Valkeala group show. Congratulations!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was 4th Best Dog in this same show, congratulations!

FinV-07 EstJV-07 LtuJV-07 Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

24.2.2008 Little princess

Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) visited us and we are very pleased to her development . . .

Wildomar's Gewgaw 3,5 months old

19.2.2008 Show secretary

Sanna gained her show ring secretary card last week and she is now officially a dog show secretary.

16.2.2008 Julia-mom

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is enjoying winter with full speed . . . She will whelp her litter within 3 weeks . . . ;)

Hiiiii-op, this is how pregnant mom jumps!

10.2.2008 Wallu BOS-jun, Weeti resCACIB

News from Tallinn international show:  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) - junior class EXC/1 JUN-CC BOS-junior  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - open class EXC/1 BD-2 res-CACIB  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) - champion class EXC/2 BB-4

9.2.2008 Christa at Ch Of Ch gala

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was the only English Setter who was invited to Champion Of Champions gala (150 most successful Finnish show dogs in 2007 were invited). We had a lovely evening together with our friends and we were happy to see Christa's lovely showing on stage. Christa was professional way handled by Sanna Vartiainen.

PL&RUS<U MVA MULTIWINNER Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal


Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) has been now chosen 3rd time in row to be ENGLISH SETTER OF THE YEAR (KSP ry). This is such a happy day for our family. We are extremely thankful we have had chance to have this gorgeous dog as our family member and not only because of her successful show career but also because of her most wonderful temperament and health. We are now talking definitely about a "ONCE IN A LIFETIME DOG".
We want also to send our congratulations to Christa's brother Lenny and his owners as Lenny was the Top#1 English Setter Male in Finland 2007 :)
Also our congratulations to Christa's breeder for winning KSP's Breeder Of The Year competition!

English Setter Of The Year 2007 rewarded by KSP ry
Copyright: Outi Heikkinen

2.2.2008 Diva BOB CC

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered Parkano group speciality show, where the breed was judged by Annukka Paloheimo (Finland). Diva won the open class and ended nicely Best Bitch with CC. Diva also won the BEST OF BREED. Big congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) was in same show and ended 2nd in open class and 4th Best Bitch.

Diva in move
Copyright: Hanna Hyypiä

BOS Walnut B-The-Best - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Hanna Hyypiä

1.2.2008 Puppies expected :)

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is definitely in whelp and we expect puppies to be born in start of March. Read more from our puppy page :)

1.2.2008 Health checkings

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) was hip x-rayed with result A-A (best possible).  
Nero (Wildomar's Enigmatic Flame) was also hip x-rayed with result C-C. Also his elbows were x-rayed and result was 0-0 (best possible).

27.1.2008 Terry BOB CC CACIB

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was today in Turku International show and went nicely Best Male with CC and CACIB and he finally won also BEST OF BREED. Judge was Christen Lang (Norway). This was Terry's 7th BOB win (from which one is from national all breed show and the rest 6 are from international shows).  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) won the junior class males in same show with quality prize "excellent".  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was 2nd in intermediate class males with quality prize "excellent".  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was 2nd in champion class females with quality prize "excellent".

BOS Adamant's Let Me See - BOB Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Mervi Nousiainen

26.1.2008 Congratulations 1-year-old F-puppies

F-litter is today 1-year-old! Congratulations to 12 youngsters!

26.1.2008 New titles for Cooper

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) gained new titles again. :) Cooper entered the AKC Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dog test, where he got titles CGC and TDI after his name and now he is officially called as:
Am&Can&UKC CH UCIBC JA Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye CGC TDI
Our big congratulations again to David and Scott!

19.1.2008 Photos from youngsters

Three lovely Wildomar's youngsters visited us today and of course we took some photos too :)

Wildomar's Gewgaw - 10 weeks

Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - 12 months

Wildomar's Diverse Tails - 21 months

13.1.2008 Väiski got a friend

Osku (Wildomar's Granite Hard) moved today to Mellilä. He is living now with Väiski (W. Double-Dealing). :)  
So now are all G-puppies moved to their new loving homes :)

13.1.2008 Diva BIS-2

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered a match show in Mäntsälä where was over 400 dogs entered. Judge for big adults was Raija Tammelin (Finland) who rewarded Diva as winner of total 104 dogs and Diva ended also nicely 2nd Best In Show. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!

11.1.2008 Rasmus moved to new home

Rasmus (Wildomar's GreatWhiteHope) moved today to his new home and he is now member of Kytöviita family :)

8.1.2008 Gilda moved to her new home

Gilda (Wildomar's Gilt Trinket) moved today to her new home in Vantaa. We wish all the best for the future to this sweet girl! :)

6.1.2008 Dixi 3rd Best Male

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was nicely 3rd Best Male in Kajaani international show under Erna Britt Nordin (Sweden). There was total 57 springers entered.  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) was in same show too and her result was EXC/4 in open class.

6.1.2008 Caro BD-4

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) started our show year by winning junior class males and being 4th Best Male in Ilomantsi group speciality show. Congratulations!

5.1.2008 Emma moved to her new home

Emma (Wildomar's Glossy Bauble) moved today to her new home in Jyväskylä. Emma will be beloved family member and in the future also a hunting dog :)

5.1.2008 Kissing boy moved today

Caro (Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty) moved today to his new home in Uimaharju. We wish good luck to this future hunting dog! :)

3.1.2008 Julia is mated

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is now mated with young handsome Henry (Adamant's Take Your Hopes). More information about this combination you find form Puppy page :)

1.1.2008 Plans for the 2008

We had a great year and as a start for the new year it is time to think about our plans and dreams :)  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) will of course enter some shows during the year. Time will show how active we will be with her. ;)  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is hopefully in puppy box in the start of the year, but we have planned also to show her later in 2008.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) will continue his active show career and most likely he will also go to some shows in foreign countries.  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') will do her debute in the rings as well as our G-litter too. And of course also other youngsters will be shown.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) will also be seen in the rings during 2008 and her goal is of course the champion title. ;)
As breeders we also try to be active and get Wildomar's dogs seen in many fields like shows, working tests and other hobbies. Some Wildomar's dogs also have realistic chances to finish their champion titles this year.
In summer 2008 we will travel to World Winner show in Sweden and we will arrange the Wildomar's Day again in Somero.

1.1.2008 Eetu moved to Vantaa

Eetu (Wildomar's Great Gun) moved today to Vantaa. Eetu will be a loved family member and he might also enter some show rings in the future.