News 2007

31.12.2007 We had a great year 2007

We truly had a great year 2007. And all the thanks belong to our lovely puppy buyers as well as owners of our other co-owned dogs and all the people we have had chance to do co-operation during the year. We also want to thank breeder's of our Christa, Madde, Lady, Julia and Terry: thanks to Marita Peuhkuri (Blue Baltic's), Tarja Hovila (Adamant's), Monica Dreijer (Nobhill) and Annelie Karlsson (Linmoor).
Here is some of the greatest achievements during the year:  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) gained winner title of FOUR different countries: Finnish Winner 2007, Lithuanian Winner 2007, Estonian Winner 2007 and Swedish Winner 2007! Christa was also most successful English Setter in Finland this year (Kennel Club) and she received again an invitation to Champion of Champions gala where are invited 150 most successful dogs from Finland (all breeds).  
Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) gained American (AKC) and Canadian Champion titles as first Scandinavian bred springer and he was also nicely placed as 8th in UKC Top Springer list. Sanna had also chance to handle him for his Canadian Champion title in Calgary Alberta in August. Congratulations and thanks to Cooper's owners David Swank and Scott Lenz (Mariposa, USA).  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) did great job in the rings this year and she was placed as high as 9th place in Show Springer of the Year competition being also 4th best bitch. Diva's top moments in the rings must have been Lappeenranta BIG-2, Tallinn INT show BIG-4 and Finnish Winner 2007 title.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was very successful during the year and also Top #1 Male Springer in Finland 2007 and 2nd best show ESS. Terry entered two Swedish shows during the year (both winner title shows) and in huge competition he gained CC from them both and in Nordic Winner show he ended also as 2nd best male from total 69 male springers.  
The New Finnish Champions this year were: Wildomar's Bland Esquire "Kevin", Wildomar's Alpen Rose "Wilma" and Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde.
The new International Champions this year were: Nobhill Pretty Piece of Adamant "Julia" and Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde".
Our springer team gained 10 group placements, 18x BOB, 16x BOS, 11x CACIB and 38x CC in 2007. :)
We had some success in working and agility fields too. Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained two 0-results in agility. Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) and Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) moved to winner class in blood tracking. Etta gained also 1st prize in winner class tracking from her first winner class test. Spaniel working ability test was passed this year by Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny), Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) and Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories).
Also some new Wildomar's dogs were born in 2007 as F-litter was whelped in January and G-litter in November.
Our own springer team got some new promising members: Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories), Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No), Terry's lovely daughter Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') and Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw). We are excited to follow their development. :)

Our new champions in 2007

29.12.2007 Gamma became Lotta

Lotta (Wildomar's Graceful Bijou) moved today to her new home in Järvelä and she changed her name from Gamma to Lotta. We wish all the best for the future to this little princess!

Wildomar's Graceful Bijou - 7,5 weeks

Wildomar's Graceful Bijou - 7,5 weeks


Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') is now about 10 weeks old and owners may only adore this promising little peach. . .

29.12.2007 Gina got a new friend

Geri (Wildomar's Gimcrack) moved today to Tampere. She will live together with Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty). We wish lots of luck to these wonderful girls! :)

Wildomar's Gimcrack - 7,5 weeks

Wildomar's Gimcrack - 7,5 weeks

27.12.2007 Welcome to team Gia!

Gia (Wildomar's Gewgaw) has joined our springer team. Gia will live in Teijo with Taija Kavén and Emma (Ch.Melverly Violetta) and her own dam Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac). We are excited to follow what kind of princess she will become!


23.12.2007 Puppies for sale

From our G-litter we have 3 males and one female for sale.

20.12.2007 Julia - confirmed INT CH

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) received a letter from Belgium today and she is now an International Champion, INT CH confirmed by FCI. This was a lovely Christmas gift for us :)

15.12.2007 Terry won CC in Sweden

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered his second show in Sweden. In summer Terry won a big junior class in Swedish Winner 2007 show and gained also his first Swedish CC there. Now he entered Nordic Winner 2007 show and there he first won the big open class of over 20 dogs and ended finally as 2nd best male with his second Swedish CC. There was total 69 entered springer males in this show and competition was hard as there was some of the most successful dogs from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway!
Terry entered also his mother's (Ch.Linmoor Unique View) progeny group which went nicely Best of Breed.

Linmoor Your Majesty

14.12.2007 Dixi was eye-checked

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was eye-checked today and his eyes were found to be healthy (not signs of pra/hc/rd).

10.12.2007 Terry TOP #1 springer male

We have had a great show year this year. We are extremely thankful to all owners of dogs bred or co-owned by us for their effort and energy!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was placed nicely 2nd in Show ESS of the Year competition and he was also most successful ESS male in Finland 2007. This was a great achievement for a young dog!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was also nicely placed as 9th best show ESS and she was 4th best ESS bitch in this competition.  
Our big congratulations to Saija, Nappi and Nana!

FinJW-06 EstJW-07 EstW-07 Linmoor Your Majesty

9.12.2007 Two Finnish Winners-07!

We had a gorgeous day in Helsinki Winner show, where English springers (43) were judged by Kirsti Louhi and English setters (32) by Francisco Salvador Janeiro (Portugal).  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) went Best Bitch and BOS with her 35th CACIB and she also won the title Finnish Winner 2007. This was already Christa's 2nd Finnish Winner title and total 10th winner title! Thanks to Christa's breeder Marita Peuhkur for the help at show ground as well as to Sanna Norhio for handling Christa!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) made our day unforgettable in springer ring when she was Best Bitch and BOS with CC and CACIB and the title Finnish Winner 2007. We are extremely happy about this achievement, because the competition was very hiqh quality and Diva is still under 20 months old! Our big congratulations to Nappi and Nana for Diva's success!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was nicely 2nd Best Male with CC and resCACIB. Congratulations to Saija!  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) was nicely placed as 2nd in big junior class with quality prize 'excellent'. There was total 14 young springer bitches in this class. In same class Fanny's sister Domino (Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts) was placed nicely 3rd with quality prize 'excellent'.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was 4th in champion class bitches with quality prize 'excellent' and our breeder group went 2nd with HP from total three groups. In our group we had three 10 months old and one under 20 months old youngsters, so we are very pleased to the result :)

FINNISH WINNER 2007 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - BOB Jefferson De Los Tres Robles
Copyright: Jaana Heiskari

6.12.2007 We proudly introduce . . .

We proudly introduce you our new adorable and promising team member:  
Lady (Adamant's Perfect Feelin') (FinJV-06 EstJV-07 EstV-07 Linmoor Your Majesty - Adamant's Let'Em Talk)
Our big thanks to Lady's breeder Tarja Hovila for this charming and lovely puppy!

Lady 7 weeks old

6.12.2007 Terry CC BOS

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was best male winning one more CC on his credit.

28.11.2007 A-litter 4 years old

A-litter is celebrating today their 4th birthday. Congratulations to all A-puppies!

27.11.2007 Christa was invited :)

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was again invited to Champion of Champions gala in February. The 125 most successful dogs from all breeds in 2007 were invited :)

17.11.2007 Madde INT CH

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is now officially INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. We have received the confirmation and diploma from FCI. :)  
Also another news: Sanna has been selected to our breed club (Springer Spaniel Club) board again for another 3 years.

7.11.2007 Puppies are born!

G-litter was born today. This litter include 4 males and 5 females. Dam and puppies are feeling happy and healthy. The proud parents are Adamant's Lucky Strike "Zeta" (Ch.Mompesson Royal Destiny - Ch.Adamant's Summer Fantasy) and Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac (Ch.Whisborne Esquire - Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant).
We still have some male puppies for sale, contact us if interested: or +358 44 3634243

28.10.2007 BIG4,BOB,BOS,2xCACIB&CC!

We had a great day in Lahti International show under Elena Ruskovaara (breed) and Tiina Illukka (group).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was the "king" today by being Best Male with CC and CACIB. Terry went nicely also BOB and after absolutely remarkable way of showing in the big ring in very high quality competition he went also BIG-4! Lots of congratulations to family Kaleva for Terry's win!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) took the role of "queen" today by being Best Bitch and BOS with CC & CACIB. Lots of congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Here is all other results of our team:
Wildomar's Diverse Tails - EXC/1 BD-4 (intermediate class males)
Wildomar's Alpen Rose - EXC/1 BB-3 (champion class bitches)
Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - EXC/2 (junior class males)
Onnittelut omistajille!  
Our breeder's group was nicely BOB-breeder. Thanks to all dogs in group as well as thanks to handlers who helped us to show this group!

