News 2006

25.12.2006 Great year 2006

We had a great year and big thanks for that belong to our puppy buyers, co-owners and other co-operators and friends. We are pleased to have such a lovely people around us!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) brought us several happy moments with her success in the show rings! In 2006 Christa gained the champion title in three different countries and winner titles European Winner 2006, Baltic Winner 2006 and Lithuanian Winner 2006. In Lithuanian Winner show Christa went also Group winner and BIS-4. Christa won 3 times the group in an international show (from which two was in Finland). And she also got eight other group placements and was chosen 19 times this year as BEST OF BREED! Christa got this year 16 CACIB's and 6 CC's.
For all the nice results Christa was TOP #1 show bitch in whole FCI group 7 in Finland (also TOP #1 bitch of all setter breeds) and of course TOP #1 English Setter in Finland 2006. Christa got also an invitation to Champion Of Champions -competition, to which is invited 150 most successful show dogs of all breeds as she was 23rd best show dog in our country of all breeds in 2006.
And worth to mention is also the little princess Sira, Christa's beautiful daughter, who was born in autumn. We are very excited to see if this girl will become as bright star as her mother or even brighter! :)  
We had a nice year 2006 with springers too. In puppy classes they went 17x BOB-puppy, BIS-puppy, BIS2-puppy, BIS3-puppy and gained 9 group placements. From junior classes our youngsters got 4x BOB-junior, 5x junior-CC's and BIS3-junior placement. From adult classes they won 7x BOS, 7x BOB, 4x CACIB, 5x res-CACIB, 28xCC, 11xres-CC and three group placements. Springers got one winner title, three junior winner titles and six champion titles (from which one is junior title).
And we got some nice results also outside the show rings. Official result was gained in agility, obedience test and blood tracking test, and three also passed the spaniel working test. One dog bred by us entered also mental description (MH test) and also Breed-Race was entered by a dog bred by us.
Some official health checkings were also done to dogs bred/owned by us with nice results: hips 5x A-A (best possible), elbows 1x 0-0 (best possible) and eyes 5x healthy without signs of PRA/HC/RD.  
During the year 2006 was born our D- and E-litters and two Wildomar's dogs moved to other country, one to South Africa and another to Germany.
So this was a great year and thanks once again to all you who made this possible! We wish you all lots of Happiness and Success for the New Year 2007!

23.12.2006 Sissi is clearly pregnant

Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) is clearly pregnant and this means we expect puppies to be born at the end of January! :)

20.12.2006 Merry Christmas!

We wish all our puppy buyers and friends MERRY CHRISTMAS!


19.12.2006 Eye-checks

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was eye-checked and had no symptoms from PRA, HC or RD. :)  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) was also eye-checked and eyes were clear from PRA, HC and RD.

16.12.2006 Julia CC

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) won open class and got CC in Vilnius Lithuania. Thanks to Maarit Räsänen for taking Julia with to this show trip! :)

10.12.2006 Christa BB2 and res-CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered Helsinki international show, where breed was judged (after last minute changement) Kari Järvinen (Finland). Christa performed nicely in the ring as always and it was a pleasure to watch her. Anyhow, if we remember right this was the first time the winner bitch beated Christa in international show and Christa went 2nd best bitch with res-CACIB (her 2nd res-CACIB ever and first one in Finland). ;)
We want to congratulate Christa's brother 'Victor' (Ch. Blue Baltic's Iceartistvictor) and his owners and breeder for great BEST OF BREED and 3RD BEST OF GROUP wins! It was a pleasure to see this handsome boy again in Finnish show rings! :)

9.12.2006 Terry FinJW-06! Diva BOB-puppy!

We entered the "Finnish Winner 2006" international show in Helsinki where springer judge was Matti Tuominen (Finland). Total 37 springers entered.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered his 2nd junior class show when he was only 9 months and 4 days old. And he did it great by being junior class winner with title "Finnish Junior Winner 2006"! He also won the CC before the other older springers. Huge congratulations to Saija for Terry's great start in official classes!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered last time puppy class and took one more time BOB-puppy. Congratulations to owners!  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) gained from open class result EXC/1. :)

FinJW-06 Linmoor Your Majesty

BOS Quadmir's Noble Idja - BOB Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

8.12.2006 Nero moved to his new home

Nero (Wildomar's Enigmatic Flame) moved today to his new home in Raahe. All the best for the future to Marjo, Antti and little-Nero!

Wildomar's Enigmatic Flame (3 months)

8.12.2006 Champion Of Champions -invitation

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) has got an invitation to Champion of Champions gala in February. Invitation is every year sent to most successful show dogs in our country. :)

6.12.2006 Leevi moved to his new home

Leevi (Wildomar's Enchanted Boy) moved to his new home in Tampere. We wish all the best for the future to Jaana Riskilä and Leevi-puppy!

6.12.2006 Wilma got result in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) gained again a result in agility competition and this time it was 10 fault points with 6.07 over time, but she was placed as 19/55.

6.12.2006 Tampere show

We entered Tampere group show, where judge was Hannele Jokisilta (Finland). There was 50 springers entered to this show.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) made his debute in junior classes and was nicely junior class winner and finally also 2nd best male with res-CC. Congratulations!  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was 2nd in open class and finally 4th best bitch. Congratulations!  
Here is all the rest of results to our team:
Ato (Fin CH Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) - EXC/3 in champion class
Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty) - EXC/2 in intermediate class
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) - EXC/4 in working class

4.12.2006 Our puppies have new homes

E-puppies have all found their new homes and soon also the two boys, Eero and Eddie, will move to their new owners. :)

3.12.2006 We met Sira

We visited Christa's breeder Mrs.Marita Peuhkuri and got chance to meet one most sweet young puppy girl. . .  
Sira (Blue Baltic's Coral Heart) is growing fast and now she is 11 weeks in photo. Her mother Christa is very proud to have such a daughter! :)

Blue Baltic's Coral Heart - 11 weeks

28.11.2006 Congratulations to our A-litter

A-litter is today 3-years-old, congratulations to all A-"puppies"!

26.11.2006 We expect puppies

We expect puppies to be born at the end of January 2007.  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) is mated with handsome young male NordJW-05 Adamant's Wind Of Change "Arvo".

25.11.2006 Puppies planned

We have puppies planned :)  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) will be mated from this started season. Follow our updates :)
Thanks to Antti and Susanna Simonen for giving us this possibility!

25.11.2006 Dixi BOB-puppy

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) entered Kemi group speciality under Saija Juutilainen (Finland) and he went nicely BOB-puppy. Congratulations to family Ruonala!  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) entered the same show and got from working class result EXC/2. :)

19.11.2006 Wilma in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered agility competition in Helsinki and her result was 5 fault points and time was 8 seconds under the ideal time. She was placed as 19th from 60 dogs.

19.11.2006 Christa's comeback: BIG-1 (int) !!!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) made her comeback to Finnish show rings after her whelping duties and result was just fantastic: BOB CACIB and BEST IN GROUP in big Jyväskylä international show! Huge thanks for grooming and handling help to Molli Nyman (Texforrier). Breed was judged by Tiina Illukka (Finland) and group judge was Christian Vantu (Romania).

BIG-1 Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

18.11.2006 In our memories

18.11.2006 Diva BOB-puppy, Sissi CC

We entered Jyväskylä international show where springers were judged by Harri Lehkone (Finland).  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered puppy class and was nicely BOB-puppy. Congratulations!  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) made it a bit better than last weekend and this time she went 3rd best bitch with her second CC for champion title. Congratulations!  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) won again open class and was finally 3rd best male with res-CC and res-CACIB.  
Here is other results our team gained:
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) - 3rd in puppy bitches
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) - working class winner with EXC (4 dogs in class)
Julia (Ch.Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) - 3rd in champion bitches with EXC

BOS-puppy Coco Hit's Flaming Boy - BOB-puppy Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

working class winner Wildomar's Alpen Rose

12.11.2006 New POLISH CHAMPION!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) travelled to Poland World Winner 2006 show together with her breeder. There was total 90 English setters entered to this show and judge was Sean Delmar from Ireland. Christa was showing lovely way as usual and she won the champion class from total 14 champion bitches and got also CC and became a new Polish Champion. At last she also got res-CACIB. This was an enormous comeback to the rings after her breeding duties and this kind of success in hard competition against the very winning European dogs was something extra special for us!
Thousands of thanks to Marita and Matti for taking Christa with to Poland! And congratulations for the nice results to Blue Baltic's dogs in this big show! Thanks also to Cita Heliö for Christa's professional way of handling and Molli Nyman for the grooming.  
Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered also this show. There was 81 springers entered and judge was Rodi Hübenthal from Sweden. Robi was nicely 4th best in champion class males with quality prize 'excellent'.

