News 2005

31.12.2005 Thanks for the year 2005!

Here is listed some main things happened in 2005.
Our team did just great job. We want to thank our active puppy buyers who made this all possible. Your work is IMPORTANT for us. This was first year when even oldest Wildomar's bred dogs could even compete all year in adult classes (oldest ones entered junior classes in summer -04) and result was super!
We breeders of course hope to see Wildomar's dogs this active and successful also in 2006. It is a pleasure to follow you all doing such a good results.

English Springer Spaniels (owned or bred by us) got lots of success:

- 5 winner titles (Finland 1, Baltic winner 1, Estonia 1, Lithuania 2)
- 3 junior champion titles (Estonia, Poland, Lithuania)
- 2x BIG-4 (Finland)
- 7x BOB (Finland 5, other countries 2)
- 9x VSP (Finland 6, other countries 3)
- 5xCACIB, res-CACIB (other countries)
- 29xCC (Finland 21, Sweden 1, Poland 3, Lithuania 3, Estonia 1)
- 10xres-CC (Finland)
- 5x BOB-jun, 3x BOS-jun, 8x jun-CC (Estonia, Poland, Lithuania)
- 13xBOB-puppy (Finland 10, Estonia 3), 4xBOS-puppy (Finland 3, Estonia 1)
- BIG2-puppy, 2x BIG1-puppy (Finland)
- BIS4-puppy (Finland), 2x BIS3-puppy (Finland), 2xBIS2-puppy (Estonia)
- Crufts 2006 qualification (dog bred by us)
- Crufts 2007 qualification (dog owned by us)
- many nice placements and wins in match shows

Working results:
- two dogs entered unofficial agility competitions
- one got result from both obedience test and tracking test
- two entered and passed spaniel working ability test
- some lucky ones were hunting ducks (practical hunting) :)

Health results:
- nine got hips x-rayed, from which we have received results for six (all A or B = healthy)
- six eye-checked, all healthy 
- one got elbows x-rayed with result 1-0

- one exported male puppy to USA
- B-litter had litter meeting in June
- C-litter was born in April

Christa setter had also lots of success during the year:

- 3 winner titles (Finland, Estonia, Lithuania)
- 2xBIG-2 (Finland), BIG-3 (Finland), BIG-5 (Lithuania)
- 7xBOB (Finland 6, Lithuania 1)
- 2xBOS (Finland 1, Estonia 1)
- 7xCACIB (Finland 4, Estonia 1, Lithuania 2)
- 5xCC (Finland 2, Estonia 1, Lithuania 2)
- Crufts 2006 AND 2007 qualifications

HUGE THANKS to all our puppy buyers and other friends!!!

26.12.2005 ESS of the Year

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) started competing in adult classes at the end of July. Despite of that and her young age she still was as high as in EIGHT place in ESS of the Year competition (shows) and she was only 0,1 points away from 7th place.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was best Wildomar's bred dog in same competition. He was in 16th place with 38 points. Congratulations to Kevin and Satu, good job!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was placed as 39th in this competition (21,3 points from 5 shows and she entered only those five shows during the year gaining points from every show!).

Also some other Wildomar's dogs gained points during the year by placing in best dog/bitch competitions: Wildomar's After Eight "Oona", Wildomar's Atomic Bomb "Ato", Wildomar's Ace Of Spades "Manu" and Wildomar's Beautiful Piece "Sissi". Congratulations to all of them! :)

ESS of the Year 2005 reward was given in Helsinki 17th December CH Adamant's Dreams Are Free (bred by Tarja Hovila, owned by Veera Hovila). This lovely bitch really deserved to win, congratulations to "Frida" and her family!

20.12.2005 Merry Christmas!!

20.12.2005 Health results

Three dogs bred by us were health checked. Their hip x-rays were sent to Kennel Club for scoring.  
Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) eyes healthy 12/2005  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) eyes healthy 12/2005  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) eyes healthy 12/2005

18.12.2005 Madde is Nordic Junior Winner 2005!

We entered Nordic Winner international show with springers. Breed was judged by Kari Granaas-Hansen and there was total 65 springers entered.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was nicely winner in junior class with fabulous performing in the ring and this way she is Nordic Junior Winner 2005 (NordJW-05). Madde was also nicely placed as 3rd best bitch in high quality competition after two champion bitches and got res-CC. Madde got also very good written critique from the judge:
"Delightful little bitch. Lovely head and expression. Beautiful neck, withers and topline. Well developed body. Good angulation and excellent movement."
Thanks for handling help to Tarja Hovila and Antti Hokkanen!  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was in intermediate class EXC/2. Well done Sissi!! :)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was in intermediate class VG/2.  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was in open class VG/-.

NordJW-05 Adamant's Royal Stories

17.12.2005 Christa is Finnish Winner 2005!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered big international show "Finnish Winner" in Helsinki and result was super: Best Bitch CACIB BOS and Finnish Winner 2005 (FinW-05). There was 31 english setters entered from which 17 was bitches. Judge was Mrs Tiina Illukka (Finland) who gave very nice critique to our Christa:
"Stylish entirety, elegant head. Lovely neck and topline. Well angulated front and rear. Strong bone. Excellent depth and volume. In excellent condition from muscles and coat. Moves well from all sides."

Our huge thanks to Christa's breeder and handler for their help!
This was already 3rd winner title for Christa during the year 2005. Also CACIB was already her 9th and she is still only 2,5 years old. We are very proud of our white wind and maybe we also have good reason for it! ;)
Now Christa started her Christmas holidays, but she will be back in the rings again next year, watch out! :)  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was in junior class EXC/2. English springers were judged by Arja Koskelo (Finland).  
B-litter entered the show with results:
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was in intermediate class VG/2.
Kevin (Est&Ltu JCH EstJW-05 LtuJW-05 Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was in intermediate class VG/2.  
A-litter also entered show with results:
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was in working class VG/1.
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was in open class VG/3.

LtuW-05 EstW-05 FinW-05 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

10.12.2005 Emma got CC in Swedish Winner show!

Emma (Melverly Violetta) got her 2nd Swedish CC in big international show "Swedish Winner 2005". We are extremely happy when both of these CC's she has gained under hard competition from breed specialist judges (her first she got from Swedish Club Show). This time the ring was entered by 72 springer bitches (and total over 120 springers) and the quality in the ring was as high as it is expected to be in Sweden. Emma won the big open class of total 29 bitches and ended finally 4th best bitch after three lovely champion bitches. Judge was english springer spaniel breeder Mrs Jessie Borregard-Madsen (kennel Sieger's, Denmark). Emma has now eight CC's from three different countries and eight different judges.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was also with us and she placed nicely 3rd in junior class bitches with honorary prize.
Thanks to Mrs Tarja Hovila for handling our girls and thanks also to Tarja, Veera and Antti for nice travelling company. :)

4.12.2005 Viola BOS-puppy

Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) was BOS-puppy in Helsinki puppy show under Reia Leikola-Walden.

Wildomar's Classy Violetta (7 months)

1.12.2005 Emma's son's health checkings

Emma (Melverly Violetta) ; Emma's son Albert (Adamant's Royal Heritage) has now officially 0-0 elbows (best possible) and A-A hips (best possible). :)

28.11.2005 A-litter 2-years-old

A-litter have today their 2nd birthday, happy birthday to all Wildomar's A-puppies!