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Johanna Isola

FinJW-06 EstJW-07 EstW-07 Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Johanna Isola

27.10.2007 Christa BOS CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was today BOS with CACIB in Lahti international show.

26.10.2007 Our planned litter

We plan a litter from very high quality successful and healthy parents with lovely springer temperaments:
Adamant's Take Your Hopes - Int*&Fin&Est CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

24.10.2007 Puppies coming. . .

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) enjoying autumn in Teijo. . . And after two weeks she will prepare herself to be a "mom". We are very excited waiting our expected litter! :)

Copyright: Taija Kavén

21.10.2007 Elli in puppy show

Elli-Justiina (Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope) entered Lahti puppy show under Reia Leikola-Walden and result was nicely 1st in class with HP and finally 2nd Best Bitch puppy.

Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope
Copyright: Susanna Pohjola

20.10.2007 Diva BOS, Fanny BOB-puppy

We entered Seinäjoki international show where was 27 springers entered. Judge was Tarja Hovila.  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) finished her puppy class shows nicely being BOB-puppy.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) made our day perfect with being Best Bitch with CC and CACIB. Diva was finally also BOS. Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was 2nd in champion class and finally 3rd Best Male.  
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) gained result EXC/4 in intermediate class which was won by her sister. ;)

Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Wildomar's Double Mistake

Wildomar's Fading Memories

20.10.2007 Congratulations Madde 3 years!

Congratulations to our 3-years-old Madde! :)

17.10.2007 Terry is now father :)

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is now father to lovely newborn litter at kennel Adamant's. Congratulations to breeder as well as to "mom" Pamela (Adamant's Let'Em Talk)!
We are extremely excited to meet these lovely puppies :)

14.10.2007 McCloud BOB-junior

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) entered two shows this weekend. On Saturday he was in junior class and result was nicely BOB-junior. On Sunday he was competing in youngster class and won the class.

12.10.2007 Weeti pra cord1 NORMAL

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) is now pra cord1 dna-tested and result was FREE/NORMAL. :)

6.10.2007 Julia BIS2-progeny in club show!

We had a lovely day in Spaniel Club Annual Main show in Hyvinkää. Our big thanks to all entered Wildomar's bred and co-owned dogs with their owners who entered this show. :)
To this show was entered 22 puppies, 34 males and 51 females, which mean total 107 springers. Puppies were judged by Mrs Frances Jackson (kennel Mompesson, UK) and adults by Mr Bob Jackson (kennel Mompesson, UK).  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) went nicely 2nd in champion class from total 9 lovely and successful champion bitches. Julia got also very nice written critique: "A quality bitch in good condition. Feminine head. Nice neck & shoulders. Level topline. Well rounded quarters. Moved very soundly and happily."
Julia entered also progeny class and result was just fabulous BOB and BIS-2 progeny group!!! So our big thanks to Weeti, Diva, Dixi and Sissi for being there :)
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was nicely 2nd best male with res-CC. Terry's lovely written critique was: "Nicely balanced dog of nice size. Presented in good coat and firm condition. Nice turn of stifle, good depth of briskett masculine in head without being coarse. Moved well covering the ground easily." Congratulations to Saija!
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was the only junior bitch from 11 with quality prize 'excellent' and went also nicely 3rd best bitch. This was first Wildomar's bred dog placed in Best Female/Male classes in our Club Show (main show) and we are of course extremely happy for it as in this show we always see the high quality and hard competition. And Diva got a lovely written critique just as her mother too: "A quality bitch of nice size. Presented in good coat and firm condition. Good reach of neck, good depth of brisket, well shaped guarters. Moves soundly fore and aft. Good extension in front."
Congratulations to Nappi and Nana!
Our breeders group was 2nd with HP. Thanks to all who entered our group!
Here is some other nice results our team gained:
1st with HP - Wildomar's Fiction Oh No (male puppies 7-9 months)
1st with HP - Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts (female puppies 7-9 months)
2nd with HP - Wildomar's Field Of Dreams (female puppies 7-9 months)
3. HP - Wildomar's Fading Memories (female puppies 7-9 months)
EXC/3 (from 17 bitches!) - Wildomar's Beautifu Piece (open females)
EXC/3 - Adamant's Royal Stories (champion females)

BOB & BIS-2 progeny - Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
(in photo Julia, Weeti, Diva, Dixi and Sissi)
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

2nd Best Male with res-CC - Linmoor Your Majesty

3rd Best Bitch - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N'Deny

4.10.2007 Eevi pra cord1 FREE

Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) is now DNA-tested and found to be FREE (normal, not carrier) from PRA cord1 mutation.

2.10.2007 Puppies EXPECTED

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) is today found to be definitely in whelp and we expect our G-litter to be born in November :)

2.10.2007 Eevi has healthy hips

Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) was hip x-rayed in September and today we got information from Kennel Club she has healthy B-hips :)

30.9.2007 Etta 2nd prize tracking

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) gained today 2nd prize winner class in tracking test, congratulations!

29.9.2007 One week to main show

One week to Spaniel Club annual main show. We are very excited as this has been already a long time our highlight of the show year. Just unfortunately this might be the last time springers may enter this show as Spaniel Club is not our breed club anymore. Well we must now only hope that Springer Club show will meet the expectations and become our annual highlight :)

Wallu 8 months - ready for show :)

25.9.2007 Jekku is INT CH!

Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) got the confirmation from FCI and he is now officially INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

19.9.2007 Health result

Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) is now officially eye-checked and her eyes were found healthy from hereditary diseases.

16.9.2007 Diva res-CC

Results from Hyvinkää group show:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - 2nd Best Bitch with resCC  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) -3rd Best Bitch

15.9.2007 Wallu BOB-puppy

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) was nicely BOB-puppy in Helsinki puppy show under Kirsi Nieminen (Finland).  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) got in same show result 1st in class with prize of honour.

ROP Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - VSP Walnut Amazing Angel

10.9.2007 Jekku has healthy eyes

Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) went today to official eye check at 5 years of age and veterinarian Tuomas Illukka found his eyes totally healthy :)

9.9.2007 Ato 3rd prize obedience

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) got today in obedience 3rd prize in beginner class with 128 points.

8.9.2007 Vilma is mated

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) is mated . . . More information coming to puppy page soon!

8.9.2007 Porvoo results

News from Porvoo show:  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) - BOS-puppy  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) - 2nd Best Bitch  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - 3rd Best Bitch with res-CC

8.9.2007 Kevin is now FIN CH!!!

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was the one who caused us maybe the biggest joy today by winning the last needed CC (if counted right it was his 9th CC from Finland) when he went 2nd Best Male and now he is also FINNISH CHAMPION. We send our biggest congratulations to his 'mom' Satu!!  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) took the female CC and placed nicely as 2nd Best Female. Congratulations to Tuija!  
The rest of the results for our team were:
Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) - junior EXC/1
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) - open EXC/2
Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty) - open EXC/4  
So the results of our springer team were very nice and our breeder group went also BOB-breeder.  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was in same show and she won already her 40th BOB!!!

NEW FIN CH - Wildomar's Bland Esquire

BB2 CC - Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac

In best male and BOB competition Sanna handled Ch.Adamant's Golden Boy

Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal was already 40th time BOB!

4.9.2007 Congratulations E-litter!

E-litter is today one-year-old. Big congratulations to E-team for their birthday!

1.9.2007 Wallu BOB-puppy

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) was BOB-puppy in Vantaa all breed show, congratulations!  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) did her comeback to the rings after motherhood duties and went 4th Best Bitch.  
Nuppu (Wildomar's Cal Mi Violet) entered this show as a junior handler dog and her talented young handler placed nicely with Nuppu on Saturday as 3rd and on Sunday as 2nd. Congratulations!