PL & LTU & RUS CH Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Marita Peuhkuri

12.11.2006 Terry BOB-puppy, Sissi res-CC

We entered Valkeala group show where was 28 springers entered. Puppies (2) were judged by Elena Ruskovaara and adults (26) by Kirsi Nieminen.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) ended his puppy show career nicely to 6th BOB-puppy win! Congratulations to Saija!  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) won open class males with quality prize 'excellent'.  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) won open class bitches and was 4th best bitch with res-CC. Congratulations!

BOB-puppy Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Maarit Karhu

10.11.2006 Jade moved to her new home

Jade (Wildomar's Earth Fairy) moved today to her new home in Helsinki. We wish all the best for the future!

Wildomar's Earth Fairy - 9,5 weeks

7.11.2006 Two promising male puppies for sale

We have two promising male puppies for sale to active homes. Contact us! Tel. +358 44 3634243 or by email

5.11.2006 Terry BIG4-puppy

We entered Helsinki all breed puppy show where breed judge was Paula Rekiranta and group judge was Soile Bister. Total 8 springers entered this show.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) was nicely again BOB-puppy (already 5th time!) and this time also BIG4-puppy (5th group placement from puppy classes). Huge congratulations again to Saija!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) won the younger bitch puppies and was finally 2nd best bitch puppy  
Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) placed as 3rd in younger male puppy class.

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Bogaloo's You Can't Catch

5.11.2006 Show Dog Of The Year -competition

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) has gained a quite rare placement for the breed in Finnish Kennel Club's Show Dog Of The Year competition and in final list she was placed as 23rd best in all breeds even if she was in whelping box and could not enter the last possible shows. Christa was also most successful bitch in FCI group 7 in 2006.

4.11.2006 BIG2-puppy and BOB-breeder

We entered Espoo all breed puppy show with total five puppies and breed was judged by Hannele Jokisilta (total 12 springer puppies entered).  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) continued his nicely started show career and went BOB-puppy and also BIG-2 puppy. Congratulations to Saija!  
D-litter entered the ring too:
Wildomar's Diverse Tails "Weeti" - 1. HP BD-2
Wildomar's Discovered Plot "Dixi" - 3. HP BD-4
Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny "Diva" - 2. HP BB-2
Wildomar's Double Mistake "Venla" - 3. HP BB-4  
Our breeder group was nicely BOB breeder. Thanks to all for entering the show and being in the group!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) and her sister Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) entered also brace competition and ended as BIS2-brace!!!

Terry BIG-2

BOB-breeder kennel Wildomar's

BIS2-brace - Diva & Venla

3.11.2006 Eppu moved to his new home

Eppu (Wildomar's Elysian Fields) moved to his new home in Ulvila. We wish all the best for the future to "Eppu" and family Lahtinen!

29.10.2006 Terry BEST IN SHOW puppy!

We entered all breed puppy show in Lahti, where breed and group was judged by Reia Leikola-Walden and BIS was chosen by Leni Nousiainen. There was 5 springers and total 541 puppies entered to this show.  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) did it just great being BOB, BIG-1 and finally also BEST IN SHOW pentu. We are extremely proud of our young import doing so well in the show rings! Congratulations to his co-owner Saija Kaleva for this success!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was niceli BOS-puppy in same show. Congratulations to Johanna and Katariina Isola!  
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) was 2nd in younger puppy bitch class right after her sister. :)

BOB Linmoor Your Majesty - BOS Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

BEST IN SHOW - Linmoor Your Majesty

28.10.2006 Elsie moved to her new home

Elsie (Wildomar's Eden Of Witches) moved to her new home in Kemi. We wish all the best for the future to Elsie and her owner Riikka Salmi! :)

23.10.2006 New member of our team

Eevi (Wildomar's Elfin Stories) is our newest team member. She will live in Oulu together with Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You). We wish all the best for the future to Eevi with her co-owner Henna Renholm!

21.10.2006 BOB progeny in annual main show!

We entered Hyvinkää Spaniel Club Annual Main Show, where breed was judged by Penny Williams (Bournehouse, UK). Total 86 English springers were entered from which 16 were puppies, 23 males and 42 females.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) entered the ring after a long pause and she was 4th best in champion class bitches. This was first possible time to show also Julia's progeny group and so we did. Result was lovely: Best Progeny Group of Breed (total 4 progeny groups were shown). Julia's group included Diva and Weeti from our D-litter and Kevin and Sissi from B-litter. Huge thanks to all these dogs and their owners&handlers for making it possible! :)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) won the open class males and got res-CC. Congratulations to Satu!  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) won the younger puppy bitches with lovely written critique and ended as 2nd best bitch puppy.  
Here is all other results of our team:
Wildomar's Addicted To You - working bitches EXC/4
Wildomar's Alpen Rose - open bitches EXC/3
Wildomar's Atomic Bomb - champion dogs EXC
Wildomar's Beautiful Piece - open bitches EXC/2
Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac - intermediate bitches VG
Wildomar's Diverse Tails - younger puppy dogs 4th
Linmoor Your Majesty - older puppy dogs 2nd with HP

BOB progeny group Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant (+ progeny Kevin, Sissi, Weeti and Diva)

res-CC Wildomar's Bland Esquire

20.10.2006 Madde 2 years old

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is today 2 years old, congratulations to our lovely young lady!

15.10.2006 Photos from E-litter

E-litter brings lots of joy and speed to our lifes at the moment! We have published new photos from these cuties.

15.10.2006 McCloud 2x BOB-puppy

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) was this weekend in two shows and he was rewarded as BOB-puppy in both of them. Judges were Frank Whyte (UK) and John Sheppard (Australia).

15.10.2006 Robi BOB and BIG-2!!

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) was today Best of Breed and also BIG-2 in Zabrze Poland national show. Congratulations to his owner Anna!

15.10.2006 Working test training

We arranged today little training for all dogs bred/co-owned by us. 6 dogs with their owners came to training and all of them could train the bunny tracking and their reactions to gun shot were tested too. Unfortunately the day was so cold, that we decided not to go to swimming, but all could make themselves familiar with the "game buck" (which they should retrieve from water in real test). Social behaviour of all dogs was lovely and obedience went also almost as well (only things which happened were like one puppy running with game buck around the garden like 'try to catch me if you can'). ;) Thanks to all for a nice day!

Diva, Sissi, Weeti & Terry

Terry, Weeti, Viola & Diva

14.10.2006 Puppy situation

We suddenly have three males and one female for sale as we got some reservation cancellations (for personal reasons of the buyers). We have now three males and one female for sale. If you are interested, contact us! We are looking for loving homes for these lovely puppies and to some of them also active show interested homes.

9.10.2006 Most successful English Setter in 2006

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is according to our counts TOP #1 English Setter in Finnish Kennel Club's "Dog Of The Year 2006" list of all breeds!
The final placement (of all breeds) will be clear during November/December (points will be counted from start of November -05 to end of October -06 and the last show counted was last weekend in Oulu). For this competition dogs get points from group and bis placements in all breed international and national shows.
Once again thousands of thanks to Christa's breeder Marita Peuhkuri for letting us have this once-in-a-lifetime dog!

8.10.2006 Etta got 1st prize from tracking test!

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) did her debute in tracking test today and result was superb: 1st prize in open class with 40 points! Huge congratulations to Tuija Sällylä vor this great start in tests!

5.10.2006 Male puppies for sale

We have male puppies for sale! Check out our puppy page (E-litter). We hope to find loving and caring homes for the puppies and at least one we hope would get active show-interested home.