20.11.2005 Christa BOB + CACIB

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was nicely BOB with CACIB in Jyväskylä international show, where english setters were judged by Wera Hübenthal (Sweden). This was already 9th BOB and 8th CACIB for our young setter.
We want to tell our big thanks to Mr. Antti Hokkanen for professional way of handling. It was breath taking view to see how our white wind was stealing the show with Antti!
In same show Christa's brother Lenny (BB. Ice Tiger) was BOS with CACIB and other brother Luke (BB. Ice Man) was 2nd best male with res-CACIB. Christa was also in breeder's group of Blue Baltic's which did its debute and was BOB-breeder. Congratulations to Marita Peuhkuri!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was 2nd in junior class bitches day earlier in same show beated by her own litter sister Mette (Adamant's Royal Romance) who ended as 4th best bitch with res-CC. Emma sends congratulations to her beautiful daughter! Springers were judged by Matti Tuominen (Finland). Madde was also in Adamant's breeder's group which was BOB-breeder. Congratulations to Tarja Hovila!

Our own dear WHITE WIND......

BOS Blue Baltic's Ice Tiger - BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

13.11.2005 Etta BOB-puppy

Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) was BOB-puppy in Kaarina all breed puppy show. Judge was Harto Stockmari. Our congratulations!

11.11.2005 Jekku's Fin CH title is now official

Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) has now two official titles when Finnish Kennel Club has approved Fin CH title for this boy. Lots of congratulations to Jekku's family for two national champion titles!

7.11.2005 Madde has A-A hips

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) has now officially A-A (best possible) hips :)

6.11.2005 Robi got CC + res-CACIB in Poland

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered Poznan all breed show where he again won his class and got already his third adult CC and also res-CACIB. Judge was Barbara Szczepkowska (Poland).

5.11.2005 Viola in puppy show

Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) was in Espoo puppy show and won younger bitch puppies with honorary prize.

31.10.2005 Oona has A-B hips

Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) has now officially A-B (healthy) hips. :)

27.10.2005 Hip x-ray

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is now x-rayed and we wait for official result from Kennel Club.

23.10.2005 Carlo BIS4-puppy

Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) entered all breed unofficial puppy show in Lahti. Our young hopeful was nicely BOB-puppy, BIG1-puppy and also BIS4-puppy from total 374 puppies! Breed and group was judged by Eeva Resko (Finland) and BIS final by J.A.U. Yrjölä (Finland).  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) entered Seinäjoki all breed show and was there again nicely 2nd best bitch with res-CC. Judge was Tiina Illukka (Finland). Thanks to Heidi Nemlander for handling Oona.

22.10.2005 Oona 2nd best bitch and CC

Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) entered Seinäjoki all breed national show where judge was Kirsti Louhi (Finland). Result was wonderful: 2nd best bitch with her first CC! Thanks to Heidi Nemlander for handling Oona professional way.  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) entered unofficial puppy show in Hyvinkää and was 2nd in his class. Judge was Leni Nousiainen.

20.10.2005 Madde + litter mates 1-year-old!

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is today 1-year-old. Our congratulations to whole Adamant's Royal -litter on their first birthday!

18.10.2005 Vilma's hip x-ray result

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) got official hip x-ray result from Finnish Kennel Club and her hips are B-B. :)  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) was x-rayed today and we wait now for official result from Kennel Club.

15.10.2005 Unforgettable day in Spaniel Club Annual Show!

We proudly tell you results from Spaniel Club Annual Show, which was entered by 97 springers (21 puppies, 32 males and 44 bitches). Judge was Mrs. Joan Palmer from United Kingdom (kennel Roandew).

We had very young team with us, when all were in puppy, junior or intermediate classes. But as it is said: "the future is in youth".  
C-litter did their debute in puppy classes at 5,5 months old. We were very proud to see brother and sister as best springer puppies in this show! Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) was BOS-puppy and Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) went BOB-puppy and later also BIS3-puppy under Rui Oliveira (Portugal). Congratulations to Viola's co-owner Tarja Hovila (Adamant's)!  
Then was time for young males to enter the ring. Kevin (Est&Ltu JCH EstJW-05 LtuJW-05 Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was nicely 2nd in junior class with quality prize 'excellent' and later also received res-CC. Congratulations to co-owner Satu Raassina! Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) entered also junior class and got quality prize 'very good'. Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was 2nd in intermediate class males with quality prize 'very good'.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered junior class bitches and JACKPOT was done! She won with style the class with quality prize 'excellent' as she has done now 14 times in row (in every show she has entered juniors). But this was not enough for our young lady, she went also BEST BITCH with her 8th CC and ended as BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX!!!
Wow, what an unforgettable moment it was when judge pointed Madde saying "FIRST"! Must admit Madde's mom (Sanna) could not be without screaming and jumping from joy same time loosing some tears of happiness! Our biggest thanks belongs to Madde's breeder and co-owner Tarja Hovila (Adamant's) for all she has done to make this win possible!
Madde was also in Adamant's breeder group which ended as BOB and BIS-1, congratulations to Tarja!  
We were also very happy to results of our other young females. Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was 2nd in junior class right after Madde with quality prize 'excellent'. Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) was 3rd in intermediate class with quality prize 'excellent' and in same class Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) got quality prize 'very good'.  
We had such a nice day together with many friends. Thanks to all who made our day happy and fun, let's do it again next year! ;)

Wildomar's Classy Violetta - BIS3-puppy

BOS-puppy Wildomar's Count My Spots
BOB/BIS3-puppy Wildomar's Classy Violetta

BOB Adamant's Golden Boy - BOS Adamant's Royal Stories

Adamant's Royal Stories - BOS and CC

13.10.2005 Training

We were training for Saturday's Spaniel Club Annual Show in Turku match show.  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) got red ribbon in adult class.  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) got red ribbon in puppy class.  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) was 5th best from red puppies.

9.10.2005 Gina BIS-7 (match)

Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty) entered her first match show, which was maybe also to her owner first experience from show ring. ;) Gina won nicely reds from training-class and ended as 7th best in show. Congratulations Helena and Gina! From this is good to continue show training. :)

5.10.2005 Vilma was x-rayed

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) is now x-rayed and we are waiting to get official result from Kennel Club.

5.10.2005 Kevin, Ato and their moms won it all

Spaniel Club of Southwest Finland arranged Handler and Junior Handler competition in Turku. Two Wildomar's bred dogs entered it, judge was Ms. Krista Illikainen.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered the competition his "mom" Satu Raassina as handler and they won it! Congratulations Satu and Kevin!  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was also in the ring with his "mom" Tiina and they placed 2nd. Congratulations Tiina and Ato!

5.10.2005 Ato won unofficial obedience test

Atten Aarre is unofficial obedience test arranged by Spaniel Club of Southwest Finland. Club members may enter with their dogs and test is held with beginner class rules. Test was in Turku and judge was Ms. Krista Illikainen.  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) won this test and this way he got also the prize called "Atten Aarre" (= Atte's Treasure). Congratulations Tiina and Ato!

2.10.2005 Robi BOS & CC in Poland

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered national show in Poland and he was nicely again BOS with CC. This was his 2nd show in adult classes and 2nd certificate. Congratulations to Anna!

Wildomar's Brave Barchelor
Copyright: Justyna Kamiñska

2.10.2005 Madde got her 7th CC

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered Oulu international all breed show under Marjo Jaakkola (Finland). Madde was again performing just perfect in the ring and result was 2nd best bitch with her 7th CC! Big thanks to co-owner/breeder Tarja Hovila for taking Madde with to this show and to Antti Hokkanen for professional way of handling our little princess!