26.8.2007 Etta 1st prize winner class !!!

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) entered first time winner class in tracking test and she got directly 1st prize with 45 points! This was her 3rd tracking test and 3rd first prize, absolutely wonderful job! Congratulations to Tuija Sällylä!  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) gained in same test in Virttaa 3rd prize with 29 points from winner class, congratulations!

26.8.2007 Terry CC CACIB BOB!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was nicely Best Male and BOB with CACIB and his 10th CC in Tervakoski international show under Harri Lehkonen. We are extremely happy because there was high quality competition in this show.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was 3rd Best Female with res-CC in this same show.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was in working class and gained result EXC/1.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) had enjoyed the summer and delicious grilled sausages. . . And he got result VG/1 from open class. So it is time for a little diet ;)

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Adamant's Let Me See
Copyright: Susanna Pohjola

CC CACIB BOB Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Susanna Pohjola

Wildomar's Bland Esquire

25.8.2007 Wallu BOB-puppy, Weeti CC

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) went BOB-puppy in Väimela all breed show in Estonia.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was 2nd Best Male with CC in same show. Congratulations to Marja and Harri!

25.8.2007 Christa BOB & CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was Best Bitch and BOB in Tervakoski international show with CACIB. Judge was Harri Lehkonen (Finland).  
Christa's beautiful and promising daughter - Sira, Blue Baltic's Coral Heart - went 2nd best bitch right after her mom with her 4th CC from her 4th official show. Congratulations to family Peuhkuri!

19.8.2007 Diva BOB CC CACIB BIG-4!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered Tallinn Estonia international show and gained a lovely result being Best Bitch and BOB with her 5th CC and first CACIB and in group she went also BIG-4.
Congratulations to Nappi and Nana for this great result for a young girl!

BIG-4 Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Johanna Isola

BOS Bimbik's Babar - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Johanna Isola

19.8.2007 Sanna's birthday

"I have a birthday today. Yesterday we had an unforgettable party together with our friends. Thanks to all who sent their greetings to me on this special day :)"
- Sanna -

18.8.2007 Albert passed working test

Albert (Adamant's Royal Heritage) (son of Ch.Melverly Violetta "Emma") passed today the spaniel working ability test. Congratulations!

18.8.2007 Leevi BD-3

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) went BD-3 in Vesilahti. Judge was Susie Svoldgaard (Denmark). Congratulations!

18.8.2007 Madde is now FIN CH!

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered Kouvola all breed show under Paula Rekiranta (Finland). Madde went nicely Best Bitch and BOS with last needed CC from Finland and now she is also FINNISH CHAMPION.
Big thanks to Madde's breeder and co-owner Tarja Hovila for taking our girl with to this show :)

BOB Adamant's Take Your Hopes - BOS Adamant's Royal Stories
Copyright: Suvi Lindholm

15.8.2007 Sanna was in Canada . . .

Sanna travelled this month to Canada and spent there an unforgettable week together with our friends David Swank and Scott Lenz! We will update our homepage with photos and story as soon as possible!

15.8.2007 Diva BIS-2 (match)

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was today BIS-2 in match show in Helsinki. Congratulations!

12.8.2007 Unna in match show

Unna (Wildomar's Field Of Dreams) won today blue puppies class in Forssa match show, congratulations!

Copyright: Petri & Jenni Mäki

12.8.2007 Wilma BOB

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) went nicely BOB in Riihimäki group show. Breed (15 ess) was judged by Paul Stanton from Sweden.

BOB Wildomar's Alpen Rose - BOS Bogaloo's Take Over Now
Copyright: Mia Humell

12.8.2007 BIS-breeder & BOB/BOS puppies

We entered Helsinki all breed puppy show, where about 360 puppies entered (10 springers). Breed was judged by Raisa Savander (Finland).  
Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) - 1st with HP, BOB and BIG-2 puppy  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) - 1st with HP, BOS-puppy  
Eetu (Wildomar's FeastForTheEye) - 2nd with HP  
Also Domino (W. Flyin' Thoughts) and Elli-Justiina (W. Flicker Of Hope) entered the show but they were not this time placed in their class.  
Our breeders group included four even puppies and it went nicely as BEST IN SHOW breeder group. Thanks to you all who were in this show today!

BOB Wildomar's Fading Memories - BOS Wildomar's Fiction Oh No

BIG-2 - Wildomar's Fading Memories
Copyright: Katariina Isola

BIS-1 breeder - Kennel Wildomar's
Copyright: Johanna Isoviita

11.8.2007 Madde is now CHAMPION!

We entered the spaniel working ability test in Oitti where our dogs were judged by Riitta Vilkman (Finland).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) passed the test as expected and gained the titles: Int* & Est & Ltu CH (still need FCI confirmation for the international champion title). So we have again reason to celebrate a new champion! We want to tell our big thanks to Madde's breeder Tarja Hovila for this lovely springer girl :)  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) also passed the test and now she start to wait for her season and hopefully also then her first litter.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was the third dog from our team entered the test and she also passed it :)

Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac "Vilma"

Seems Diva and Nappi did a good job in the woods ;)

Judges telling the results

11.8.2007 Dixi BOB CC

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) entered Rovaniemi group speciality and went nicely as BOB with his first CC. There was 15 springers entered and judge was Arja Koskelo (Finland). Our congratulations to family Ruonala for this great result for the young boy!

5.8.2007 Wallu BOS-puppy

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) made his debute in the show rings in Helsinki puppy show and went best male puppy as well as BOS-puppy. Judge was Rune Fagerström (Finland). Wallu was handled by Nappi Isola. Congratulations!

Copyright: Susanna Pohjola

4.8.2007 Weeti BD2 CC

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) entered Turku all breed show and went nicely 2nd Best Dog with his first CC. Handler was Tiina Huppunen. Judge was Antonio di Lorenzo (Italy). Congratulations to Weeti's owners Marja and Harri!

4.8.2007 Cooper is CAN CH!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) gained his Canadian Champion title today (Can CH) in Calgary Alberta all breed show, where springers were judged by breed specialist Marie Merchant (kennel Clanach, Australia). Cooper was in this show Winners Dog, Best Of Winners and finally also BOS. Handler was breeder and co-owner Sanna Kavén.

Cooper with judge Marie Merchant and David, Sanna and Scott

30.7.2007 Sanna on holidays until 7th August

Sanna is abroad on holidays from 31st July to 7th August. Emails will be read if there is a chance for it. SMS will find to Sanna's mobile, but we not recommend to call during the time (if there is something important, send SMS).

29.7.2007 Cooper BOS and BOB in Canada

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) entered shows during the weekend in Canada and he went on Saturday Best of Winners and BOS and on Sunday Best of Winners and BOB. On both days Cooper gained more points and now he has 7 points for tha Canadian Champion title. Congratulations!

28.7.2007 Weeti won resCC

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) won res-CC in Vantaa all breed show and he was also 3rd Best Male.

28.7.2007 Wilma is now FIN CH!

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered Puumala group show under Elena Ruskovaara and result was very nice: Best Bitch, CC and BOB and this means we may now celebrate a new Finnish Champion!.
Huge congratulations to Wilma's owners Johanna and Katariina Isola! You have done great job with Wilma and we are extremely proud of you!

Copyright: Reeta Hukka

Copyright: Katariina Isola

24.7.2007 Cooper photo

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) in the show where he gained the AM CH title. Thanks to David Swank and Scott Lenz for this photo.  
And soon we will finally meet again . . .

AMCH UKCCH UCIBC JA Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye
Copyright: David Swank

Sanna and Cooper on day when he left to USA.
And only after a week we may take a new photo,
but this time in Canada.
(P.S. Sanna just not promise to hold him like this anymore ;) )

22.7.2007 BIG4, BOB, BOS, 2xCC, RESCC!

We had a great day in Hyvinkää all breed show where breed was judged by Cindy Pettersson from Sweden and group judge was Soile Bister from Finland.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) continued his winning way and he was Best Male with CC. He went also BOB and after superb way of showing in group finals he ended as BIG-4. Congratulations!  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) was Best Bitch & BOS with her first CC, congratulations!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was 2nd Best Bitch with res-CC.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) won the junior class and ended as BB-3.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was BB-4.