1.10.2006 B-litter's father is now Am CH (AKC)!

B-litter is very proud of their father Edwin, who gained today AM CH title and he is now American Kennel Club Champion! Now Edwin is officially SU(u)CH AMCH LUXJCH Whisborne Esquire. As far as we know he was 2nd undocked and 2nd Scandinavian bred springer gaining this title! HUGE congratulations to his breeders/owners!

30.9.2006 Again news from USA

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) increased his points for AKC championship today. Cooper competed in 12-18 months class and beated dogs from Bred by and Open classes under Mr. Dennis P. FitzPatrick. Congratulations to David and Scott, you are doing wonderful job with Cooper!

30.9.2006 Terry BOB BIG-1 and BIS-3 puppy

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) entered today Kokemäki all breed puppy show and he did it even better than his great debute. . . This time he went BOB BIG-1 and BIS-3 puppy!!! Big congratulations to Saija for this nice start in show rings! Breed and group judged by Pekka Teini (Finland) and BIS was chosen by Kirsti Louhi (Finland).  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) entered Hyvinkää puppy show and she was 2nd best in younger puppy class with HP.  
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) also entered Hyvinkää puppy show and she was 3rd best in younger puppy class with HP.

BIS3-puppy Linmoor Your Majesty "Terry"
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

25.9.2006 Cooper got his first AKC points

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) has got his first AKC points (American Kennel Club) this weekend for the champion title. Cooper was in Wisconsin shows on both days "Winners Dog" and "Best of Opposite Sex" under Ms Marjorie Martorella and Ms Dorothy MacDonald. Our big congratulations to Cooper's owners David Swank and Scott Lenz!

24.9.2006 Terry BOB and BIG3 puppy

We entered Lahti all breed puppy show where was 10 springer puppies entered. Judge for breed and group was Elena Ruskovaara (official qualified springer judge). Three of our future hopes made their debute. :)  
Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) started his career nicely and went BOB-puppy and after a nice performing in the ring also BIG2-puppy.  
Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was class winner of younger bitch puppies (total 6 puppies in this class) and she got HP.  
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) was in same class with her sister and was plased 4th with HP.  
Congratulations to Saija, Katariina&Johanna and Outi! It was a pleasure to see these happy youngsters in the ring and thanks to you all for nice company at show!

BOB & BIG2-puppy - Linmoor Your Majesty
Copyright: Saija Kaleva

18.9.2006 Gold nugget is born!

Finally today was the day when Christa (Rus&Ltu CH EUW-06 BaltW-06 FinW-05 LtuW-05-06 EstW-05 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) whelped the "gold nugget"..... an adorable bitch puppy!

The proud father is Am & AustGr CH Chebaco's Bridgewood Guard, a gorgeous and one of the very top English setters from Australia!

We want to tell our biggest congratulations to breeder of this litter, Marita Peuhkuri, kennel Blue Baltic's.

(original photo by Marita Peuhkuri)

11.9.2006 Terry is finally registrated also in FKC

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) has finally got register papers back from Finnish Kennel Club (FKK) where those were sent already in start of May (4 months ago). So finally Terry got also his Finnish registration number. :)

5.9.2006 Coco has A-hips

Coco (Wildomar's Chic N' Jazzy) got her official hip x-ray result from kennel club and it is A-A.
From Emma's (Ltu&S(u) CH EstW-04 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta) progeny is now 8 x-rayed and this was 8th A-A result!

4.9.2006 Puppies!

They are finally here! The lovely Wildomar's E-puppies are born. In very even litter of 6 puppies was born 3 males and 3 females. All are liver and white, some have also tan. So let's say welcome to boys Elvis, Eddie and Eros and girls Elly, Ella and Elsie. Our huge thanks to Taija for helping us with whelping and care.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is the dam to this litter. Despite of her young age she was 8th best in Show-ESS of the year competition in Finland. Her other merits are for example: group placement, BOB/BOS-wins (also BOS in Spaniel Club Annual Main Show 2005!), 17 CC's, CACIB etc. This is her first litter.  
Frank (Mompesson Blinking Hell) is the proud sire to this litter. He was Top ESS 2001 in UK (breed's country of origin) and his son has done it also twice (in 2004 and 2005)! Frank's offspring include many fine breed typical springers.  
Both parents have most lovely, open and friendly springer temperaments. These two really have always their tails ready to wag!
If you are interested in male puppy (ready to move to new home in October), please contact us!

Newborn Wildomar's E-puppies

3.9.2006 A big sorrow

My heart is full of sorrow, I miss you so.
Now you got the peace in a place of eternity.
Rest In Peace my dear grandfather.
- Sanna -

2.9.2006 Hopes for the future

We met today two of our hopes for the future: Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) and Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails). Here is photos from both of them.
Big thanks to owners for visiting us!

Linmoor Your Majesty - 6 months
(Alanea Landcruiser - CH Linmoor Unique View)

Wildomar's Diverse Tails - 4,5 months
(CH Mompesson Royal Destiny - CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant)

1.9.2006 Väiski moved to his now home

Väiski (Wildomar's Double-Dealing) moved today to his new home in Mellilä. We are very happy we found this loving good home for him this near to us. :)
We wish many happy moments together to Väiski and his family!

Wildomar's Double-Dealing - 4,5 months

29.8.2006 Diva BIS-2 (match)

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) placed again nicely in match show and was this time BIS-2. There was 43 puppies entered, total dogs over 100. Congratulations!

27.8.2006 Kevin res-CC and res-CACIB

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was today in Hämeenlinna international show where he ended as open class winner, 2nd best male and got res-CC as well as res-CACIB. Congratulations to Satu! Judge was breed specialist Tarja Hovila (Finland).  
In same show:
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - intermediate EXC/2
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) - working VG/1

Wildomar's Bland Esquire

26.8.2006 Christa BOB CACIB BIG-2

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) did it AGAIN!!! In Hämeenlinna international all breed show she went BOB with CACIB and ended as BIG-2. Judge was Eeva Anttinen (Finland).
We are more than just proud of Christa's achievements during this year. Christa has entered in Finland this year total 11 international shows and she has been 10 times BOB in those and also placed five times in group finals! And of course in every show been different judges.
In 2006 Christa has gained merits like 10 group placements (from which two are group wins), 18 times Best Of Breed and 15 CACIBs.

BOB BIG2 - CH Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Jonna Jantunen

25.8.2006 McCloud arrived to his new home

McCloud (Wildomar's Dictatorship) has today landed to his new home country South Africa. This adourable boy is owned by Ms Irma Bense (Kennel Chastorm). We wish all the best to Irma with this happy boy!

Wildomar's Dictatorship - 4 months

McCloud with his new family
Copyright: Irma Bense

20.8.2006 Weekend

This weekend we just relaxed and did not go to planned shows. It does good to be home sometimes and just to enjoy free time. ;)  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) got on Sunday 3rd prize in beginner class obedience test with 129,5 points.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) visited us with his family at Sanna's birthday coffee on Saturday and we of course took also some photos from him.

Wildomar's Bland Esquire

15.8.2006 Diva BIS-3 (match)

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) was today nicely BIS-3 in match show. There was total 150 dogs entered. Puppies were judged by Marja Kosonen and in BIS competition also Teija Salmi-Aalto, Juha Palosaari and Piia Manninen.

14.8.2006 Terry waiting for show time

Terry (Linmoor Your Majesty) , our young Swedish import male, is waiting for the show time in puppy classes..... here he is at 5,5 months old:

Copyright: Saija Kaleva

13.8.2006 Ato 2nd prize in tracking test

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) gained 2nd prize in open class tracking test with 39 points. Congratulations to owner Tiina!

13.8.2006 Etta res-CC

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) got res-CC and ended as 3rd best bitch in Raisio all breed show under Luis Catalan (Portugal).

12.8.2006 Christa BOB BIG-4

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was in Raisio all breed show BOB and BIG-4. Judge was Raimo Louhio (Finland).
"3 years old bitch of excellent type. Stylish, beautiful head without faults. Excellent neck, back and tail, also excellent body. Excellent limbs and movement. Good coat. Good temperament."