I also want to mention, that best bitch and best of breed was Ch Adamant's Dreams Are Free, which was also chosen as Best In Group 8 and 2nd Best In Show. With this result "Frida" also is very possible one to be "Spaniel of the Year 2005" in Finland. Congratulations to owner Veera Hovila and breeder Tarja Hovila!

2.10.2005 Ato BIS-1 (match show)

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered today a match show in Turku and ended as BIS-1! Congratulations to Tiina and breeder thanks from honour to handle Ato to win from red dogs ;)  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) also entered this match and she got red ribbon handled by her own "mom" Taija. :)  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was also with us and she got blue ribbon. This was again nice day together with our puppy buyers, thanks to Tiina and Taija. :)

BIS-1 Wildomar's Atomic Bomb

24.9.2005 Christa BIG-2, Madde BIG-4!

We had a great show day in Orimattila group show for gundogs. We had two dogs with us and results were amazing. :)  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is now in excellent condition and this also judge Mrs. Arja Koskelo found and rewarded Christa as BEST OF BREED and 2nd BEST IN GROUP!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) got already her 6th CC and was nicely best bitch and BOB. And this 11 months old beauty ended as 4th BEST IN GROUP! Breed and group was judged by Hannele Jokisilta (Finland).

It's easy for a winner to smile! Roni (1,5 years) enjoyed a lot all the prizes our girls
brought home and he lifted all five to the air on at a time and yelled every time "YIPPEY!!!!"

18.9.2005 Christa BOB, Madde CC

We had a nice show day again and this time in Hyvinkää group show!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is in lovely condition at the moment and proof from this was Best of Breed win under Mrs Wil de Vries-Hoogland (Netherlands).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was 3rd best bitch with her 5th CC when she was only a bit under 11 months old!  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) placed 2nd in intermediate class bitches with quality prize 'very good'. Springers were judged by Vera Smirnova (Estonia).

18.9.2005 Luka BIS-1 in match show

Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) entered match show in Perniö and ended nicely Best In Show. Congratulations to Saija!  
B-litter We also heard that father to Luka (and rest of our B-litter) SU(u)CH LuxJCH Whisborne Esquire "Edwin" has entered his first shows after moving from Sweden to USA and he got already his first points for American Champion title! Congratulations to owners and breeders! We cross our fingers that "Eetu" will get the title despite of his long tail in country where most of show springers are docked and often judges see long tail as a fault.

11.9.2005 Kevin won his 7th CC

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) got already his 7th CC in Porvoo all breed show and he was also 2nd best male under Eeva Rautala (Finland). Congratulations Satu!!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was 2nd best bitch with res-CC.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered the show too and was 2nd in intermediate class with quality prize 'excellent'.

Wildomar's Bland Esquire - 2nd best male and CC

11.9.2005 Ato got 3rd prize in obedience

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) is hard-working obedience dog and got again result from official obedience test 3rd prize from beginner class (101p). Very nice work, third result from third test of young boy. :)

10.9.2005 Oona passed working test

Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) has passed spaniel working ability test for champion title today. There was 8 spaniels in test from which 5 passed the test.

10.9.2005 Madde won her 4th CC

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) got her 4th CC in Kotka international show when only 10 and half months old! Madde was also nicely 4th best bitch in this show. Judge was Ewa Nielsen (Sweden).

Madde got also an honour to participate breeder's group of Adamant's which ended 2nd best in show! Congratulations to breeder Mrs. Tarja Hovila!

Adamant's Royal Stories - 4th best bitch and CC

BIS2-breeder kennel Adamants (A. Sweet Dreams, A. Ellen Beatrix, A. Dreams Are Free, A. Royal Stories)

4.9.2005 Ato got 3rd prize in obedience

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) got 3rd prize from beginner class with 107 points in obedience test. Congratulations to Tiina for Ato's 2nd result from his 2nd test!

3.9.2005 Christa was inseminated

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is now inseminated (Kennel Blue Baltic's) with gorgeous English gentleman GB SH CH Soberhill Sierra Storm.  
More information about this litter.

30.8.2005 Duck hunting

Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) has been hunting ducks and we have received some photos from this event. He has started very well in hunting and knew immediately what is his task on field! :)

Copyright: Pia Laakso

28.8.2005 Julia BOS

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was nicely BOS in Heinola all breed show where breed was judged by Saija Juutilainen (Finland). Big thanks for professional way of handling to Hannele Pakkala!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered her 8th official show in Heinola and she won now 8th time the junior class bitches with quality prize 'excellent'.

Ch Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant - best bitch and BOS

27.8.2005 Christa BOB & BIG-2, Madde BOS

We entered Kouvola all breed national show and had great success again.  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was doing very well by winning bitches, being BOB and ended as BIG-2! For Christa's professional handling we are grateful to Molli Nyman (Texforrier). Breed judge was Ken Hammond (Australia) and group was judged by Riitta Lahtovaara (Finland).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered at 10 months old junior class and won the class, was best bitch and ended as BOS with her third CC!  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) was in Kouvola 4th best bitch. Thanks to Hannele Pakkala for helping with handling! English springer spaniels were judged by Kirsi Nieminen (Finland).

BIG-2 LtuW-05 EstW-05 Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

BOB With Touch Holy Moses (Madde's sire!)
BOS Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde"
Copyright: Antti Hokkanen

23.8.2005 Nassu&Tassu homepage

Today we have published new homepage made by us (only in Finnish language):
Dog Day-Care Nassu & Tassu -

This Dog Day-Care company will be opened in Raisio near Turku and co-owner of company is Ato's (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) owner Tiina Huppunen. Other co-owner is Seija Niskanen, who has bullmastiffs. We wish all the best and good luck to new company!

21.8.2005 Madde again EXC/1

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was in Hämeenlinna international show and won again junior class bitches with quality prize 'excellent' (this was 6th time from her 6th show). Judge was Jukka Kuusisto (Finland).  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was in same show third in intermediate class bitches with quality prize 'very good'.

Adamant's Royal Stories - 10 months

Wildomar's Alpen Rose - 21 months


Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) has been on eye examination and her eyes were found to be healthy (no symptoms from PRA/HC/RD).  
D-litter So we may now also tell you about our planned litter. Julia will be mated from next season with handsome Kinko (Ch Streamside's Kingfisher).

14.8.2005 What a weekend!

This news we write only to describe how very happy and proud we are from results our dogs achieved during this weekend. New breeders like we are cannot hope more from one weekend than the "trio" did:  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) took first tracking test result in history for Wildomar's dogs in first test our dogs entered  
Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) was first dog bred by us gaining CACIB and he was only 2 days over 15 months old  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was first dog with Wildomar's kennel name who took group placement and this happened in all breed show first time out in intermediate class  
We want to thank our active puppy buyers who have done this success possible we have got during the year. And we wish all Wildomar's dogs good luck for the shows and tests still coming this year!

Kevin in Valkeakoski show,
where he was BOB with CC and BIG-4

14.8.2005 Ato got result from tracking test

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered his first blood tracking test and got result right away! He got 26 points and 3rd prize from open class and he was 4th best in open class. This was first result from tracking test for Wildomar's dogs. Our congratulations to Tiina Huppunen who is owner of this multi-purpose dog!