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac
Copyright: Katariina Isola

BOB BIG-4 Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Virpi Lakso

21.7.2007 Wildomar's Day

We spent again a wonderful Wildomar's Day together with Wildomar's bred dogs and their owners. Thanks to all participants!
"Wildomar's Show" was arranged the very first time and judge was Maritta Pomppu (kennel Bokstaff, boxers). Results:
BD1 BIS - Linmoor Your Majesty "Terry"
BD2 - Wildomar's Bay Of Gold "Luka"
BB1 BIS2 - Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac "Etta"
BB2 - Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"
BB3 - Wildomar's Alpen Rose "Wilma"
BB4 - Melverly Violetta "Emma"
The quiz was won by Wilma's and Diva's "mom" Nappi :)
We could enjoy and see Wilma's and Diva's agility skills and Wilma also showed us how well she play football. Those who wanted could try some agility with their dogs too.
We also rewarded the most successful Wildomar's bred dogs from last year:
Best Show Merits 2006: Wildomar's Count My Spots "Carlo"
Best Working Merits 2006: Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac "Etta"
New champions: CH Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye "Cooper"
We also had a chance to hear some tips for tracking as hobby and for preparing the dog and the owner for tracking test. Thanks to Tuija Sällylä :)

Wildomar's Show: BIS-1 Terry and BIS-2 Etta (judge Maritta Pomppu)

Diva showed her skills in agility

Wilma has amazing skills in football!

Participants - thanks to you all!

21.7.2007 Anet CC, Eevi BOB-junior!

Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) entered Haapsalu show in Estonia and ended nicely as 2nd Best Bitch with Estonian CC.  
Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) made her debute in junior classes in same show and was nicely 4th Best Bitch and BOB-junior with junior-CC.  
Our big congratulations to owner of these two girls Henna Renholm for the great results!

Eevi and Anet with their owner Henna
Copyright: Henna Renholm

20.7.2007 DNA-result

We got news from South Africa:  
McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) - GPRA cord1 mutation clear (normal)

20.7.2007 Photos from our holidays

We had a nice holidays with our family and here is some photos to share with you :)

The new international champion enjoying summer and BALL of course

Roni jumping in JukuJukuMaa amusement park in Kalajoki

Kids having fun on the beach

Long beach in Kalajoki

Roni in Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere

15.7.2007 BIG-3, BOB, BOS, 2xCACIB. . .

Wonderful success in Kokkola INT show where springers were judged by Bertil Lundgren (Sweden) and FCI group 8 by Claudio di Giuliani (Italy).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was showing most lovely way and ended as Best Dog with CC and CACIB when 16 months old, but he also went BOB! In high quality group final he still continued his success by being BIG-3. Congratulations!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was taken with to our trip to keep company and to enjoy the show atmosphere as well as some holidays, but she truly decided to give the best possible "holiday gift" to her mom. . . Julia ended as Best Bitch with CACIB and this means she needs only FCI's confirmation now for the International Champion title!!!!
Thousands of thanks to Julia's breeder Monica Dreijer for this lovely dog! And thanks also to Kirsi Heiskari-Leppänen for handling Julia in BOB competition :)
Here is still Julia's written evaluation translated: "Elegant champion bitch. Well defined head. Excellent muzzle. Beautiful neck. Well angulated. Well bodied. Magnificent topline. Moves with lovely gait. Good bone and coat."

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

Int*&Fin&Est CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
(IntCh title needs still FCI's confirmation)

15.7.2007 Ato 1st prize tracking

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered a tracking test in Köyliö and gained 1st prize open class with 49 points (50 is the maximum!). This means he will from now on compete in winner class tracking. Congratulations!

14.7.2007 BOS, 2xCC in Orivesi

We entered Orivesi all breed show where springers were judged by Kirsi Nieminen (Finland).  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was nicely Best Bitch and ended as BOS. Julia's written critique: "Bitch of excellent type and beautiful lines. Beautiful and attractive head. Excellent neck and body. Strong bone. Excellent thigh and good low hock. Moves with good long step. Handled well."  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was right after Julia 2nd Best Bitch with her second CC and this means she need only one more certificate to finish her title. Congratulations!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was with her "bikinis" BB-4.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was 2nd Best Dog with CC, congratulations!

BOB Ch.Adamant's Golden Boy - BOS Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

12.7.2007 Robi has own homepage

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) has now his own homepage at:

11.7.2007 Breeding advisor course

Sanna entered in spring a breeding advisor course arranged by Finnish Kennel Club and the results from the final exam were received today: Sanna passed the exam with excellent points. There was over a 100 people in this course from which 80% passed the final exam (and 15% did it with excellent points).

10.7.2007 DNA-result

We have today received teh following GPRA cord1 mutation DNA-test result.  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) - carrier (will not get diagnose of the disease caused by this mutation)

9.7.2007 DNA-results

We have today received the following DNA-test results concerning GPRA cord1 mutation. These results mean none of the following dogs will get diagnose of the disease caused by this mutation :)  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) - carrier  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) - carrier  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - clear  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - carrier  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) - clear

7.7.2007 Terry's sire is now SU(u)CH

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is proud from his father who finished his Swedish Show Champion title last weekend and is now officially SU(u)CH Alanea Landcruiser. Our congratulations to kennel Westaway for the new champion!

7.7.2007 Christa BOB, CACIB, BIG-3!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered Juva international show under Javier Sanchez Fernandez. Christa went nicely Best Bitch with her 32nd CACIB and 38th BOB-win as well as 20th group placement as she ended as BIG-3.  
Sanna had an honour to handle also little Sira, Christa's beautiful and promising daughter Blue Baltic's Coral Heart. Sira was performing nicely and judge placed her right after her mother as 2nd best bitch with CC. Congratulations to family Peuhkuri!  
Christa's dam Lola (Ch. Tuliketun Utu-Keiju) was BOB-veteran when almost 11 years old and Christa's brother Lenny (Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger) went best male and BOS with CACIB. Congratulations!

BOB Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal - BOS Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger
Christa was handled by Sanna Vartiainen.

CC-winner Blue Baltic's Coral Heart (Christa's daughter)

BOB-VET Ch.Tuliketun Utu-Keiju (Christa's dam)

6.7.2007 Diva was MH mental described

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was meltal described (MH) today in Hauho :)

5.7.2007 Sira 9,5 months

We have received a photo from Christa's lovely daughter :)  
Sira (Blue Baltic's Coral Heart) - 9,5 months old

Blue Baltic's Coral Heart
Copyright: Marita Peuhkuri

4.7.2007 Fara&Fanny BIS-brace (match)

We entered a match show in Somero with four F-puppies. Puppies and BIS-brace was judged by Minna Filppu. All four sisters Fanny (W. Fading Memories), Fara (W. FatalAttraction), Domino (W. Flyin' Thoughts) and Unna (W. Field Of Dreams) won their braces (red ribbon). At the end of the day Fanny and Fara entered also the brace competition and as also judge said these "twins" ended as BEST IN SHOW-brace!

Our evening was full of energy with these sisters. Thanks to all entered for nice company at Haukkukallio Somero! :)

Fanny, Domino, Fara & Unna

4.7.2007 CACIB confirmation

Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) has got confirmation from FCI that the res-CACIB he won in Lithuania in March will be turned as CACIB. This means we may start filling the championship application for INT CH title! Congratulations to Jekku's owners!

1.7.2007 Christa BOS + CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was Best Bitch and BOS with her 31st CACIB in Karjaa international show. This was Christa's 8th BOS placement. Thanks for handling to Senja Mäkinen (Foogel).
Christa's brother 'Lenny' went BOB, congratulations!
Christa's beautiful daughter Blue Baltic's Coral Heart "Sira" made her debute in official classes and went 3rd best bitch with her first CC, congratulations!

BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger - BOS Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

30.6.2007 Christa BOB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was BOB in Tuusula all breed show. This was Christa's BOB #37. :) Thanks to Molli Nyman (Texforrier) for handling her to this win. :)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was BD-3 with res-CC in same show.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was also in the ring with nice result BB-3 + res-CC.

27.6.2007 Whoopie's health results

Whoopie (Wildomar's Deep Silence) has got some new official health results:
Hips B2 (healthy)
Eyes ok 5/2007
PFK DNA-test clear (normal, not carrier)

27.6.2007 Cooper & Charlie

We have got some nice photos from dad and son in USA. Thanks a lot to David Swank for sending the photos!

AMCH UKCCH UCIBC JA Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye
Handled by Robin Novack
Copyright: David Swank

"Charlie" sired by Ch.Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye
Copyright: David Swank

24.6.2007 Sire of B-litter is now Nord CH!

B-litter send their congratulations to Sweden to their sire, who gained today two more champion titles: Norwegian Champion and Nordic Champion! So now he is officially:
Nord&S(u)&Dk&N&Am CH Lux JCH Whisborne Esquire

24.6.2007 Cooper BOB in Canada

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) entered his first Canadian show in Rockton and he went nicely BOB with 3 ponts for the Can CH title. Judge was Mrs Virginia Lyne (Canada). Once again congratulations to David and Scott!

24.6.2007 Fanny ~5 months

Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) is soon 5 months old :)

Wildomar's Fading Memories "Fanny"

24.6.2007 Leevi's debute: BD-4

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) did his debute in junior classes and nicely won his class and ended nicely as 4th best male in Rovaniemi international show under Hans v.d. Berg from Netherlands. Congratulations!  
Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) placed in same show as 2nd in junior class with quality prize 'excellent'.

22.6.2007 Health news

We have received some nice news considering DNA-tests. For English springer spaniels there is a DNA-test for testing if the dog is normal, carrier or affected of cord1 mutation causing one type of PRA (eye disease).
We were happy to hear:  
E-litter cannot be affected of this type of PRA as their father Ch.Mompesson Blinking Hell "Frank" has been found to be normal (not carrier) of this mutation.  
F-litter also cannot be affected of this type of PRA as their father Adamant's Wind Of Change "Arvo" has also been found to be normal (not carrier) of this mutation.

18.6.2007 Wilma got 0-result in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) got again 0-result in agility (2 seconds under the ideal time) and placed nicely 4/24. Congratulations!

17.6.2007 Cooper is now AM CH (AKC) ! ! !

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) filled all our expectations and hopes! We breeders are extremely happy and proud to tell you that Cooper is now AM CH (American Kennel Club Champion)! As far as we know Cooper is the first Finnish bred English springer spaniel gaining this title and 3rd Scandinavian bred springer with AmCh title (the last one who won the title was our B-litter's sire Ch.Whisborne Esquire). :)

Our special congratulations and thanks go of course to Cooper's owners David Swank and Scott Lenz (Mariposa ESS), who have done a fantastic job with Cooper.

17.6.2007 Wilma 1st prize in tracking test!

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered her first tracking test ever and the result was fantastic: 1st prize open class with 41 points! Congratulations!

17.6.2007 Terry BOS CC

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was BD-1 and BOS with CC under Annaliisa Heikkinen in Hämeenlinna all breed show.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was in same show and ended BD-3.

FinJW-06 EstJW-07 EstW-07 Linmoor Your Majesty

FinJW-06 EstJW-07 EstW-07 Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

13.6.2007 Robi has A-hips and 0-elbows

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) got his official health scores: HD A (best possible) and elbows 0-0 (best possible). :)

10.6.2007 CC, resCC, BOB-breeder

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) won CC in Vehmaa show and ended BD-2, congratulations!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) won res-CC in same show and ended as BD-4, congratulations!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was BB-3.  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) ended as BB-4.  
Our breeder group ended as BOB-breeder.

9.6.2007 Cooper won 3 more majors!

We received some super news from USA again!  
Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) won another 3 pt major at Skyline Kennel Club show under Mr. Ed E. Bivin. He has now completed all major requirements and needs 2 points to complete his AKC Championship.
Huge congratulations (and big thanks for the good work) to Cooper's owners Mr David Swank & Mr Scott Lenz, Mariposa springers!

9.6.2007 Diva won CC

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) won today her 4th CC in Vehmaa being also BB-2. The winner bitch was a very beautiful and successful springer :) Congratulations to Diva's co-owners!

3.6.2007 Whoopie - breeding certificate

Whoopie (Wildomar's Deep Silence) got today her breeding certificate in Germany.

3.6.2007 Three new winner titles!

We had a nice day in Estonian Winner show in Tallinn, where springers were judged by well known Peter Beyersdorf from Germany.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) went nicely 2nd best bitch with her third Estonian CC and also res-CACIB, which will be confirmed as CACIB. This means we will start planning for the working test to finish her the titles Int&Ltu&Est CH :)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was 3rd best bitch right after Madde and Diva also won the junior class and gained jun-CC as well as title EstJW-07. Diva went also BOB-junior and she is now qualified to Crufts 2008. Congratulations!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) won the male junior class and got jun-CC as well as title EstJW-07. In best junior competition Terry seemed to be more interested from his charming friend (Diva) and this way Diva went and won him and Terry ended as BOS-junior. Terry was anyway nicely Best Male and he performed lovely way in BOB competition and ended at last as BOB. Terry gained from this show the Crufts 2008 qualification as well as title EstW-07.

Junior Winners: Linmoor Your Majesty & Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Winners: Linmoor Your Majesty & Estrellest Riinu-Ly-Panda

3.6.2007 Congratulations to Dusty!

Dusty (Adamant's Stardust) is today 8 years old. Time goes so fast, it feels like she just moved into our house ;) Congratulations to our veteran lady Dusty!

3.6.2007 McCloud BOB & BOB-junior!

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) was nicely BOB-junior as well as BOB in FCI show in South Africa under Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal. Congratulations!

BOB & BOB-jun Wildomar's Dictatorship
Copyright: Irma Bense

2.6.2007 Christa BOB + EstW-07

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered "Estonian Winner 2007" show in Tallinn where she went again Best bitch as well as BOB with already her 30th CACIB and already her 12th title EstW-07. Christa is now also Crufts 2008 qualified. Judge was Mrs. Tiina Illukka (Finland).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered on same day spaniel speciality show, where he was placed 2nd in junior class but finally in best male competition he was placed higher than BOB-junior. ;)

BOB + ESTW-07 Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

27.5.2007 Karkku speciality show

We entered Karkku special show, where breed was judged by Pam Wadsworth (UK).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was nicely BB-2 with res-CC from total 39 entered bitches.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) ended his junior classes in Finland with style again by winning the class and he went this time also BD-3 with res-CC from total 30 entered males. We think he also was the only one in breed who got ticket to both "best head" and "best movement" competitions. :)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) placed nicely 2nd in big female junior class (14 entries) with quality prize "excellent" and she also got the ticket to "best movement" competition.  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) won nicely the Best Head competition :)  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) celebrated her 6th birthday by winning the working class bitches with quality prize 'excellent'.
Our breeder group went 2nd best in breed with HP as well as the progeny group of Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) went 2nd best in breed with HP.
Ticket to Best head -competition was gained by Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) and Etta (W. Ciss Mi Lilac). In Best Movement-competition from our team was seen Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty), Diva (W.Dig Dub'N' Deny) and Wilma (W.Alpen Rose).

Big thanks to all entered Wildomar's dogs and their owners as well as thanks to Ms Katri Merinen and Mr Antti Hokkanen for handling help :)


BD3 & res-CC Linmoor Your Majesty

Diva and Väiski entered the brace compeititon

BEST HEAD - Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac

27.5.2007 Congratulations Julia!

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is today 6 years old. Unbelievable it is already this long time since our "clown" was born . . . Congratulations to Julia! :)

Julia celebrated her birthday in Karkku show :)

26.5.2007 Christa BOB and BIG-3!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) went BB-1 BOB and BIG-3 in Parainen all breed show where breed was judged by Leni Nousiainen (Finland) and group judge was Harri Lehkonen (Finland).