12.8.2006 Working test result

In spaniel working ability test in Pyhäntä the test was passed by:  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) Judge was Juha Karlström.
Congratulations to Henna Renholm!

11.8.2006 Working test results

In spaniel working ability test in Vehmaa the test was passed by:  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) Judge: Johanna Söderholm
Congratulations Satu!  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) Judge: Liisa Pajala
Congratulations Tuija!

6.8.2006 Wilma got result in agility

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) got today a result in official agility competition (10 fault points, 11sec over the ideal time). Congratulations for the result to her owners and good luck for the future competitions!

6.8.2006 Christa BIG-3 BOB CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) made nice end to our show weekend! In breed ring Christa won already her 25th Best of Breed reward and got her 23th CACIB. In group finals Christa continued nice job with handler Antti Hokkanen and ended as BIG-3. Breed and group judge was Javier Sanchez (Spain). Total 12 english setters entered.

"Excellent bitch. Well-balanced. Very nice feminine head & expression. Good front & feet. Very nice outline. Moves very well with excellent drive."  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was nicely 4th best bitch with res-CC. Thanks for handling Madde to Antti Hokkanen and her breeder Tarja Hovila.  
Me (Sanna) want to thank our friends Tarja & Veera Hovila and Antti Hokkanen for such a nice show trip together to Kuopio. I had a lovely time and enjoyed a lot from your company. Let's do this again in the future! :) Thanks also to Jaana and Tuija for nice company at show place. And congratulations to all the winners of the weekend!

BOB & BIG-3 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

5.8.2006 Christa BOB CACIB, Madde CC

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was Best Of Breed with CACIB in Kuopio international show. Setters were judged by Rafael El Alcrudo (Spain). Total 16 english setters entered. Huge thanks for handling Christa in group finals to Antti Hokkanen.

"Beautiful bitch, very feminine. Excellent body format. Very expressive head and lovely neck. Excellent substance. Balanced angulation. Excellent topline. This bitch has type on class. Free mover."  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered the ring under Gert Christensen (Denmark) and result was nicely 4th best bitch with her 17th CC. Thanks for handling to Antti Hokkanen and breeder Tarja Hovila.

BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Salla Karjalainen

CC Adamant's Royal Stories

4.8.2006 Christa BOB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was today nicely Best Of Breed in Kuopio all breed national show under Chie Ejima (Japan). Total 12 english setters were entered. Big thanks for handling Christa to Molli Nyman (Texforrier).

"Beautiful type. Nice topline. Long neck. Nice tail set. Good rear angulation. Good coat condition."  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) got result EXC/2 under Ove Germudsson (Sweden). Thanks for handling to her breeder Tarja Hovila.

BOS Cisosan Valon Mahti - BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

1.8.2006 Gina's hips and elbows

Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty) has got her official health results from Finnish Kennel Club: as expected her hips were best possible A-A quality and elbows also healthy 0-0.
Gina was Emma's (Ltu&S(u) CH EstW-05 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta) 7th x-rayed child and also 7th with A-A hips. :)

31.7.2006 Puppies expected

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) has found to be clearly pregnant. We expect puppies to be born in September.

30.7.2006 Christa BOB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) took one more BOB in Kotka all breed show.
She also got a wonderful written evaluation from judge Diana Besoff (Australia): "Very pretty female of correct size, proportions and confirmation. Displays excellent temperament, movement and carriage. Typical Setter head. Very pleasing specimen to judge."  
Also springers were entered under Pedro Delerue (Portugal) with results:
EXC/1 BB3 from intermediate class to Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories)
EXC/1 BB4 from working class to Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose)

Christa won her 22th BOB today

29.7.2006 BOB, BOS, 2xCACIB, CC

We had a great day in Mikkeli international dog show, where english setters were judged by Harri Lehkonen (Finland) and english springer spaniels by Lilian Hanniste (Estonia).  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) won already 21th time BOB and got also her 21th CACIB. Thanks for handling and grooming to Molli Nyman (Texforrier).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was best bitch from intermediate class and got one more CC and also CACIB and ended as BOS. BOB was won by Madde's beautiful sire Fin CH FinJW-04 With Touch Holy Moses, who also is now new International Champion. Congratulations to owners and breeder!

BOB Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal - BOS Jet Bomber Of Slow Fox

BOB Ch.With Touch Holy Moses - BOS Adamant's Royal Stories
Copyright: Antti Hokkanen

22.7.2006 Wildomar's Day

The first Wildomar's Day in history (and definitely not the last one) was 22th July in Somero Haukkukallio. We met puppies from all of our litters but also less-wildomars-bred dog Terry and little guest Sophie from Adamant's team. Thousands of thanks to all who made our day bright! It was a pleasure to meet you all and spend the nice day together with you!

We started the day by grooming all dogs who needed it and also took standing and/or head photos from almost all dogs. We have already updated new photos from them to their individual pages (see updates).

After that we went inside and there first thing to do was to award the prizes. We gave award Best Wildomar's Bred Show Dog in 2005 to Kevin (Est&Ltu JCH EstJW-05 LtuJW-05 Wildomar's Bland Esquire) and Best Wildomar's Bred Working Dog in 2005 to Ato (Fin CH Wildomar's Atomic Bomb). We also gave little gift to Ato for his Finnish Champion title. We will also send little gift to Robi (Pl CH & JCH Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) for his Polish Champion title. Congratulations to Satu, Tiina and Anna for these nice results!

Then it was time to have a delicious dinner together and after that we had a little quiz about Wildomar's kennel with 20 statements which were right or wrong. Winner of the quiz was Tiina Huppunen with 16 correct answers. :) We also had another task where was the official names of dogs from A, B and C litters given in Finnish language and next to it the calling names of dogs (of course in mixed order). Best ones to solve the names were Katariina and Johanna Isola with 17 correct answers. :)

Then it was again time to go out and this time to have little agility training. First we could follow how the more experienced ones, Wilma and Oona, did the job. And then it was time for rest of the dogs to try it. All dogs enjoyed it a lot, even if of course quite many still need some more training to do it clear ;)

After the agility training we had also show training. We breeders were happy to see how well all dogs went with their owners.

And at last we had a cup of coffee together and nice conversations about training and also mental tests. Once again big thanks to all for a super day. Hopefully we see you all again at Wildomar's Day next year! :)

20.7.2006 Dixi moved today to his new home

Dixi (Wildomar's Discovered Plot) moved today to his new home with family Ruonala in Ranua Finland. Good luck to Dixi and family!

Wildomar's Discovered Plot - 3 months old

16.7.2006 Three INT shows in Sweden

Considering the breeding work it is always refreshing to go to Swedish show rings with your dogs, where the competition is harder compared to Finland. On this trip we had with two springers Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories) and Madde's dam Emma (Ltu&S(u) CH EstW-05 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta).

On first day springers were judged by Paul Scanlon (Ireland). There was total 65 springers entered. Madde competed in intermediate class of 11 bitches and nicely won her class with CCQ (cc-quality). In Best Bitch competition Madde was finally placed as Reserve (5th best bitch). Emma was 4th best in champion class with CCQ (cc-quality).

On second day judge was Cindy Pettersson (Sweden) and total 63 springers entered. Madde was 2nd in intermediate class bitches with CCQ and Emma was 4th in champion class with CCQ.

On third day judge was Per Iversen (Norway) and 57 springers entered. Madde won again her class (intermediate bitches), got CCQ and in hard competition she ended as 4th Best Bitch. Emma was 2nd in champion class bitches with CCQ and ended in Reserve Best Bitch (5th best bitch).

Our trip was also our family holiday trip. We rented a cabin in very peaceful area, where we could spend our evenings together. We also visited Furuvik animal park near Gävle. We had a wonderful holidays in Sweden, which will be unforgettable for us adults but most likely also to our 2,5-years-old son too.


16.7.2006 Ato in mental description

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered today a mental description (MH, mentalbeskrivning).

9.7.2006 Robi CACIB BOS

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) got today in Warsaw international show CC and CACIB and ended as BOS. Congratulations to Anna!  
In Karjaa all breed show Christa (Rus&Ltu CH EUW-06 BaltW-06 FinW-05 LtuW-05-06 EstW-05 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was BOS and Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) got result VG/1 from open class.