13.8.2005 Kevin CC, BOB, BIG-4!!!

We entered Valkeakoski all breed national show where judge was Ann-Christin Johansson from Sweden.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered first time intermediate class when only 2 days over 15 months old. And result was W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!! First class win, then winning best male. Ended as BOB and gained already his 6th CC and then BIG4-placement! This was first placement in group for Wildomar's dogs (and hopefully not the last one) ;) Huge congratulations to Satu for Kevin's great success!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was in same show and won junior class bitches (this was her 5th class win with excellent from her 5th show in junior classes) and ended as 2nd best bitch with res-CC.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) won champion class and ended nicely as 3rd best bitch.  
Judge was very pleased to springers and she praised the winners and placed ones. She was especially pleased to young Kevin, from which she said like "it is lovely to see dog moving and showing so happy way, this one I could take home with me". :) And also from quality of bitches she was very happy.

BIG4 - Wildomar's Bland Esquire

13.8.2005 Robi CC, CACIB, BOS!!!

We got again happy news from Poland.  
Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered Sopot international all breed show when he was only 2 days over 15 months old. This debut in intermediate class was successful when he ended as best male and BOS with CC and CACIB. This was first CACIB win for Wildomar's bred dogs and we hope could enjoy this kind of wins also in the future ;) Judge in Sopot was Halina Klimaszewska from Poland. Huge congratulations to Robi's owner Anna in Poland!

CACIB winner - Wildomar's Brave Barchelor
Copyright: Portal ESS w Polsche

7.8.2005 Emma is BALTIC WINNER 2005

Emma (Melverly Violetta) entered international show in Trakai Lithuania. Emma is still in summer coat and had only 3,5 months ago a litter of 9 puppies. But this did not stop her for being BB1 with CC, CACIB and Baltian Winner 2005 title! Big thanks to Sanna Vartiainen for taking Emma with!

7.8.2005 Wilma passed spaniel working test

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered today in Isnäs spaniel working ability test and passed it. Judge was Riitta Vilkman. Congratulations to Wilma's owners Katariina and Johanna!!

6.8.2005 2xCC, BOS, res-CC . . .

Madde travelled to Joensuu international show with her breeder/co-owner when we went to Kihniö group show under Marjo Jaakkola (Finland). In Kihniö Emma's young daughter Adamant's Royal Romance was chosen as BOB and she ended also as 3rd best in group when under 10 months old! Mette got also her first CC. Congratulations to breeder and owners!  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered Joensuu international show, where judge was Ritva Raita (Finland). Madde ended in high quality competition as 2nd best bitch with her second CC. Thanks to Tarja for taking Madde with to this show! :)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered male junior class and ended as BOS with his fifth CC from Finland. Big congratulations to Satu!  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) entered bitches intermediate class and gained her 2nd res-CC and was also 4th best bitch.  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) competed in champion class bitches with result EXC/1 and BB3.

BOS Wildomar's Bland Esquire - BOB Adamant's Royal Romance

Wildomar's After Eight - a year and 8 months

31.7.2005 Viola & Carlo developing

We proudly introduce our 3 months old future hopes Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) and Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots):

Wildomar's Classy Violetta

Wildomar's Classy Violetta

Wildomar's Count My Spots

Wildomar's Count My Spots

And what a movement Carlo has for his age!!! :))))))

31.7.2005 Ato got 3rd prize in obedience

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered first time in his life obedience test and got right away 3rd prize from beginner class with 128 points. This was first official obedience test result for Wildomar's dogs. Congratulations to Tiina and we wish luck also for future tests!!

30.7.2005 Kevin got his 4th CC

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was in Pori INT show 2nd best male and got already his 4th CC from Finland. Unfortunately Kevin was 2 weeks too young to receive the res-CACIB, so older male placed as 3rd got it.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered same show and won again junior class bitches with quality prize 'excellent'. She has entered now 3 shows and in all she has won the junior class.

29.7.2005 Wilma in working test

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered spaniel working ability test. This time search was not enough perfect for the judge so Wilma has to try again to pass the test later. Anyway she did great job in retrieving from water and rabbit tracking. :)

28.7.2005 Sami got hunting licence

Sami passed the needed test for hunting licence and is now qualified hunter.

24.7.2005 Madde CC and Oona res-CC

In Vesilahti group show (judge Eeva Rautala) our team got nice results again.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was junior class winner, BB2 and got CC, thanks to Tarja for taking our little princess with and handling her in show!  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) was intermediate class winner, BB3 and got res-CC, congratulations to Riikka and Samuli for Oona's success!  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered Vantaa all breed show and was BB3 under Wendye Slatyer (Australia).

23.7.2005 Madde got res-CC

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) entered Vantaa all breed show, where springers were judged by new judge Matti Tuominen (Finland). Only 3 bitches and one male got 'excellent' from quality (14 ess entered). Madde made her debut in junior classes when only 3 days over 9 months old. She won the junior class with 'excellent' and ended as 3rd best bitch with res-CC.Madde's gorgeous father With Touch Holy Moses was BOS. Moses by the way became Finnish Champion a week ago in Nivala international show when he was only one day over 2 years old. Our congratulations to Moses's owners and breeder!  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered the same show. Result was G from intermediate class.

19.7.2005 Oona is now eye-checked

Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) is now eye-checked and her eyes have been found to be healthy (no symptoms of PRA/HC/RD).

19.7.2005 Cooper travelled to US

Our second export to other country has become true.  
Cooper (Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye) moved to his new home in Monclova Ohio (USA). He is now owned by David Swank and Scott Lenz (Mariposa English Springer Spaniels). We wish all the best for the future to this adorable boy!

Last day with breeder Sanna

15.7.2005 Coco moved to her new home

Coco (Wildomar's Chic N' Jazzy) moved today to her new home in Turku. We wish all the best for the future and happy training lessons. :)

10.7.2005 Kevin got CC

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered junior class in Karjaa all breed national show and gained his third CC being 3rd best male under Rune Fagerström (Finland).  
Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) entered same show after 9 months of break and was 3rd best bitch.  
Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) entered Haukipudas shows and on Saturday she was rewarded with 'very good' and on Sunday she was 3rd in intermediate class bitches with quality prize 'very good'.

3.7.2005 Four champion titles!!!

Unbelievable day! Our team took FOUR NEW CHAMPION TITLES!!!

We entered Tartu group show in Estonia. English springer spaniels were judged by Wyacheslav Werbitskiy (Belarus) and Tibetan spaniels Göran Bådegard (Sweden).  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was BOS-junior with junior-CC and this way he got two new champion titles Estonian and Lithuanian Junior Champion. Kevin's critique from the judge (free translation from Russian language): "Good size and model Good expression and head. Good ears. Good topline and underline. Very well angulated all over. Balanced movement."  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) repeated her result from Saturday being BOB and BIS2-puppy. Madde's critique was (free translation from Russian): "8,5 months. Good proportions. Good expression. Good filled muzzle. Good ears. Good topline and underline. Free movement. A bit loose in elbows."  
Emma (Melverly Violetta) was 3rd best bitch. Unfortunately the translation service did not find what all was said in Emma's critique but here is some words "good size and model, middle strong, very good expression and head, good ears, good topline and underline, very well angulated, correct movement".  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) also repeated his result and was again BOS with his third needed CC and this way he became Estonian and Finnish Champion.  
Our huge congratulations to Kevin's co-owner Satu Raassina and Jekku's owners Seppo and Leila Saari for the new titles!