BIG-3 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Heidi Nemlander

20.5.2007 McCloud BIG3-junior

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) continued his nice show weekend in South Africa and went nicely BOB-junior and also BIG3-junior with res-CC under Mr Guy Spagnolo (Australia). Congratulations!

20.5.2007 Christa BOB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was Best Bitch & BOB in Rauma all breed show under Bob Whitney from Canada.

20.5.2007 Wilma res-CC

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) won the working class bitches in Helsinkin international show and ended as BB-4 with res-CC under Kari Haave (Sweden). Congratulations!  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) was in same show and ended as BD-4, congratulations!

19.5.2007 Fara moved

Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) moved today to Salo. It will be a pleasure to follow how she develop. Congratulations to Kaleva family for their new family member!

19.5.2007 McCloud won CC!

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) won today his first CC when he went Best Male in South Africa ((Tsabe Tshwana, Centurion) under Mr D Wilmshurst (United Kingdom). Congratulations!

18.5.2007 Fanny - 3,5 months

Fanny (Wildomar's Fading Memories) is growing fast and she is full of speed . . . And beauty . . . :)

17.5.2007 2x 1st prize tracking test

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) entered her 2nd tracking test ever and immediately gained her second 1st prize from open class (45p), congratulations!  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was in same test and gained also 1st prize open class (43p). Congratulations!

Ato & Etta after they both gained 1st prize tracking!
Copyright: Tiina Huppunen

16.5.2007 Health check

Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) is now eye-checked and her eyes are healthy (no signs from rd/hc/pra). :)

13.5.2007 Wilma BB-4

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was 4th best bitch in Hamina all breed show, congratulations!

13.5.2007 Christa is Swedish Winner-07!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) had a successful day again today when she went Best Bitch & BOB with already her 29th CACIB in Österbybruk international show and this means she is now also Swedish Winner 2007 and this was already her 8th winner title and 11th title total. Judge was Mrs. Lee James Hellen (USA).

13.5.2007 Cooper is now UKC CH!!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) gained today UKC CH title (United Kennel Club Champion) when he went Best Dog in Michigan United States under Beth Snedegar (USA). Once again we send our biggest congratulations to his owners David Swank and Scott Lenz (Mariposa springers)!

12.5.2007 BOB, BIG-4, CC, BOB&BOS-puppy

We received some wonderful news from Oulu all breed show!  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) had a wonderful day and she went Best Bitch with her 2nd CC and ended as BOB but also BIG-4!!! Judge was Marie-Luise Doppelreiter from Austria.  
Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) was in same show and ended again BOB-puppy.  
Nero (Wildomar's Enigmatic Flame) entered his first show and was nicely BOS-puppy.  
Big congratulations to these dogs bred by us and to their owners too!!! And huge thanks to Katri Merinen for handling Eevi and Anet so well.

Eevi & Anet with their prizes
Copyright: Henna Renholm

Eevi together with her handler Katri
Copyright: Katri Merinen

BOS Rindi's Pablo Picasso - BOB Wildomar's Addicted To You
Copyright: Pirjo Kumpumäki

12.5.2007 Wilma got 0-result in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained today 0-result in agility and placed nicely 2nd. Congratulations to her owners!

12.5.2007 Terry won CC in Swedish Winner show!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did great job in the ring again and won the junior class males in Swedish Winner 2007 international show!!!! There was 12 dogs entered in this class and it was a hard competition. Junior males were judged by Mr. Fredrik Norgren (Sweden). But Terry thought this was not enough and took still the CC!! CC was rewared by Mrs. Agneta Cardell (Sweden). This was a fabulous day to us and we are very proud of our young boy doing this well in competition full of quality dogs!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) placed nicely 3rd in open class bitches with CK (cc quality). There was 12 bitches entered in this class.

Linmoor Your Majesty "Terry"

1. Linmoor Your Majesty, 2. Barecho He's Got It All, 3. High Score Rumours-All-Around

11.5.2007 Congratulations to B-litter

B-litter is today 3-years-old, so congratulations to our B-team Robi, Kevin, Luka, Sissi, Vilma, Alma and Siiri!

11.5.2007 Mental test result correction

We have received a letter with information that Christa's (Ch. Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) mental test points had been counted wrong and correct points are 112 (not 102 as was written to her result paper). :)

7.5.2007 Hip x-ray results

We have got official hip x-ray results from our Kennel Club:  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - hips B/A (healthy)  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - hips B/B (healthy)

6.5.2007 Diva BOS and CC!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was best bitch and BOS with her third CC in Elimäki group speciality. Judge was Marjo Jaakkola. Congratulations!

Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny
Copyright: Katariina Isola

6.5.2007 Terry BOS and CC!

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was BOS with CC in Somero group show under Paula Rekiranta. Congratulations!

BOS Linmoor Your Majesty - BOB Adamant's Let Me See

6.5.2007 Eevi BOB-puppy

Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) did her debute in the rings and went BOB-puppy in Oulainen group show under Markku Santamäki. Congratulations!

Wildomar's Elfin Stories
Copyright: Henna Renholm

5.5.2007 Puppies in autumn 2007!

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) is planned to mate from her next season. She is a springer lady with super lovely kind temperament. Her sister Sissi (W. Beautiful Piece) whelped our promising F-litter in January.
Vilma has B-hips and eyes healthy (12/06). And she is all way healthy dog.
Male is still on the thinking level. . .

1.5.2007 Terry ready for showtime

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) is ready for his comeback to the rings after a little holidays!

FinJW-06 Linmoor Your Majesty - 14 months

29.4.2007 Cooper got more points!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) entered two shows this weekend. On Sunday he got result "Reserve Winners Dog", but on Saturday he was nicely "Winners Dog" and finally also BOS. So Cooper won again more points for the American Kennel Club champion title. Judge was Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath and Cooper was handled by his owner Mr.David Swank.

Cooper has collected now total 10 points and one major. These all he has won after November 2006 and he had his 2nd birthday on Friday. If we have understood it right he need only two points and one 3pt major to finish the ACK champion title (AM CH)!

29.4.2007 Christa BOB and BIG-2 (INT) !!!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) did it AGAIN and she was 3rd time in row BOB with CACIB in Lahti international show and also in this show she placed 3rd time in row in group which was this time BIG-2!!! Judge for breed was Mr.Jef Verrees (Belgium) and group was judged by Mrs.Elisa Koivunen (Suomi).

BOB and BIG-2 - Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Mika Kuusela

28.4.2007 Adamant's Royal Stories

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) - 2,5 years old... And her "mom" is very PROUD ;)

Today judge Silke Varneke (Germany) said about her:
"Excellent type. Brilliant head & expression. Very feminine and developed bitch. Correct in every case of the body. Very good show condition. Very well presented. Moved well with very good front movement."

27.4.2007 Congratulations to our C-litter!

C-litter have today their 2nd birthday, congratulations to all C-"puppies"!

Gina enjoying her cake
Copyright: Helena Turunen

26.4.2007 Ato's eyes clear

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was today in officia eye-check and his eyes are healthy (clear from PRA/HC/RD).

22.4.2007 Congratulations Emma!

Emma (Melverly Violetta) is today 6-years-old. Big congratulations to our English lady!

22.4.2007 New team member

Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) has joined our team! This boy is living in Helsinki with Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails). We are excited to see what future brings with to this beautiful boy!

Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - 12 weeks old

Wildomar's Fiction Oh No - 12 weeks old

21.4.2007 Tracking training

We entered tracking training arranged by Springer Club in Paimio. We had with:
Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde"
Wildomar's Beautiful Piece "Sissi"
Wildomar's Classy Violetta "Viola"
Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti"
Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva"

Thanks to all our team members for coming to this training. :)

21.4.2007 Congratulations Christa!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is today celebrating her 4th birthday :) Congratulations to our queen Christa and of course to her litter sister and brothers on their birthday! :)

19.4.2007 Cooper BOB!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) was BEST OF BREED in Terre Heute, Indiana (USA)! The judge was Mr Eric Soti from Australia, who has owned springers himself too. :) We tell you more as soon as we get further information from this show!