8.7.2006 Christa BOB BIG-3

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was today in Salo all breed nicely Best Of Breed and finally also 3rd Best In Group! Breed was judged by Tiina Illukka (Finland) and group judge was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland).
This was already 20th BOB win for Christa and 11th THIS YEAR. She has got also already seven group placements this year!!! :)  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) was also entered under Leila Kärkäs and she got result EXC/3 in open class.

4.7.2006 Puppies expected

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was mated today. See more info from Puppy page.

2.7.2006 Madde BOB CC

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered Pori all breed show under Virginia Lyne (Canada). Result was nicely Best Bitch and already her 15th CC and finally also BEST OF BREED. Here is the written evaluation she got: "Very attractive, well balanced. Moves extremely well from side with reach and drive. Firm topline and good flow of neck into shoulder."

Copyright: Ari Varjolahti

Copyright: Marjukka Tuominen

1.7.2006 Puppies planned

We are planning to mate Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories) from already started season. Madde is very promising young girl, who has nice show merits already like Best Bitch in Finnish Spaniel Club Annual show 2005, 14xCC, BIG-4, BOB and 2xBOS. Madde has healthy eyes (checked 06/2006) and A/A-hips (best possible, as well as Madde's all siblings have and also all half siblings from same mother!).

As male we have chosen a lovely import GbShCH Mompesson Blinking Hell "Frank", who has CACIB from Finland and he was also most winning ESS in United Kingdom in 2001. Frank has many winning dogs in his progeny, which include many dogs of lovely type. Frank's son GbShCh Mompesson Royal Destiny (sire to our D-litter) was the Top Show ESS in UK in 2004 and 2005. Frank is owned by kennel Of Skyway and his breeders are Bob & Frances Jackson (kennel Mompesson, UK).

Both parents have very happy and open springer temperaments and they both are excellent moving springers. This combination has approval of the breed club's breeding committee. If you feel interested, contact us NOW!

GbShCH Mompesson Blinking Hell

NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories

24.6.2006 Male puppies looking for right home

Two healthy and happy 10 weeks old male puppies are looking for right home. Both are dewormed, micro-chipped and health checked by veterinarian. Both liver-white with tan. Parents have excellent temperament and health. Read more from puppy page.

Their a bit over 2-years-old sisters and brothers (same dam) have as merit already 1x champion, 2x junior champion, 15x CC, CACIB, 2x res-CACIB, 4x BOB, 3x BOS.....

18.6.2006 Siru moved to her new home

Siru (Wildomar's Devious Minds) moved today to her new home in Vantaa. She is living as Hiltunen family member. :)

Wildomar's Devious Minds - 9 weeks

18.6.2006 Carlo CC, Sissi res-CC

We entered Forssa all breed show where springers were judged by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland).  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) entered his 5th junior class show in Finland and got already his 4th CC and was also 2nd Best Male.  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) came back to show rings after a little break and result was nice 3rd Best Female and res-CC from open class.

Wildomar's Beautiful Piece - 2 years

Wildomar's Count My Spots - 13 months

17.6.2006 Christa BOB and BIG-2!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) continued her lovely show year in Forssa all breed show under Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen (Finland). Christa went Best Bitch and BOB and after lovely happy way of showing in group (despite of the hot weather) she was also BIG-2! This was already her 10th BOB win this year!
BOS was Christa's handsome Austrian brother "Victor" (CH Blue Baltic's Ice Artistvictor).
Christa's written evaluation from judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen:
"Noble and feminine entirety. Long, beautiful head with straight lines. Long neck. Good limb angulations. Well-filled chest. Beautiful coat. In good condition. Cheery showing."

16.6.2006 Welcome to our team Diva!

Diva (Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny) has joined our team, welcome! :)

Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny - 9 weeks
owned by Kennel Wildomar's & Katariina & Johanna Isola

16.6.2006 Weeti moved to his new home

Weeti (Wildomar's Diverse Tails) moved to his new home in Helsinki with Harri and Marja Kontio. We will surely hear from this boy in the future!

Wildomar's Diverse Tails

14.6.2006 Christa celebrated her EUW show win

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) celebrated her BOB-win in European Winner 2006 show together with her relatives who also had a successful day. And of course also owners and breeders were there to share this happy evening. :)

"Slurps, this is kind a life a winner deserves!"

11.6.2006 Robi BOB

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) was BOB in Kalisz Poland all breed national show. Conratulations to Anna Alichniewicz!

11.6.2006 Christa is EUROPEAN WINNER 2006!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was chosen today as BEST OF BREED in big European Winner 2006 international show. We were happy to see in BOB-competition two other dogs: Christa's lovable mother Ch. Tuliketun Utu-Keiju "Lola" and handsome litter brother Ch. Blue Baltic's Ice Artist "Victor". This trio took all the three titles given to English setters.

To Christa this "European Winner 2006" title is already her 8th title (6th winner title and already 3th winner title this year). And this was also already 20th CACIB for our 3-years-old Christa!
Christa's balanced and healthy setter movement was really something very beautiful to watch and we are very happy also the judge Per Iversen kept that as an important quality and choosed our girl as the winner.

Our big congratulations to Marita Peuhkuri (Kennel Blue Baltic's) for this HUGE success with gorgeous Lola and Lola's grandchildren!!

EUROPEAN WINNER 2006 - Ch. Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

Thanks to Molli Nyman (Texforrier) for Christa's
professional way of handling and grooming!

Judge Per Iversen (Norway), EUW-06 BOB Ch. Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal,
EUW-06 Ch. Blue Baltic's Ice Artistvictor and dam to two other EUVW-06 Ch. Tuliketun Utu-Keiju

10.6.2006 Whoopi moved to Germany

We had Mrs Kirsten von Bukowski from Germany as our guest today. It was a pleasure to meet Whoopie's (Wildomar's Deep Silence) new owner and we wish lots of happy moments to Whoopie and family von Bukowski for the future!

10.6.2006 Madde CC

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered Tampere Spaniel Club show, where judge was Beata Petkevica (Latvia). Our young lady continued the usual way and won again her class. This time she was also in high quality competition 2nd Best Bitch with already her 14th CC (from which 12 is from Finland). Thanks to Madde's breeder Tarja for taking her with to show! :)  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) also entered this show and she got excellent in open class.

9.6.2006 European Winner 2006 show

We entered big international European Winner 2006 show with springers. Breed was judged by Mr Svend Lövenkjaer (kennel Spring Creek's, Denmark). Here is all our results:

Kevin (Est&Ltu JCH LtuJW-05 EstJW-05 Wildomar's Bland Esquire) - EXC/2 in open class males
Ruu (Wildomar's Celestial View) - EXC/2 in junior class females
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - EXC/3 in junior class females
Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories) - EXC/1 in intermediate class females
Emma (Ltu&S(u) CH EstW-05 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta) - EXC in open class

So three dogs bred by us and two our own dogs entered the show and all got quality prize "excellent" from this quite strict breed specialist judge. :)

EXC/2 in junior class - Wildomar's Celestial View "Ruu"

EXC/1 in intermediate class - Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde"

8.6.2006 First puppy moved to new home

Today moved first from our D-litter to her new home.  
Venla (Wildomar's Double Mistake) lives now in Monninkylä as new team member of kennel Urholan. We wish all the best for the future to this promising young puppy and her new family!

6.6.2006 Christa's photo

We took today new photo from our queen Christa (Rus&Ltu CH EstW-05 LtuW-05-06 FinW-05 BaltW-06 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal).

