News 2004

30.12.2004 First official HD-result for Wildomar's dogs

Now we have got official paper for first Wildomar's dog having B/B hips (healthy) and this dog is called Wildomar's Atomic Bomb (Ato). :)  

23.12.2004 Ato's hip result

We have got information (got from Kennel Club by phone), Ato's (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) hips are grade B/B (healthy).

20.12.2004 Manu's hips are x-rayed

Manu's (Wildomar's Ace Of Spades) hips are x-rayed and pics sent now to Finnish Kennel Club for final classifying. We are excited to get the results next month. :)

15.12.2004 Year 2004

Again it starts to be time to collect all happened in 2004. We want first of all thank all our puppy buyers for active work they do with their dogs and wish them a very successful New Year 2005! We also thank all people been in co-operation during the year with us!


Shows and tests

12.12.2004 Welcome Madde!

We wish welcome our new team member:
Adamant's Royal Stories "Madde"

Madde has of course got also her own page. :)
Thanks to her breeder Tarja Hovila (Adamant's) for giving opportunity to get this promising girl to our house!

Madde is our Emma's (Melverly Violetta) doughter. Sire is Moses (With Touch Holy Moses), which is quite a successful male despite of his young age (multiple BOB and CC winner, CACIB, Junior Winner 2004 etc).

11.12.2004 Christmas present....

Our doggy team will get special "Christmas present" this year: new team member..... what this present will be you will find in the near future!

9.12.2004 Ato is eye-checked and hip-xrayed

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) visited vet today to x-ray hips and check eyes. We will now wait to get official hip score from Finnish Kennel Club. Eyes were found to be healthy from PRA/HC/RD.  

6.12.2004 Ato EXC/1 from junior class

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) won junior class with quality prize 'excellent' in Tampere group show. Judge was Tiina Illukka (Finland).

4.-5.12.2004 Helsinki Winner Show

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered junior class in Helsinki Winner show on Saturday. Judge was Merja Järnstedt (Finland) and result was quality prize 'very good'.

Also tibetan spaniel Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) came with us after short break. There was total 140 tibetans and males was judged by Ann Ingram (Ireland). His result was quality prize 'very good'.

On Sunday our young hope Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered the ring. Judge for breed was Paul Stanton (Sweden). Christa won intermediate class with quality prize 'excellent'. Thanks for professional way of handling to Senja Mäkinen

In english setters BOB, BOB-veteran and at the end BEST IN GROUP was our Christa's mom Tuliketun Utu-Keiju "Lola". Our biggest congratulations to Lola's owner Marita and breeder Eine!

28.11.2004 Ato BIS-2

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered match show on his first birthday and also first time now in adult classes. Result was nicely winner of red adults and finally BIS-2.
Our congratulations again to Tiina for such a great result!

28.11.2004 A-puppies one year old

Our big congratulations to  A-puppies for their first birthday!
Congratulations Manu, Andy, Ato, Aida, Ainu, Anet, Wilma and Oona!

And breeder still remember clearly they all were 
little newborn puppies eating milk in puppy box ;)

21.11.2004 Ato in Jyväskylä INT show

Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) entered Jyväskylä international show and gained from junior class result EXC/1 and res-CC. Judge was Leila Kärkäs (Finland).

Our congratulations to Tiina from this fine result!

14.11.2004 Kevin and Sissi in puppy show

We got news from Kaarina all breed puppy show:

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) won again male puppies, got HP and ended as BOS-puppy!
Also Sissi (Wildomar's Beautiful Piece) entered and was 2nd in baby bitch puppies.

Judge was Harto Stockmari (Finland).

13.11.2004 Sanna was chosen to commitee of  The Springer Spaniel Club Of Finland

Sanna was chosen as new member of The Springer Spaniel Club of Finland committee.
We are sorry Sanna could not be in this meeting herself, because is not allowed still for 1,5 weeks to sit in car after her operation.

6.11.2004 Kevin and Vilma entered puppy show

Kevin (Wildomar's Bland Esquire) was BOS-puppy with HP and Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) won her class and ended BB2-puppy in Espoo all breed puppy show under Harri Lehkonen.

Our biggest congratulations to Satu and Taija for this nice result again! :)

3.11.2004 Robi's new home

Finally the time came time to tell Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) has moved to his new home in Poland and this means Robi is our kennel's first export to other country. :)

Robi's proud new owner is Anna Alichniewicz. We wish all the best to Robi and his new family! It was a pleasure to meet Anna here in Somero Finland :)

And just to mention that as we are even known to update our homepages very often, we could not resist to do update already despite of the break told earlier.... so we are "back in business" ;)

26.10.2004 Little break in updates

We will have little break with updating our kennel page, but we are back hopefully already very soon! Next update is maybe already after 3-4 weeks. :)

23.-24.10.2004 Show weekend in Seinäjoki

Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered show wekend in Seinäjoki. On Saturday in International Show Christa got in her life's second possible INT show her second CACIB and CC! In best bitch competition Christa ended nicely as 2nd best bitch. Judge was Riitta Lahtovaara (Finland).
On Sunday in all breed show Christa ended as 2nd best bitch also with res-CC.

From dogs bred by us Wildomar's Atomic Bomb entered also Seinäjoki shows and was in International show junior class winner with quality prize 'excellent' (judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland) and in all breed show day after again junior class win with quality prize 'very good' (judge Kari Salminen, Finland).

20.10.2004 Emma whelped

Emma (Melverly Violetta) became today proud mother to very even and healthy litter of one black-white tan male, one black-white tan female, one black-white female and one liver-white tan female. Litter's proud father is young and promising Moses (With Touch Holy Moses).