Est&Ltu JCH EstJW-05 LtuJW-05 Wildomar's Bland Esquire

Est&Fin CH Ziestan Lilroy

2.7.2005 Pärnu INT show

We had a fabulous trip to Estonia! On Saturday we entered Pärnu international show where English springer spaniels were judged by Arja Koskelo (Finland).  
Emma (Melverly Violetta) entered her first show only 2 months after whelping her litter of nine puppies and she ended as BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX with CACIB and her third Estonian CC (now Emma has only working test to pass to finish her Estonian Champion title). Emma's lovely critique from the judge was (free translation): "Excellent type, all over very pleasing and balanced dog with pleasing head. Good neck and topline. Excellent proportions and built. Good posture and beautiful movement. Coat not as its best, but still pleasant all over. Pleasing temperament."  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was with her mother and ended as BOB- and BIS-2 puppy (BIS puppy was judged by Göran Bådegard from Sweden). Breed judge seemed really to like our youngster a lot: "Absolutely charming 8,5 months old puppy, with beautiful head and pleasing expression. Good neck and topline. Good forechest, body depth and width. Excellent angulation. Moves exceptional beautifully with effective gait. In excellent show condition. Really gorgeous puppy to which I predict a bright show career."  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was only junior in show with 'excellent' from quality and this way also BOB-junior with junior-CC and also 2nd best male. Kevin's critique: "Excellent type. Good size. Beautiful head and very well lined all over. Beautiful coat, good topline. In excellent show condition. Moves very well. Too high carried tail spoils otherwise very impressive entirety."  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) with us and he ended in tibetan spaniel ring as BOS with CC and CACIB. Judge for Tibetan spaniels was Evgeny Kuplyauskas (Russia). Jekku is now only one CACIB away from International Show Champion title! :)

BOB Goldflame's Incredible - BOS Melverly Violetta

30.6.2005 Ruu moved to her new home

Ruu (Wildomar's Celestial View) 'Ruu' moved today to her new home in Lyly and she is now member of Kakkola family. We wish happy moments for the future! Now our all puppies are sold, only two waiting still moving to their homes. :)

Wildomar's Celestial View - 8,5 weeks

Wildomar's Celestial View - 8,5 weeks

26.6.2005 Female puppy for sale

Promising bitch puppy is for sale to show interested active and loving home.

20.6.2005 Moving home

Emmi (Wildomar's Cissin' Breeze) moved to Rahko family in Oulu. We wish all the best for the future!

20.6.2005 Tears of joy and sorrow

We were delighted to hear happy news today our good friend had given birth to healthy little baby boy. So our dear Godchild Tommi became big brother. :) In the near future we will also meet the baby and maybe must be careful not get "baby fewer"?! ;)  
The darker cloud to our day made the sad news Sanna's dear Godfather had suddenly died. Life is cruel taking our dear friend without any warnings. So many words should have been said and so many things should have been done. Now we have only the warm memories left from this wonderful person who always made us smile.  
My heart feels empty,
you left me alone.
Eternity is waiting,
our souls will meet.
The golden rays of memories,
reminds me from your happy smile.
- forever missing you, Sanna -

19.6.2005 Gina moved to her home

Gina (Wildomar's Circean Beauty) moved to her new home in Järvenpää, we wish all the best for the future to Gina and her family! Owners are Helena Turunen & Jussi Ahola.

19.6.2005 Puppy meeting (B-litter)

B-litter We had a nice puppy meeting for B-litter. It was nice to see Luka, Kevin and Vilma. They are lovable youngsters and we breeders enjoyed a lot seeing them playing happily in our garden. We also had little tracking training to all of them. Rest of the time we enjoyed the lovely summer day, grilled some food and talked about doggy things with the owners. Thanks a lot to Luka, Kevin and Vilma + families for the nice afternoon we spent together!

Luka, Vilma, Kevin & Madde playing together

Kevin getting familiar to blood smell

Brothers Kevin and Luka in full speed

Vilma whispering to Kevin's ear

Who gets the rabbit?

19.6.2005 New team member

Viola (Wildomar's Classy Violetta) is welcome to our team! Owners Tarja Hovila (Adamant's) and kennel Wildomar's.


Two puppies have moved to their new homes, we wish all the best to these two lovely girls. :)  
Nuppu (Wildomar's Cal Mi Violet) is now owned by Oona Salo (Wild Beast) & Tarja Hovila (Adamant's)  
Etta (Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac) is now owned by Tuija & Markku Sällylä

Wildomar's Cal Mi Violet

Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac

18.6.2005 Madde BOB-puppy

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was already 8th time BOB-puppy, and this time in Rusko group speciality (judge Helene Björkman, Sweden).

14.6.2005 Welcome Carlo to our team!

We proudly introduce you our new team member:  
Carlo (Wildomar's Count My Spots) will stay at Wildomar's, owners: Sanna & Sami Kavén.

Carlo 6 weeks

12.6.2005 Madde BOB BIG1 and BIS3!

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was in Helsinki puppy show nicely BOB, BIG-1 and ended as BIS-3. Judge was Pirkko Konttinen (Finland) and 5 springers were entered.  
Emma (Melverly Violetta) is again proud from her progeny doing well in show rings. They took following wins during this weekend:
Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde" - BOB & BIG1 & BIS3 puppy
Adamant's Royal Heritage "Albert" - BOB & BOS puppy
Adamant's Royal Romance "Mette" - BOB puppy
Our congratulations to owners and breeder!

Adamant's Royal Stories - BOB, BIG1 and BIS3

8.6.2005 Puppies 6 weeks

C-litter Puppies are now 6 weeks old and we have added some new photos from them to our website.

5.6.2005 Madde BOB-puppy & Manu BOS+CC

We entered Tervakoski all breed show where judge was breed specialist Jens Martin Hansen (Denmark).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was BOB-puppy with lovely written evaluation again: "7 months old puppy bitch who has reached her height. Excellent type. Beautiful feminine head. Nice expression. Correct bite. Beautiful neck. Well angulated all over. Well developed body for her age. Sound happy mover. Excellent coat. Nice temper."  
Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) entered his third show ever and was 2nd time best male and gained his 2nd CC and ended as BOS. Congratulations to family Laakso!!! :)  
Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) was 2nd in junior class bitches with quality prize 'very good'.  
It was very interesting to find the difference in written evaluations Manu got during this weekend. ;))))
Here is written paper for Manu from breed specialist Jens Martin Hansen: "Male at the upper limit of size, excellent type. Masculine head, a bit heavy. Good expression. Correct bite. Good neck. Well angulated all over. Well developed body. Moves very well with a long step. Beautiful coat. Very happy dog."
And here is Thora Brown's (Canada) written paper for Manu one day before: "Black & white. Very heavy in head. Good earset. Very straight in front. Very big dog for my taste. I'd like to see more rib. Tailset a bit high. Little close going away. Turning elbows out coming at you."

BOB Adamant's Dreams Are Free - BOS Wildomar's Ace Of Spades

4.6.2005 Sissi 3rd best bitch with CC

Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) entered her 2nd official show in Rauma and result was 3rd best bitch and CC!  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was in same show BD2 with res-CC.  
Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) was 2nd in intermediate dogs with quality prize 'very good'. Judge was Thora Brown (Canada).  
Congratulations to Susanna and Antti and also to Tiina!

BB3 and CC - Wildomar's Beautiful Piece

3.6.2005 Dusty 6 years old

Dusty (Adamant's Stardust) is today 6 years old, congratulations Dusty!

30.5.2005 Puppies

We have published new photos from our D-puppies at 6 weeks of age. Still one male looking for a loving home.

29.5.2005 Karkku Special Show

We entered Karkku special show which was entered by 11 puppies, 32 dogs and 46 bitches. Judge was Mrs Sally Leslie (kennel Risdene, UK).