CH Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Groomed and handled by Molli Nyman, kennel Texforrier

4.6.2006 Christa is BALTIC WINNER -06!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered on Saturday 3th June the Baltic Winner 2006 international dog show in Tallinn Estonia. Breed was judged by Mr Doug Johnson from United States (kennel Clussex clumber spaniels) and there was 16 English setters entered. Christa continued lovely way her successful show year and after excellent showing she went Best Bitch and BOB with CC and already her 19th CACIB. This way Christa got already her 5th winner title which is this time Baltic Winner 2006 (BaltW-06).  
On same day in Tallinn was spaniel special show where judge was Leila Kärkäs (kennel Mandeville welsh springer spaniels and basenjis).
Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories) was nicely 2nd best bitch with already her 12th CC.
Carlo (LtuJW-6 Wildomar's Count My Spots) was showing nicely and went BOB-junior and finally also BIS3-junior! BIS-junior was chosen by Juha Kares (kennel Chic Choix, Finland). Carlo won also Best Male before the older males and was finally BOS.  
On Sunday it was turn to enter Baltic Winner show with springers and breed was judged by Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal).
Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant's Royal Stories) was nicely again 2nd best bitch with her 13th CC and she got also res-CACIB.
Carlo (LtuJW-6 Wildomar's Count My Spots) was third in junior male class with quality prize "excellent".
Emma (S(u)&Rus CH EstW-04 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta) was 3rd best bitch. Here is photos we took from Emma at show place.

BALTIC WINNER 2006 - Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

BIS3-junior Wildomar's Count My Spots

CH Melverly Violetta - 5 years

CH Melverly Violetta - 5 years

3.6.2006 Congratulations Dusty 7 years!

Dusty (Adamant's Stardust) is today 7 years old! Congratulations to our "oldie"! :)

31.5.2006 Final name ;)

Finally the calling name of our latest import is decided. First we called him "Urho", but now it is decided his calling name will be "Terry". :)
Terry's page is updated. :)

28.5.2006 Christa BOS

This year we entered Järvenpää all breed national show instead of springer spaniel speciality show.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was in quality best bitch competition 3rd with res-CC. Judge was Jorma Silta (Finland).  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was again best bitch and for a change she was BOS. ;) Judge was Paul Jentgen (Luxemburg).  
These are results for two dogs bred by us entered Karkku show (judge: Lyn Gregory, kennel Arcadian, UK):
Ato (Fin CH Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) - VG from champion class
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) - EXC from junior class and placed as 2nd in class

28.5.2006 Breed Race

Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) entered fun running race called "Breed Race" in Hyvinkää. There dogs compete in teams which include four dogs of same breed. Here is a photo we got from this nice event when Oona was doing her job.

Copyright: Sari Hukka

27.5.2006 Congratulations to Julia!

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is today 5-years-old! Congratulations to our own Julle-Pulle! :)

27.5.2006 Viola BOB BIG-4, Carlo BOS

We entered Sauvo group show under Marjo Jaakkola (Finland).  
Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) did her debute in junior classes and after lovely perform in the ring she ended as BOB with CC and in group she went still BIG-4! Big congratulations to Viola's family for nice start in "adult classes"!  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) entered also this show junior class and went best male, BOS and got already his third CC (has entered four adult class shows in Finland so far). :)  
Maybe there is no need to say we are very proud from these youngsters doing such a good job in the ring.

Copyright: Mia Humell

Copyright: Mia Humell

22.5.2006 Hip x-ray results

We got some x-ray results from Finnish Kennel Club:
A/A - Carlo (LtuJW-06 Wildomar's Count My Spots)
A/A - Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta)

Now from Emma's (Ltu&S(u) CH EstW-04 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta) offspring is x-rayed six dogs and all have best possible A-A hips.

21.5.2006 Carlo+Madde won CC's

Today our English springers entered the Helsinki international show under judge Leila Kärkäs (Finland).  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) entered his 3rd official show in Finland (all INT shows) and as result he got already his 2nd CC and he was also 2nd best dog after beautiful champion male (only two males got EXC). After happy and lovely showing Carlo was chosen was also as BOB-junior. :)  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) continued the way we are almost used to and won already her 11th CC. This time Madde was also 2nd best bitch with res-CACIB, which will be confirmed as CACIB by FCI (as winner bitch had already all needed results for international champion title). Thanks again to Madde's breeder Tarja Hovila for handling her in class.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered first time open class only a week after his 2nd birthday and as result he got VG/1.  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was of course also with us and entered Best In Show ring. We are very proud from our "white wind", who did lovely job in the big ring representing her breed group. It was unforgettable moment when song "HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH......." started (this Finnish song won the big Eurovision song contest on Saturday and made all time point record in that contest!) and then one group winner after the another run around the big ring with lovely blue carpets and audience applouding... Christa was in excellent mood as always in group rings and she was running LORDly way with amazing drive... and "mom" handling was almost loosing tears and cold ripples going all places in body..... :)

CC and res-CACIB - Adamant's Royal Stories

CC and BOB-junior - Wildomar's Count My Spots

21.5.2006 Ato in obedience

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) got 2nd prize from beginner class in official obedience test with 141 points, congratulations!

20.5.2006 Ato BOB!

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was in Rauma all breed show nicely Best Male and BOB when he competed first time in champion class. Breed judge was Jorma Silta (Finland). Huge congratulations to owner Tiina Huppunen!

20.5.2006 Christa BOB and BIG-1 in INT show!!!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) continued her good show year in Helsinki international show where she was Best Bitch with already her 18th CACIB and ended as BOB but also GROUP WINNER!!! Breed was judged by Boo Lundström (Sweden) and group judge was Pjotr Krol (Poland).
This girl seems to do excellent job now for this year's competition for "English Setter of the Year" and we are quite sure she is leading that competition at this time of the year with her five BOB-wins from INT shows with group placements BIG-1, BIG-2 and BIG-4 from these shows. :) Christa's name has been seen also in list of our Kennel Club's competition for show dog of the year (all breeds) and this placement in international show did not make that placement worse at least. ;))))
We can only thank Christa's breeder Marita Peuhkuri for letting us have this lovely girl in our home and we also want to thank Marita for all the help we have got from her.

BOS Cisosan Valon Mahti - BOB/BIG1 Ch.Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

Christa BIG-1
Copyright: Marita Peuhkuri

16.5.2006 Puppies available

We have still for sale two boys and one girl puppy.
Here is other from the boys for sale and this one is looking for show-interested active, co-operative and loving home (we prefer from Finland, but may discuss also about export to neighbour countries if someone truly interested).

Wildomar's Diverse Tails - only 4,5 weeks old

14.5.2006 Results

We got nice results from Oulu all breed show:
EXC/3 from junior class to Emmi (Wildomar's Cissin' Breeze)
EXC/4 from open class to Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You)
Breed was judged by Deidre Dineen (Ireland).

Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) entered his first tracking test ever. This time he did not get result from the test, but at least he got some more experience and the written report from judge give us lots of hope for the future. :)

Cooper (JA UCIBC Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) entered some shows in USA last weekend:
5.5.2006, judge Susan St John Brown, Class 12-18 months – 2nd in class
6.5.2006, judge Nancy Gallant, Class 12–18 months - 1st in class
7.5.2006 WESSA Specialty, judge Barbara Gates, Sweepstakes 12-15 months – 4th in class (12 dogs in class)
7.5.2006 WESSA Specialty, judge Virginia Murray, Regular Class - no placement in class

13.5.2006 Ato is now a Fin CH!

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered group show in Parainen where breed was judged by Leila Kärkäs (Finland). Ato was nicely Best Male and BOS with his third and last needed CC and this way he is now also Finnish Champion!
Big congratulations to his owner Tiina Huppunen!

Fin CH Wildomar's Atomic Bomb

12.5.2006 Etta has A-A hips and healthy eyes

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) got her official health results: A-A hips and eyes clear 4/2006.

11.5.2006 Congratulations to 2-years-old B-puppies!

B-litter is today 2 years old! Congratulations to Robi, Luka, Kevin, Siiri, Alma, Sissi and Vilma!

10.5.2006 Match Show results

We have lately got some nice match show results (unofficial shows):  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) BIS-2 Helsinki 5/05  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) BIS-3 Turku 5/05  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) BIS-5 Turku 4/05

8.5.2006 Photo from Tampere INT show

We got photo of Christa (Ltu&Rus CH EstW-05 LtuW-05-06 FinW-05 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) in Tampere INT show where she went nicely BIG-2 in March. :)

BIG-2 - CH Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Texterri

8.5.2006 Emma's daughter has A-A hips

Emma's (Ltu&S(u) CH EstW-04 LtuW-05-06 BaltW-05 Melverly Violetta) daughter Mette (Adamant's Royal Romance) has got her final hip score and it was nice A-A (best possible)! Emma has now three kids x-rayed and all have A-A. :)

7.5.2006 Robi CC

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) gained today in Lodz international show result EXC/1 and CC from open class.