16.4.2007 Health results

Two of our D-puppies were in official health check today. Both were x-rayed and eye-checked. We will still have to wait for the official hip grading from Finnish Kennel Club.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) - eyes clear (PRA/HC/RD)  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) - eyes clear (PRA/HC/RD)

15.4.2007 Diva BOS and CC!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was in Sipoo group show nicely best bitch with CC and this time she ended as BOS.Judge was Markku Santamäki and there was 19 springers entered.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) won the working class bitches and ended as BB-3.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was 2nd in open class and ended as BD-2 with res-CC.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) got result vg/1 ;)

BOB Nobhill All The Way - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

JCH Wildomar's Bland Esquire

14.4.2007 Congratulations to D-puppies!

D-litter is today a year old! Big congratulations to this happy and speedy D-gang on their birthday!

Diva with her birthday cake :)
Copyright: Katariina Isola

14.4.2007 Christa 112p in mental test

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was today in mental test and got result of 112 points. We were very satisfied to see her reactions to those different situations.

14.4.2007 Cooper got 4 major AKC points!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) gained last Sunday 8th April four major points of American Kennel Club and he is a big step more near to his Am Ch title!
Huge congratulations to David Swank and Scott Lenz for Cooper's success! And thanks for taking such a good care of Cooper. We are very grateful and happy Cooper's life is full of love and care and sure he has got the best possible home!

Copyright: David Swank

9.4.2007 Ruu BB2 with resCC

Ruu (Wildomar's Celestial View) was BB-2 with res-CC in Ruovesi group show under breed specialist judge Tarja Hovila.

9.4.2007 Diva BOB & BIG-2!!! Christa BOB!!

We entered Lappeenranta all breed show where judges were for english springers Johan Juslin (Finland), english setters Leni Nousiainen (Finland) and for FCI group 8 Annukka Paloheimo (Finland):  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was our brightest star today! Junior bitch under a year old went Best Bitch with CC and ended as BOB. In group final Diva was still showing her best and she ended as BIG-2 when only the BIS-winner beated her! Here is Diva's super lovely written critique from Johan Juslin:
Very balanced individual. This bitch is the truth of the breed standard. Coat is exceptional good quality. Gorgeous movement. That's it!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) won open class bitches and was right after Diva BB-2 with res-CC.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was working class winner and ended as BB-4.  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) won the junior males and ended as 3rd best male with res-CC. Here is the nice written critique Weeti got:
Beautiful lines in head from the side. Excellent neck, topline. Good upper arm. Good bone. Breed typical body. Wide thigh. Good coat quality where is also length. Excellent long gait.  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was nicely BB-1 and BOB (this was her 31st BOB-win).

BIG-2 Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - almost a year old

8.4.2007 Two puppies for sale

We are looking for a loving and caring homes for two puppies.  
Fara (Wildomar's FatalAttraction) is looking for a home where she may be beloved family member and maybe also would like to have for example hunting, obedience or agility as her hobby.  
Wallu (Wildomar's Fiction Oh No) is looking for a home to be beloved family member, but we also hope to find an active show interested home. This boy is very promising as well as many other in this litter too! :)

Fonzie 10 weeks

3.4.2007 Terry's hips are healthy

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) got his official hip x-ray result and his hips are healthy (B-B).

1.4.2007 Dixi - rewarded in Ranua

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was chosen to be "Most Beautiful Dog in Ranua 2007" when audience at spring fair could give their vote. Congratulations to Dixi and her young talented handler Maiju!

26.3.2007 Fenja moved to new home

Fenja (Wildomar's Fallin' Star) moved today to her new home in Kerava. We wish all the best for the future!

26.3.2007 Terry is eye-checked

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was eye-checked today and found to be healthy from pra, hc, rd and glaucoma. He was also x-rayed and we will wait for the official gradings from our Kennel Club.

25.3.2007 Mimmi moved to her new home

Mimmi (Wildomar's Full Of Dignity) moved today to her new home in Riihimäki. This girl will have agility as her hobby and maybe she will also enter the show rings in the future.

25.3.2007 Terry won CC !

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was 2nd best male with CC in Tampere international show. He would have won CACIB if just been 2,5 months older, but now it was given to 3rd best male. Breed judge was Patric Ragnarsson from Sweden and there was 61 springers entered to this show.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was nicely 2nd in big junior class with quality prize 'excellent'.  
Our breeder group was placed 2nd and got the prize of honour with lovely written critique. Thanks to Diva, Etta, Ruu and Wilma for taking part to this group. :)  
Here is still some other results we got:
Weeti (W. Diverse Tails) - G junior class
Kevin (W. Bland Esquire) - VG/3 open class
Ato (W. Atomic Bomb) - VG champion class
Etta (W. Ciss Mi Lilac) - EXC/2 intermediate class
Ruu (W. Celestial View) - EXC/3 intermediate class
Wilma (W. Alpen Rose) - EXC/2 working class
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) - EXC/1 BB2 resCACIB champion class

24.3.2007 Puppies moving :)

Today moved 3 puppies to their new homes.  
Sara (Wildomar's Free Spirit) moved to Iisalmi and her future hobbies are hunting and most likely she will be seen in the show rings too :)  
Eetu (Wildomar's FeastForTheEye) moved to Kerava and this boy will surely be seen in the show rings when he get "a bit" older ;)  
Fiona (Wildomar's Final Gem) lives now in Vantaa with family Hiltunen and maybe we see also her in the show rings in the future.

23.3.2007 Felix and Unna have moved

Veeti (Wildomar's Feat Of Falour) has now moved to his new home in Varkaus. We wish all the best to this charming boy as dear member of family Korhonen!  
Unna (Wildomar's Field Of Dreams) moved to her new home in Loimaa and she will for sure be seen also inside the show rings! :)


17.3.2007 Puppies :)

F-litter is growing fast and first ones of them already moved to their new homes.  
Domino (Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts) went to make days bright in family Simonen in Aijala and she has her own mother Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) living there with her.  
Elli-Justiina (Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope) moved to Orimattila to keep company to springer Hilma. :)  
From this huge litter of 12 puppies we have for sale one male and three females. Here is photos from the puppies for sale at 6,5 weeks old.

Fonzie is for sale only to active show-interested home

Fendi (we hope for an active show interested home)

Fina (we hope for an active show interested home)

Fara (for sale to a loving and caring home)

16.3.2007 Welcome Fanny

We wish welcome our new team member, the lovely and charming Wildomar's Fading Memories "Fanny".

Wildomar's Fading Memories - 6,5 weeks

14.3.2007 Terry "Puppy Of The Year 2006"

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) as today rewarded by Spaniel Club of South-West Finland as "Puppy Of The Year 2006". Congratulations to Terry's family!

11.3.2007 Terry BIG-2 and Christa BIG-5!

Today we entered another international show in Vilnius Lithuania. Springers were judged by Bo Skalin from Sweden (also group 8). Setter judge was Petru Muntean (Bulgaria) and group 7 was judged by Tino Pehar from Croatia.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did fine job in the ring and won BOB-junior with junior-CC, but he went also BOB and in the group finals he ended lovely BIG-2! What a nice result for a one year old boy! Congratulations to family Kaleva!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was BOS-junior with her 2nd junior-CC.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) won one more CACIB and CC on her credit. This CC was already 19th for our Madde!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) continued her winning way and she went BOB with one more CACIB and CC (these were her 27th CACIB and 19th CC!). In group final Christa was placed as BIG-5.  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) got result EXC/2 today.