Emma is very proud from her progeny: our own Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was 2nd best of older bitch puppies with honorary prize and class winner was litter sister Mette (Adamant's Royal Romance) which ended also BEST IN SHOW puppy. Big congratulations to Mette's owners at kennel Springdale and to breeder of both these lovely puppies Mrs. Tarja Hovila!

Judge was very critical when judging young dogs and she did not give too much 'excellents' and this was somehow a good thing to do. Young dogs are not ready and it is clear that in our country we have a trend people keep quality prize 'very good' as very bad result, even if before we got this new system the red ribbon from show was a good result (this meant then same as result 'very good' is now in our country). And with old rules CQ (= certificate quality) prize was given to only a few dogs in every show but nowadays from results may be seen quality prize 'excellent' is the most common quality prize even if quality of our breed has not improved so much from those days in Finland.  
Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) was 2nd in intermediate class with quality prize 'excellent'  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was 4th in intermediate class with quality prize 'excellent'  
B-litter From our B-litter was entered to junior class bitches Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) with result 'very good' and Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) with result 'very good'. Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered junior class dogs with result 'good'.  
All Wildomar's dogs performed nice way in the ring, it was a pleasure to see the happy attitude and good behaviour of these dogs in ring but also outside of it. :)  
And what did our day perfect? To see those gorgeous true quality dogs in the ring moving. Very special moment was to see BIS-winner CH Adamant's Dreams Are Free. It was breath-taking... just adorable dog throughout, congratulations to Frida's breeder Tarja Hovila and owner Veera Hovila! We were also very pleased to see especially best male puppy Adamant's Wind Of Change, best male CH Adamant's Golden Boy, second best male CH Mompesson Blinking Hell and BIS-veteran Adamant's Ellen Beatrix. Our biggest congratulations to all the winners!

BIS-puppy Adamant's Royal Romance
(With Touch Holy Moses - Melverly Violetta)

2. HP Adamant's Royal Stories
(With Touch Holy Moses - Melverly Violetta)

Wildomar's After Eight - EXC/2 in intermediate class

28.5.2005 Madde again BOB-puppy

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was BOB-puppy in Tampere all breed puppy show, where judge was Jari Pellas (Finland). Madde was also short listed in group finals. This was already Madde's 5th BOB-puppy reward from total 6 shows (and in one she has been BOS-puppy). :)

Copyright: Sari Saarinen

27.5.2005 Julia 4 years old!

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) is today 4 years old, congratulations to Julia!

23.5.2005 Wilma BIS-4

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered match show and won blue dogs and ended as BIS4. Congratulations to owners! :)

22.5.2005 Emma's progeny in puppy classes :)

Emma (Melverly Violetta) is proud again... Emma's two older puppies entered Lapinlahti group show where judge was Annaliisa Heikkinen (Finland). Mette (Adamant's Royal Romance) ended as BOB-puppy and Albert (Adamant's Royal Heritage) was BOS-puppy. Congratulations to owners!

22.5.2005 Madde BOB-puppy

On Sunday 22.5.2005 we entered Hamina international show, where judge was Annukka Paloheimo (Finland).  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was again BOB-puppy with promising written critique (free translation by Sanna Kavén): "Very promising. Every way balanced. Lovely head and expression. Excellent movement. Beautiful coat. Good luck for the future."
Thanks for handling to breeder and co-owner Tarja Hovila :)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was winner of junior class with quality prize 'very good'  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was 2nd in intermediate class with quality prize 'very good'  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) was 4th in junior class with quality prize 'very good'

BOB-puppy Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde"

21.5.2005 Madde BOB-puppy

On Saturday 21.5.2005 we entered Helsinkin international show where judge was Per Iversen from Norway.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was nicely BOB-puppy with following written critique (free translation by Sanna Kavén):
"7 months old bitch, who moves with lovely gait. Beautiful head. Very good neck. Good body. Strong back. Very good bone. Well angulated rear. Well presented."
Thanks to breeder/co-owner Tarja Hovila for handling Madde :)  
Wildomar's bred dogs got following results from this show:
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) JUN VG/1
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) INT VG/3
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) JUN VG/3
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) INT VG/4  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) was also with us and got result EXC/4 from open class. There was total 71 tibetans in this show and breed was judged by Paolo Dondina (Italy). Thanks to Satu Raassina for nice handling of Jekku. :)

15.5.2005 Two Winner titles!

Sanna travelled to Tallinn with Satu Raassina and with was total four dogs. Huge thanks to Satu for wonderful travelling company, this kind of trips we must do again some time! ;)))  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was on Saturday BOS with CC and CACIB and she also got the title Estonian Winner 2005. Breed was judged by Tiina Illukka (Finland) and total 17 English setters were entered.
This was already 2nd winner title, 7th CACIB and 11th CC for our young less than a month over 2 years old setter! Maybe it is unnecessary to even tell the owners are very proud from "Kikkis" (as we call her very often) ;)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was 2nd best male in group show on Saturday under Sergei Slukin (Ukraine). 10 springers were entered.
On Sunday in Winner Show english springer spaniels were judged by Tiina Illukka (Finland) and show was entered by 11 English springers. Kevin went BOS-junior with junior-CC and got already his 2nd winner title Estonian Junior Winner 2005.  
Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) was on Saturday in group show BOS-puppy and on Sunday in international show she was BOB-puppy.  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) was 3rd best male on Saturday group show under Sergei Slukin and 2nd best male with res-CACIB on Sunday in international show under Marit Sunde (Norway). On Sunday there was total 23 Tibetans were entered.

Christa BOS, CC, CACIB and EstW-05 title

Kevin BOS-junior, junior-CC and EstJW-05 title

Madde BOB-puppy

Jekku res-CACIB

15.5.2005 Robi became Polish Junior Champion!!

We got again happy news from Poland.  
Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered Kielche all breed show in Poland and got his last needed junior-CC! This means Robi is now officially Pl JCh Wildomar's Brave Barchelor. Robi was in this show BOB-junior, but also BEST OF BREED! Judge was Slawomir Sztul (Poland). Our huge congratulations to Anna!!! :)  
This was first champion title for Wildomar's bred dogs. And hopefully more is to come! ;)

15.5.2005 Lohja, Valkeala and Halikko shows

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered on Saturday in Lohja special spaniel show and got result VG/1 from intermediate class under Hans Rosenberg (Sweden). This show was entered by 16 English springers.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) got result VG/1 on Saturday in Valkeala under Jorma Silta (Finland). This show was entered by 6 English springers.  
Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) entered on Sunday Halikko show and got result VG/1 from junior class under Markku Santamäki. This show was entered by 10 English springers.

11.5.2005 B-litter 1-year-old

B-litter So the time goes fast... we feel like it was yesterday when Julia's litter was born and those 7 cute little puppies were happily eating milk.....

Congratulations to 1 year old boys Robi, Luka and Kevin and girls Siiri, Alma, Sissi and Vilma!


Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) have received health results from Finnish Kennel Club. Her hips are A-A (best possible) and elbows 1-0.

8.5.2005 Madde waiting for show season

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is waiting already entering rings. Or maybe it is "mom" who is waiting it more??? ;))))

Madde 6,5 months

Madde 6,5 months

7.5.2005 Ato BOS and CC in Kokemäki

Two Wildomar's dogs entered Kokemäki group show, where breed was judged by Vera Smirnova (Estonia). 21 springers were entered.  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered males intermediate class and result was class win, BEST MALE, CC and BOS. Our big congratulations again to Tiina!!! This was young Ato's 2nd CC and now he is only one CC away from Finnish Champion title........ :)))))  
Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) did his debut in junior classes being 2nd in class with quality prize 'very good'.