3.5.2006 Boys met each other

Today our Carlo-boy met our new Swedish team member:

1.5.2006 New team member

We wish welcome our new team member:
Linmoor Your Majesty
(Alanea Landcruiser - Ch Linmoor Unique View)
owners: Sanna&Sami Kavén & Saija Kaleva
Big thanks for this lovely boy to Annelie Karlsson (Linmoor)!

30.4.2006 Emmi res-CC

Emmi (Wildomar's Cissin' Breeze) entered Vaasa all breed national show and there this young girl went from junior class 3rd best bitch with res-CC. Lots of congratulations to Emmi's family!

29.4.2006 Robi is a new CHAMPION!

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered Opole international show where breed was judged by Laurent Picard (Switzerland). Robi got his last needed CC and became a Polish Champion!
Robi is first dog bred by us gaining national champion title. Big congratulations to Anna in Poland for Robi's title!

29.4.2006 Meeting for C-litter

We spent happy day together with C-puppies in Somero Haukkukallio. Thanks to Carlo, Ruu, Coco, Gina and Viola for being there. And of course there was also mom Emma meeting her children :)

Gina, Viola, Emma, Carlo, Coco and Ruu with their owners :)

27.4.2006 C-puppies 1-year-old!

C-litter was born exact one year ago. Breeders and all dogs in Wildomar's team send big congratulations to these youngsters for their Birthday!

Wildomar's Count My Spots "Carlo" - today one year old

27.4.2006 D-puppies got their names

After thinking closely we have finally decided the official names for our D-puppies (but we still need Kennel club's approval for the names). Names are usually almost the hardes thing to decide, but this time we had lots of inspiration and all the time new names came to our minds.... how could it be so many fitting words start with D-letter ;)

Boys: Dictatorship - Double-Dealing - Diverse Tails - Discovered Plot
Girls: Dig Dub'N' Deny - Devious Minds - Deep Silence - Double Mistake

24.4.2006 Wildomar's Day

We will arrange Wildomar's Day 22th July 2006 for all our puppy buyers with their Wildomar's dogs. We will tell more about the schedule and program later. All Wildomar's bred dogs with their families are welcome!

23.4.2006 Wilma BOB and CC!

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) is new a BOB and CC winner! Wilma entered Loviisa group show under Merja Järnstedt (Finland) where was total 11 English springer spaniels entered. Judge gave only two dogs 'excellent' from quality and Wilma won also her first CC for champion title and was also chosen as Best of Breed! Huge congratulations to Katariina and Johanna Isola!

BOB + CC Wildomar's Alpen Rose
Copyright: Heidi Raita

23.4.2006 Christa BOB CACIB and BIG-4!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) continued her winning ways in Lahti international show under Peter Beyersdorf (Germany). Christa was again BOB with already her #17 CACIB and ended also as BIG-4! Big thanks for handling to Molli Nyman (Texforrier).

BOS Blue Baltic's Ice Man - BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

22.4.2006 Madde res-CC

We entered Lahti international show under Mr Hans Lehtinen (Finland). Here is our results:  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) EXC/1 res-CC (intermediate)  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) VG/1 (junior)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) VG/2 (intermediate)

res-CC Adamant's Royal Stories

22.4.2006 Luka in tracking training

Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) entered blood tracking training arranged by Springer Club. He did good job and let's see if he will be entered also to tracking test someday. :)

22.4.2006 Congratulations to 5-years-old Emma!

Emma (Melverly Violetta) is today 5 years old, congratulations to our sweet Emmi-Mimmi!

21.4.2006 Carlo's eyes clear

Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) has now eyes checked and healthy from PRA/RD/HC.

21.4.2006 Congratulations to 3-years-old Christa!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) has today her 3th birthday! Congratulations to "Kristiina"! (-> that is the newest pet name to our Christa). ;)

15.4.2006 Christa BOB CACIB!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) travelled with her breeder to Lappeenranta international show, where english setters were judged by David Strachan (Australia). Christa did the thing we are almost used to already: she was Best Bitch and BOB with already her 16th CACIB! And she is still under 3 years old!!!

Big thanks for professional grooming to Molli Nyman and for lovely handling to Pauliina Artiola and in group Sanna Vartiainen, and of course for bringing Christa to show and taking good care of her to Marita Peuhkuri!

BOS Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger - BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal
Copyright: Marita Peuhkuri

Copyright: Marita Peuhkuri

15.4.2006 Sad news

Unfortunately we lost one girl puppy.

14.4.2006 Puppies are born

D-litter is born. There is 4 males and 5 females, all liver-white with tan. If you feel intersted, contact us now!

9.4.2006 Congratulations Cooper!

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) has entered four IABCA shows and we got happy news from United States.
In first show judge was Mrs Letitia Bett (Canada), who is originally from UK and she has judged springers also in Finland at least once. Cooper was Best Puppy and Best Puppy Group III. Sporting group was judged by Mr. Charles Bett (Canada). Cooper also got his first SG1-certificate.
In second show judge was Mr. Charles Bett (Canada). Cooper was again Best Puppy and Best Puppy Group II. Group was judged by Mrs Letitia Bett and Cooper got also his 2nd SG1-certificate.
In his third show judge was Mrs Evie Sullivan (USA). Cooper was again Best Puppy and this time also Best Puppy Group I and ended nicely Reserve Best In Show Puppy! Cooper got his third SG1-certificate and also IABCA title "Junior Champion" (JA).
Fourth show went as well as three before. Cooper was fourth time Best Puppy and again placed in group: Best Puppy Group II. Breed was judged by Mrs Beth Speich (USA). Today he also gained fourth SG1-certificate which gives him IABCA title "International Champion" (UCIBC).
Huge congratulations to United States David Swank and Scott Lenz for these great results!

2.4.2006 Puppies

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is getting bigger and bigger. There is still about two weeks to go. Here is photo from Julia resting on forenoon with her big stomach. ;)

"Still about two weeks before whelping and my stomach is getting very big....."

27.3.2006 Discussion forum

Some time ago we found one other breeder (New Design's) had founded a discussion forum for puppy buyers. This was a very good idea from our opinion and now we have also founded a discussion forum for all people owning a Wildomar's bred dog or co-owning a dog with us.
Welcome to discuss with us! Attention: you must register yourself to enter the forum.

22.3.2006 Madde and Kevin were rewarded

Madde (NordJW-05 LtuJW-06 Adamant’s Royal Stories) was rewarded in year meeting of Spaniel Club of South-Western Finland as Puppy of The Year 2005 and also as Best Young Show Dog 2005! In these same competitions as third was placed Kevin (Est&Ltu JCH EstJW-05 LtuJW-05 Wildomar’s Bland Esquire).

Madde BIS-3 puppy in Helsinki summer 2005
Copyright: Kirsi Aalto

19.3.2006 Carlo CC & Madde CC!

We entered Tampere INT show, where springers were judged Christian Geelmuyden (Norway). There was total 63 entered springers, from which 5 were puppies.  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) made his debute in Finnish junior classes and result was more we could expect: class win, 3rd best male and CC! He lost only to top winners: Ch. Adamant's Golden Boy and Ch. With Touch Holy Moses.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered intermediate class bitches and she was nicely 4th best bitch and got already her 10th CC from Finland! Madde was also in Adamant's breeder group which went BOB and was also short listed in BIS-competition.

Other Wildomar's placements:
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) OPEN EXC/3
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) JUN EXC/2
Ruu (Wildomar's Celestial View) JUN VG
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) OPEN VG/4
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) WORKING VG/3

18.3.2006 Christa BOB CACIB and BIG-2!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered Tampere international Show, which was entered by total over 6000 dogs from which 13 were English setters. Breed and group was judged by Filipe Constant (Portugal). Christa was nicely Best of Breed with CACIB and in high quality group she was placed BIG-2!