BOB & BIG-2 - Linmoor Your Majesty

BOB & BIG-5 - Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

10.3.2007 Lithuanian Winner Show 2007

We travelled to Lithuania to two shows. On Saturday there was Lithuanian Winner 2007 international show.  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) won already 3rd time in row the title Lithuanian Winner and she went also BOB with CC and CACIB. Breed judge Rajko Rotner (Slovenia) was judging also the group and placed Christa as BIG-3. Huge thanks to Sanna Vartiainen for handling Christa!  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) was also with us and he won res-CACIB. The CACIB winner had already won all the needed cacib's for Int Ch title, so most likely this res-CACIB will turn to CACIB and this means Jekku became Int Ch (needs stil the confirmation from FCI)!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) gained the title Lithuanian Winner 2007 with CACIB and CC. Judge for springers was Libuse Ubrova (Czech Republic).  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) won her first title Lithuanian Junior Winner 2007 with junior-CC and ended as BOS-junior.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) got result EXC/3.

6.3.2007 Puppies are 5 weeks old

F-litter is getting more and more beautiful.

4.3.2007 Cooper won more ACK points

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) entered two shows in Wisconsin this weekend. On Saturday the judge Mrs. Ann F. Yuhasz (USA) placed him 2nd in his class. On Sunday under Mrs. Marjorie Martorella (USA) Cooper went Winners Dog with 2 more AKC points for championship. Congratulations to David and Scott!

26.2.2007 Puppy photos

F-litter is now 4 weeks old.

Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts "Flora"

18.2.2007 English Setter Of The Year 2006!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is English Setter Of The Year 2006!! This was 2nd time in row she won this competition by KSP. Christa won this competition with quite clear points of 214, which was 77 points more than reserve-winner.

Christa's wins in Finland in 2006 included: European Winner 2006 title, 2xBIG-1, 3xBIG-2, 2xBIG-3, 2xBIG-4, 16xBOB and 11xCACIB. As Christa's handlers for these wins during the year were Sanna herself, but also Molli Nyman, Antti Hokkanen and Pauliina Artiola, and we want to send our biggest thanks to all of them!

Christa is a dog which made our dreams true in all aspects. We are extremely gratful to Christa's breeder Marita Peuhkuri for all the co-operation and we want to congratulate her for all the success the Blue Baltic's setters have had in Finland but also in other countries! We are proud to have one Blue Baltic's setter in our home :)

18.2.2007 Cooper BIS-2, BIG-1 and BIG-2!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) did fantastic job with his owners David Swank and Scott Lenz in Kalamazoo Michigan (USA) UKC show this weekend! On Saturday judge Pamela Purdue (USA) awarded Cooper as BOB and BIG-1 and under Avril Black (UK) Cooper ended as BIS-2!!. On Sunday the breed and group was judged by Avril Black (UK) and he continued lovely way being BOB and BIG-2! Our biggest congratulations to David and Scott for Cooper's super weekend!

Wildomar's Catch Inthe Rye - BIS-2
Copyright: David Swank

17.2.2007 B-litter's sire is now DK CH

B-litter congratulate their father Edwin (SU(u)CH AmCH LuxJCH Whisborne Esquire) who won CC today in Denmark and he is now also DK CH!

15.2.2007 Show Dog Of The Year (SSKH)

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was today awarded as the Show Dog Of The Year 2006 of the Somero District Dog Club. We are very happy for this achievement, because we know in Somero area there is living some successful breeders with their famous dogs and winning with good competition is always a good thing.

11.2.2007 BOB-breeder in Lahti

We entered Lahti group show, where breed was judged by Luis Catalan from Portugal (36 springers).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was again unbeaten in his class and ended 2nd best male with res-CC.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was nicely 4th best bitch from working class.  
Our breeder class was first time entered in official show and result was nicely HP and BOB-breeder. Thanks to all handlers and dogs who made this true.  
Here is rest of the results for our team:
males junior EXC/2 - Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails)
females junior EXC/3 - Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny)
females intermediate EXC/1 - Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac)

10.2.2007 Champion Of Champions

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered the Champion of Champions gala in Vantaa. We had a lovely evening together with Christa's breeder Marita Peuhkuri and we enjoyed a lot watching all those very successful dogs performing on stage and the atmosphere was most wonderful :) Special thanks to Christa's professional handler and groomer Molli Nyman (Texforrier terriers).

Christa on the catwalk

Christa with breeder Marita and owners Sanna and Sami

8.2.2007 Tracking a wounded deer

Terry (FinJW-06 Linmoor Your Majesty) and Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) had chance to go and help the hunters to track the wounded deer. And boys did it well! :)

Deer was found from a ditch
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

Terry & Luka were very interested in this animal
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

29.1.2007 Congratulations Roni!

Our son Roni is today 3-years-old. Big congratulations to our "big boy"! :)

28.1.2007 Lovely girl Sira

We proudly introduce you Christa's most promising and lovely daughter at 4,5 months old: Blue Baltic's Coral Heart "Sira" (Ch.Chebaco's Bridgewood Guard - Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal)  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) herself entered Turku international show where she was moving most healthy and balanced way and got following written critique from judge Per Iversen: "4-years-old. Very pleasing bitch with excellent proportions. Very feminine head. Very nice neck and body, back and rear. Moves with excellent drive. Beautiful coat. Well handled."

Copyright: Marita Peuhkuri

27.1.2007 Ato CACIB and BOS!

We entered Turku international show, where springers were judged by Blaz Kavcic (Slovenia). There was 46 springers entered.  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) did it great in this show and went Best male and BOS and got his first CACIB too! Huge congratulations to Tiina for this win!  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) won the junior males and went 3rd best male with res-CC.  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) won the intermediate class females and was BB-4 with res-CC.

BOS Wildomar's Atomic Bomb - BOB Dreemteems Evita Peron

BD1 CACIB BOS - Wildomar's Atomic Bomb

26.1.2007 We have PUPPIES!

F-litter was born today and there was total 12 puppies in this big litter (3 males and 9 females)! Dam Sissi and puppies are feeling well.

We have still puppies looking for right homes, contact us if you feel interested!

Wildomar's F-litter
Copyright: Susanna Simonen

7.1.2007 CC, resCACIB, BOB/BOS-puppies in Kajaani

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) was nicely BOB-puppy in Kajaani international show from total six springer puppies under Rita Kadike-Skadina (Latvia). Congratulations to family Ruonala!  
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) was in same show BOS-puppy. Congratulations to Outi!  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) made our day perfect being 2nd best bitch with CC and res-CACIB! Huge congratulations to Henna! There was total 50 springer spaniels entered to this show.

BOS-puppy W.Double Mistake - BOB-puppy W.Discovered Plot
Copyright: Aila Murto

CC resCACIB and BB2 - Wildomar's Addicted To You
Copyright: Aila Murto

6.1.2007 Result from last year

We got news from Poland about Kielche international show 18.-19.11.2006.  
Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) won in this show CC and res-CACIB. Congratulations to owner Anna! Judge was Zsolt Lokodi (Romania)

Copyright: Anna Alichniewicz

1.1.2007 New Year 2007

So the year has changed and we are excited waiting what the year 2007 brings to us.

From young Wildomar's dogs E-puppies will arrive to the show rings and D-puppies will start their career in official classes. Older ones will continue their career in show rings and hopefully we see also some dogs bred by us doing well on other fields like working tests, obedience, tracking, agility... :)

And also puppies are planned. F-litter will be born in January, and dam is 'Sissi' (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) and sire is 'Arvo' (NordJW-05 Adamant's Wind Of Change). We have also planned to mate 'Julia' (Fin&Est CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) from her next season (we will tell more about the male later).
Here is still some individual targets with some of the dogs:  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) will continue her career in show rings in both Finland and other countries. And hopefully we will see also Christa's most beautiful daughter Sira in the show rings at some time of the year. :)  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) will do her comeback to the rings from her "puppy holidays" and we have planned also to enter the working ability test with her this year.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) will enter some shows and hopefully she also will produce a nice litter during the year.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) will continue showing in junior classes and will move to intermediate class this year. We are excited to see how his nicely started career will continue. And we will see if Terry will go to working test too :)  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) is our hope for the future and she will do her debute in official classes this year just as other D-puppies too. And it might be this girl has also planned to go to working ability test this year :)