BOS Wildomar's Atomic Bomb - BOB Sweetie-Pie Elaine
Copyright: Marjukka Tuominen

7.5.2005 Manu BOB and CC in his debute show!!!

We travelled to Hollola group show with two Wildomar's dogs. Judge for breed was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland) and 5 springers were entered.  
Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) did his debut in show rings and this was "quite" a nice debut!!! Manu got excellent from quality and ended as BEST MALE and also got CC and at last was BEST OF BREED!!! Huge congratulations to family Laakso for Manu's such a great start in show rings. :))))  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) entered bitches junior class and was second in class with quality prize 'very good'.

BOB Wildomar's Ace Of Spades - BOS Quadmir's Divine Tefnut

1.5.2005 Robi BOB-junior + junior-CC

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) entered Lodz international show in Poland. This was his 2nd junior class show and he took now his 2nd BOB-junior win with junior-CC. Judge was Theo Leenen (Belgium). Congratulations to Anna!

28.4.2005 Manu 17 months

We proudly introduce you Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) 17 months old.

27.4.2005 C-litter is born!

C-litter was born 27th April 2005.  
Emma (Melverly Violetta) whelped litter of 9 even puppies (2 boys and 7 girls).

26.4.2005 Wilma hip and elbow x-rayed

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) went for hip and elbow x-ray. Those were looking good and now we are just waiting the official result from Finnish Kennel Club. :)

25.4.2005 Manu visiting us

Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) is visiting us for some days at the moment. So most surely coming some new photos from this youngster during next days!

24.4.2005 Christa BOB CC CACIB and BIG-3

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) had great success in Lahti international show when she went BOB and got her 6th CACIB and 10th CC! And highlight of the day was BIG-3 placement in group! Breed and group was judged by Rainer Vuorinen (Finland), who has btw also been chosen as show judge of the year in Finland. There was total 16 English setters in this show.

Christa 2 years

24.4.2005 Ato BOB & CC

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered Sipoo group show, where judge was Jorma Silta (Finland). Show was entered by 9 springers and Ato was nicely BOB and gained his first CC! Huge congratulations to Tiina!

BOB Wildomar's Atomic Bomb - BOS Bogaloo's National Anthem
Copyright: Mia Humell

23.4.2005 Robi was BOB-junior with junior-CC

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) did his debut in Polish show rings in Opole international show being BOB-junior with junior-CC. Judge was Csaba Zsolt Lokodi (Romania). Our congratulations to Robi's owner Anna in Poland!

23.4.2005 Kevin got CC

Three Wildomar's dogs entered today Lahti international show, where judge was breed specialist Jens Martin Hansen (Denmark). Total 35 springers entered. Again we had such a great day together with our puppy owners, thanks to them for nice company! :)  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was in his 2nd official show and got his 2nd CC and won the junior class males. Congratulations Satu!!  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) was second in intermediate class males with quality prize 'excellent'.  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) was fourth in junior class with quality prize 'very good'.

Wildomar's Bland Esquire - 11,5 months
Got his 2nd CC in his 2nd show!

22.4.2005 Congratulations Emma 4 years!

Emma (Melverly Violetta) has her 4th birthday today. :) Only a week to go, so Emma has quite a "fat feeling" today on her birthday ;))))

21.4.2005 Congratulations Christa 2 years!

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) (our lovely setter) has her 2nd birthday today. :)

19.4.2005 Manu was in eye-check

Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) was in eye-check and his eyes were found to be completely healthy.

17.4.2005 Tracking training

We entered tracking training arranged by Springer Spaniel Club of Finland. With us was Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories), Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb), Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) and Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire). All dogs did good job on track. This was good start for spring's tracking trainings. :)

16.4.2005 Unofficial agility competition

Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) entered unofficial agility competition and placed nicely as 3rd best. We wish all the best also to future agility competitions, this was nice start! :)

16.4.2005 Kevin BOB and CC in his debute show

Three Wildomar's dogs entered Hämeenlinna group show. Judge was breed specialist Tarja Hovila (Finland) and there was total 13 English springers entered.  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) did his debut in junior classes in Finland beingn Best Male and took right away his first CC from Finland too. This was first Finnish CC to Wildomar's dogs. And of course our day was perfect when he went also BEST OF BREED. Big congratulations to Kevin's mom Satu Raassina!  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered intermediate class and got very good and won the class.  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) entered junior class and got very good and class win. Thanks to Satu Raassina for taking Vilma with to this show!

16.4.2005 Emma's son Albert went BIS-1 (match show)

Emma's son Albert (Adamant's Royal Heritage) was training in match show and this training seems to have worked: result was not more or less than Best In Show :) Our congratulations!

11.4.2005 Kevin 11 months

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) 11 months old.

3.4.2005 Madde BOB and BIG-2 in her debute show

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) went Best of Breed and 2nd Best Puppy In Group in her debut show in Lahti all breed puppy show. 7 English springer spaniels were entered and judge was Merja Ylhäinen (Finland). Group winner was gorgeous flat coated retriever which went also Best In Show.

Madde BOB and BIG-2 puppy in her debut show

1.4.2005 Christa thyroid-tested

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) is Thyroid tested and found to be normal (healthy).

25.3.2005 We met Sissi

Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) is 10 months old and has developed nice way.

Wildomar's Beautiful Piece

Wildomar's Beautiful Piece

23.3.2005 Emma is pregnant :)

Emma (Melverly Violetta) is pregnant. It is possible to feel little sweet "lumps" inside Emma's stomach, so puppies are expected at the end of April! :)

23.3.2005 Madde 5 months

Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) is now 5 months old and of course we had to take some pictures from our youngster. Soon she will finally start her show career in puppy classes :))))

20.3.2005 Tampere INT show

Two Wildomar's dogs entered Tampere international show, English springer spaniels was judged by Kazimierz Sciesinski (Poland):  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) EXC/4 from junior class  
Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) VG/4 from intermediate class

Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac - 10 months
Thanks for handling help to Satu Raassina!

16.3.2005 New homepage made by us

Catering service Juhlaset Oy has today got new homepage designed by us :)

12.3.2005 Oona EXC/1

Oona (Wildomar's After Eight) entered her second official show in Parkano where she won the intermediate class with quality prize 'excellent'. Here is written evaluation from judge Paavo Mattila (free translation by Sanna Kavén):
"Bitch with beautiful head and pleasing expression. Excellent neck. Well-proportioned body. Back could be more muscular. Well angulated limbs. Good coat and movement. Pleasing temperament."