Christa has entered this year total seven international shows and her results are: BIS-4, BIG-1, 2xBIG-2, 4xBOB, 2xBOS and 6xCACIB!

14.3.2006 Lovely show trip to Lithuania!!

We came home from Lithuania with jackpot:
2 Ltu CH (+ Rus CH + SU(u)CH!)
2x LtuW-06, 2x LtuJW-06
BIS-4, BIG-1, BIG-2, BIG-3, 3x BOB
4x CC, class-CC
2x BOB-jun, 2x BOS-jun, 4x jun-CC

It was time again this year to travel to Lithuania International shows. On Saturday 11.3.2006 we entered "Lithuanian Winner 2006" show, where dogs could get official winner titles and on Sunday we entered another International show. We had four springers and one setter in car plus of course two persons. Car was full but we had lovely atmosphere all way (well, maybe a bit nervous because of the show on the way there). Sanna wants to say huge thanks to Satu Raassina for nice travelling company and all the help Satu gave during the trip!
English setters were on Saturday judged by Magdalena Swieton (Poland) and on Sunday by Maciej Kozber (Poland) and there was two English setters in both shows (from Latvia and Finland). English springer spaniels were on Saturday judged by Živile Povilaitiene (Lithuania) and on Sunday Vilmos Kardos (Hungary). From Sunday's judge we had heard only good before the show. :) To both shows was entered 14 English springer spaniels (one from Lithuania, two from Estonia and all other from Finland).  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered on Saturday open class with superb result CC CACIB BOB BIG-1 and BIS-4!!!!!! Group was judged by Eugene Yerusalimskaya (Russia) and BIS-judge was Hans Müller (Switzerland). Dog entry of this show was more than 1700 and Christa was chosen as 4th best in show!!! :) :) :) :)
On Sunday Christa got another good result CC CACIB BOB and BIG-2!!!!
This way we may call Christa officially Lithuanian and Russian Show Champion, Finnish and Estonian winner 2005 and Lithuanian Winner 2005 & 2006!  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) entered junior class on both days and was chosen to be BOB-junio with junior-CC on both days. On Saturday Carlo also got official title Lithuanian Junior Winner 2006.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered also junior classes both days being both days BOS-junior with junior-CC and got title Lithuanian Junior Winner 2006.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered first time open class (as 22 months old). On Saturday he got result EXC/2 and on Sunday EXC/1 class-CC and res-CACIB.  
Emma (Melverly Violetta) entered open class. On Saturday she won CACIB and CC with title Lithuanian Winner 2006. So we may call Emma officially as Lithuanian and Swedish Show Champion, Estonian Winner 2004, Baltian Winner 2005 and Lithuanian Winner 2005 & 2006! On Sunday Emma continued her winning way by being BOB with CACIB and CC. In group Emma was placed as BIG-3 by Christian Vantu (Romania).

BIS-4 - Ch Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

BEST OF BREED - Ch Melverly Violetta

12.3.2006 Julia is pregnant

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is clearly pregnant and we expect puppies to be born during Eastern time!! Read more from puppy page.
We also received wonderful news from UK. Sire to our expected litter Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny had been BEST OF BREED again in famous Crufts show! Huge congratulations to Bob and Frances Jackson, Mompesson Kennels!

4.3.2006 Sanna is vice-president of Dog Club of Somero District

Sanna was chosen 28.2.2006 as vice-president of Dog Club of Somero District.

1.3.2006 Christa is ENGLISH SETTER OF THE YEAR 2005!!!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is English Setter of The Year 2005 (KSP)!

English Setter of The Year

26.2.2006 Christa again BOS CC and CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered second international show in Moscow Russia (Eurasia Show) and again today she was best bitch and BOS with CC and CACIB. Judge today was Piotr Krol (Poland).
Huge thanks again to Marita and Pauliina!

25.2.2006 Christa BOS CC CACIB in Moscow

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was nicely Best Bitch + BOS with CC and CACIB in Moscow Russia international show (Eurasia Show). Judge was Mr Laurent Picard (Switzerland).
Huge thanks to Christa's breeder Marita for doing all arrangements and to Pauliina Artiola for taking Christa with to this trip!

14.2.2006 Happy Valentine's Day

We wish all our friends a Happy Valentine's Day! We are also proud to tell you some lovely Valentine's Day news. Read more from Puppy page.

11.2.2006 Wesper Welsh springers got new homepage

Today is published new homepage of Wesper Welsh springers made by us.

21.1.2006 BOB&BOS-puppy + 2x CC!

We entered Turku international show. 50 springers were entered from which 6 puppies. Puppies and juniors were judged by Patric Ragnarsson (Sweden) and other springers by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland).  
C-litter entered their last puppy classes.
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) was nicely BOB-puppy and 2nd from five bitch puppies with HP was Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta). Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) ended as BOS-puppy.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered intermediate class and won it and placed nicely as 4th best male with already his 8th CC from Finland!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered first time intermediate class and result was very good: class win, 3rd best bitch and already her 9th CC from Finland! :)

17.1.2006 Cooper started his show career

Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) has started his show career in United States. 7.1.2006 Cooper entered ACK Sanctioned Match show in Michigan. There was over 150 Sporting group dogs and Cooper ended nicely as BIG-2! Next weekend Cooper entered three UKC shows and was in all shows Reserve after one Grand Champion dog.

7.1.2006 Emmi BOB-puppy in her debute show

We entered Kajaani INT show also with our springers. Judge for breed was Paavo Mattila (Finland) and entry was 46 adults and 2 puppies.  
Emmi (Wildomar's Cissin' Breeze) made her debute in show rings and was nicely BOB-puppy with excellent written critique (free translation):
"Excellent puppy. Beautiful head and expression. Excellent neck, body and limbs. Very good coat. Moves and shows well."  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) came back to rings after a little break and won open class bitches with quality prize 'excellent'. She also got nice written critique (free translation):
"Beautiful bitch with good proportions. Very good head. Beautiful expression. Excellent neck. Good balanced body and bone. Well angulated. Excellent topline. Very good coat. Moves well. Pleasant temperament."  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) started her year being 4th best bitch with nice written critique (free translation) :
"Very beautiful young bitch. Good proportions. Head with beautiful expression. Excellent neck. Well developed body. Very good bone. Properly angulated. Good coat. Moves well. Pleasant temperament. Promising young dog."

BOS-puppy Nicoret's Royal Chrysler - BOB-puppy Wildomar's Cissin' Breeze
Copyright: Antti Hokkanen

6.1.2006 Christa got her 10th BOB and 10th CACIB!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) won today her 10th BOB win and also 10th CACIB (this is quite an achievement for bitch in age of 2 years and 8 months!). This time she was winning in Kajaani international show under Arja Koskelo (Finland). Thanks to Antti Hokkanen for handling Christa again.
Christa's written critique (free translation):
"Excellent type. Feminine, healthy built and balanced bitch with beautiful head and good topline, proportions and forechest. Very well-shaped body. Beautiful movement. Handled well and in lovely show condition."

1.1.2006 Year 2006 at Wildomar's

New year brigs new challenges and let's hope it will be as successful as year 2005 was for us!

- Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) starts her show year already in Kajaani international show and she will for sure be seen in many show rings in Finland but also in other countries
- Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) will do her debute in intermediate class in January and let's hope she continue her well started show career in Finland and other countries too
- Emma (Melverly Violetta) will enter some shows abroad, but maybe highlight of the year will be European Winner show in Finland (the only show during her lifetime in Finland where she may enter as she is docked from tail)
- A-puppies are already over 2 years old and compete in open/working classes
- B-puppies compete in intermediate class until May
- C-puppies do their debute in junior classes in spring

Other activities:
- Most likely some dogs bred and/or owned by us will enter spaniel working ability tests
- Obedience and tracking tests may be in program to some Wildomar's dogs
- Might be also some enter agility competitions or hunting tests :)
- etc. etc. etc.

- Julia (CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) will be mated from her next season (expected to start in January/February)
- Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) is planned to mate in summer/autumn
- Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) might have litter during the year at kennel Blue Baltic's (her breeder)

Wildomar's Count My Spots is one of our future hopefuls