Oona 15 months

7.3.2005 Anet has A-hips

Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) has today got hip result from Finnish Kennel Club as A-A (healthy) so they were just as excellent as expected :)


We entered two international shows in Lithuania this weekend and had great success! On Saturday was arranged Lithuanian Winner 2005 international show and on Sunday was Vilnius Cup international show.  
Emma (Melverly Violetta) was on Saturday Best Bitch with CC and CACIB and gained the title Lithuanian Winner 2005 (LtuW-05). Emma's written evaluation from breed specialist judge Barbara Müller (Switzerland): "Very feminine head. Nice expression. Nicely boned and angulated. Moves with very good drive. Shiny coat. Nicely presented."
On Sunday Emma was again Best Bitch and this time also BOB with CC and CACIB but also the title "Lithuanian Show Winner" (LtuSW). Emma's written evaluation from judge Markku Santamäki (Finland): "Very good type. Good head. Excellent neck and topline. Very good bones and body. Very good drive. Good coat."  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) entered first time junior classes and was on Saturday BOB-junior with jun-CC and title Lithuanian Junior Winner 2005 (LtuJW-05). This was first official title for Wildomar's dogs!! :))))) Kevin's written evaluation from breed specialist judge Barbara Müller (Switzerland): "Very typical head and expression. Nice neck. Well angulated i?via??, nice coat, moves with excellent drive, very typical front action."
On Sunday Kevin was BOS-junior with jun-CC and title "Lithuanian Junior Show Winner" (LtuJSW, Lithuanian Junior Show Winner). Kevin's written evaluation from judge Markku Santamäki (Finland): "Excellent type. Beautiful head. Excellent topline. Good bones and body. Excellent angulated legs. Very good moves. Beautiful dog."  
Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was on Saturday Best Bitch and BOB with CC and CACIB gaining the title Lithuanian Winner 2005 (LtuW-05). In group finals Christa was also nicely placed as BIG-5! Christa's written evaluation from judge Harri Lehkonen (Finland): "Excellent size and type. Femine head. Quite good front and shoulder. Beautiful for line. Nice coat. A Bit out at elbows in movement, but she use's reachy steps."
On Sunday Christa was again Best Bitch with CC and CACIB gaining the title "Lithuanian Show Winner" (LtuSW, Lithuanian Show Winner). Unfortunately we not understand even a word from the written evaluation she got, when judge was from Lithuania Mrs. Renata Petkeviciené. ;))))  
Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) got on both days res-CACIB  
We had with us also english springer spaniel MultiCh Adamant's Superman, who was on Saturday BOB and on Sunday gained res-CACIB. "Onni" came this way Lithuanian Winner 2005 but also Lithuanian Champion. Congratulations to Onni's breeder and owners!

27.2.2005 Emma is mated

Emma (Melverly Violetta) was today mated with male SU(u)&Fin &Dk& N & Lux Ch EUJW-99 WW-00 NordW-01-02-03 Whisborne Angus Og "Simon". We expect puppies to be born at the end of April.

The trip to Sweden was nice and successful. Big thanks for great hospitality and good company to Annika and Harald Ulltveit-Moe (Whisborne). It was also a pleasure to meet again Julia's breeder Monica Dreijer (Nobhill) and also to visit Anna Lindh (With Touch). Must admit the thought in my head became even more clear they have many of quality springers in Sweden...... ;)

24.2.2005 Mating trip

Emma (Melverly Violetta) travels tomorrow with Sanna to Sweden to meet Emma's lovely fiancé Simon and hopefully they come back with little ones in Emma's stomach starting their growing. ;)

22.2.2005 Anet x-rayed

Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) was x-rayed today. Now we wait the result from the Finnish Kennel Club, but at least vet said looked very good. :)


Madde (Adamant's Royal Stories) , 4 months old. . . Maybe photos tell more than thousand words?

Copyright: Veera Hovila

Copyright: Veera Hovila

16.2.2005 Wildomar's Ain't A Saint

We got photos from one promising boy living in Åland.  
Andy (Wildomar's Ain't A Saint) has developed a lot during last months. During grooming session was also found he has tan spots above his eye and in both cheeks.

Copyright: Mia Humell

Copyright: Mia Humell

15.2.2005 Emma started her season

Emma (Melverly Violetta) has started her season and will be mated in February with successful Simon, officially SU(u)&Fin &Dk& N & Lux Ch EUJW-99 WW-00 NordW-01-02-03 Whisborne Angus Og.  
C-litter expected at the end of April :)

14.2.2005 Happy Valentine's Day


12.2.2005 Sire of our A-litter got new title

Walle (Bogaloo's Nostradamus) , sire of our A-litter, was today BOB and BIG-4 with CC and CACIB in Tallinn international show and this way his titles are now FIN & EST CH. :)

10.2.2005 Ato has own homepage

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) has got his own homepage to internet.

4.2.2005 Our 'farm' is now called "Tassunkulma" (paw corner)

Today we had meeting for separating our farm as individual from the base farm. We bought the house in 2003 from Somero Pitkäjärvi and now the new name to our 'farm' is Tassunkulma which means "paw corner". :)

1.2.2005 Change with email addresses!

We will stop using LUUKKU-email address, because the provider has made some changes to it and it is hard now to use direct from email program. So this address WILL NOT BE IN OUR USE AFTER FEBRUARY. See our contact info for additional information.

30.1.2005 Christa BOB in international show

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) was Best of Breed and got her third CACIB (she has entered only four shows where competed for cacib!) and seventh CC. Judge was Arja Koskelo (Finland). BOS was Christa's half brother Tuliketun Runo-Mieli "Osmo".

BOS Tuliketun Runo-Mieli - BOB Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal

29.1.2005 Congratulations Roni! :)

Happy Birthday to 1-year-old Roni!


Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) EXC/2 from junior class  
Wilma (Wildomar's Alpen Rose) VG/2 from junior class  
Two of our dogs also were in junior handling competition:
Terhi Korhonen & english setter Christa
Jenni Viitanen & english springer spaniel Julia

29.1.2005 Raahe group show

Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) entered Raahe group show and ended 3rd best in junior class with quality prize 'very good'. Judge was Jorma Silta, Finland.


Three Wildomar's puppies entered the unofficial puppy show in Lahti (in class of older puppies from 7 to 9 months old). Judge was Rune Fagerström (Finland), 8 springer puppies entered (5 dogs, 3 bitches).  
Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) 1st in class with HP and BOS-puppy  
Luka (Wildomar's Bay Of Gold) 4th in class  
Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) 2nd in class with HP

BOB Adamant's Unique Print - BOS Wildomar's Bland Esquire

21.1.2005 Manu's x-ray

Manu (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) has now official hip x-ray result and he has A-B hips (healthy). This was second from Wildomar's dogs x-rayed, already before Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) found to have B-B (healthy) hips.

18.1.2005 Again rebuilded homepage

Again big rebuild done to one homepage. Kennel Frisian Gem has got quite a big change to design, but also other changes are done. You are very welcome to visit their page and remember to sign guestgook too!

16.1.2005 Puppy and homepage news

Emma (Melverly Violetta) Emma is planned to mate during spring! We will hopefully have puppy-smelling summer.… We have chosen as male a very successful individual, who has shown already to be excellent producer. We will tell about the combination soon more. If feel interested, contact us now. :)  
We have done quite a big rebuild to homepage of Real Estate Agent of Southern Finland Oy, they sell also houses in Spain. Please visit their site. :)

1.1.2005 Plans for the year

Again time for planing the future.... what all will happen in 2005? All we of courese not even know, but heads are definitely full of plans and dreams. :)

Let's start about showing.... Christa will continue her superb well started show career in Finland and abroad, until comes time for her first litter. Emma will enter some shows abroad. Our youngest member Madde starts her career from puppy classes and at the end of the year she is already in adult classes. A-litter continues their show career in junior and intermediate classes and B-litter moves from puppy classes to official classes. And it might be also Julia will be seen in some shows, depending on what time of the year she will be in puppy box.

It is likely also some dogs enter tests. Most propably Madde and some Wildomar's dogs will enter spaniel working ability test and we will see if some of the dogs are seen in other tests too. ;)

We are planing to have a litter from Emma. We have not decided the male yet, but of course some ideas we have inside our heads already. ;)