If you are interested to hear more please contact Mrs. Tarja Hovila (kennel Adamant's

17.10.2004 Lahti all breed puppy show

Three dogs from our breeding took part to Lahti all breed puppy show with following results:

Wildomar's Bland Esquire 1. HP BOB-puppy BIG1-puppy
Wildomar's Brave Barchelor 2. HP
Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac 1. HP BOS-puppy

Judge was (unoff.) Jaana Hartus (Finland). The show was entered by 11 springer puppies.

17.10.2004 Match show

Wildomar's Atomic Bomb entered match show in Turku and was this time 2nd of red puppies. Our congratulations to Tiina! :)

16.10.2004 Spaniel Club Main Show

Long time waited show day came and results from our dogs were the following:

Nobhill Pretty Piece of Adamant excellent and 4th in working class bitches
Wildomar's After Eight very good from junior class
Wildomar's Alpen Rose very good from junior class
Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac 3rd in baby bitch puppies

Wildomar's Atomic Bomb very good from junior class
Wildomar's Bay Of Gold 4th in baby dog puppies
Wildomar's Bland Esquire 3rd in baby dog puppies
Wildomar's Brave Barchelor not placement in baby dog puppies

Judge was David Shields (kennel Wilholme, UK). This show was entered by total over 120 English springer spaniels.

Other results:

BOB CC Art Wave's Big Mama 
BOS Burchfield Cpt Moonlight
BOB & BIS1 -veteran Adamant's Superman
BOS-veteran Adamant's Estee Lauder
BOB & BIS1 -puppy New Design's It's Show Time
BOS -puppy Saframin Joutojätkä
CC (dog) With Touch Holy Moses
BOB & BIS3 -breeder Kennel Adamant's
BOB & BIS4 -progeny Adamant's Ellen Beatrix

12.10.2004 Worst nightmare and big dream coming true? ;)

What could be the worst nigthmare for person who's life is full of photographing? Maybe it could be the thing happened to us. When we were some days ago taking photos from dogs bred by us, we found your digital camera took photos with this quality:

Our camera was taking photos with strange green colour here and there, lightness was bad in those and when we were watching the original photo as big in our screen we saw also some strange lines in it. This all came to camera just suddenly and we do not know what happened.

So could there really be WORSE NIGHTMARE for photo maniac like we are than camera suddenly get broken just a WEEK before long expected Spaniel Club Main Show!??!??! Our feeling was more than depressed and angry...

But, as also the subject of this news tells, this all leaded us to our big dream coming true and we bought a new camera (we had planed this already, but planed to buy it for Christmas).
So in Spaniel Club main show we will take photos with Nikon D70 digital system camera. :)))))))) 

Most propably we will publish the first shots with new camera already before weekend shows, so watch up our updates ;)

2.10.2004 First official show result

Today first from dogs bred by us entered official show and got result. Wildomar's Addicted To You entered Oulu International show, where springers where judged by Dolores Dineen from Ireland. Result was from junior class quality prize "very good".

26.9.2004 Christa and Robi in match show

Robi (Wildomar's Brave Barchelor) and Christa (Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal) entered today match show in Forssa. Judge was Eine Latva-Kokko (kennel Tuliketun).

Robi was nicely 2nd of red puppies and showing his best in the ring with happy attitude. Christa was winner of red adults and finally BIS-3. Read more from Christa's results.

23.9.2004 New homepage

We have published our new homepage, please enjoy! :)

19.9.2004 A-litter had puppy meeting

A-litter had a puppy meeting in Somero Pitkäjärvi today. We were glad to see Manu, Ato, Aida, Ainu, Anet, Wilma and Oona (only Andy could not come).

First we groomed all puppies. Then was time to take photos and we have already added some to every dog's own page. We were very pleased to meet them all and find they all were developed good way from last time.

After photographing was time to go out. There was cloudy weather but not raining anyway, so quite nice to be in fresh air actually. Tiina and Jouko Huppunen kindly gave the "game bucks" to all puppies, with which all may train water retrieving by themselves (this is training for spaniel working ability test which this breed need for Finnish Champion title). All puppies could also make themselves familiar with rabbit smell one by one, because this smell they would meet again during the day.

After this was tested behaving after gun shot and when all acted normal after shot we did not need other one (shooter was Jouko Huppunen). 

After this was time to walk to woods to do the blood tracks which breeders had done. Everyone had their own track and all did it just fine, even if there was first timers also. 

Then was time to let these 10 months old puppies to play freely on our big yard. And it was such a speed there! ;) Same time we did something to eat and all owners could eat before going home. And of course we had also cups of coffee and enjoyed delicous pie Tiina had done. 

Our big thanks to Tiina and Jouko Huppunen for all the work they did for this day and of course thanks also to all families of A-puppies for coming to our home and make this day perfect. We truly had wonderful day, let's take it again someday?! :)))

18.9.2004 Girls in match show

Vilma (Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac) entered a match show with us in Salo. As result was nicely fourth best from red puppies. Puppies were judged by Ritva Rantanen (kennel Carrier).
Julia (Fin&Est MVA Nobhill Pretty Piece of Adamant) was also with and she won blue adults and was finally BIS-5.

We have not yet seen what photos we got, but if something nice we of course will share those with you later. :)

31.8.2004 IESSC homepage published

Again is published one homepage designed by us, this time at

This homepage belongs to organization called "International English Springer Spaniel Symposium Committee" (IESSC), which is head organization arranging for example the International ESS Symposiums around the world. Finnish representative in committee is Dr. Tarja Hovila (Adamant's).

Let's hope that someday in the future people in deciding position about our breed will take positive attitude and we would get this Symposium also to Finland. We entered 2004 Symposium in Sweden and must admit this event including the Club Show arranged on other day, was really opening our minds and eyes. Club Show offered true base for comparison with own breeding work and in Symposium we got lots of valuable information from experienced breed specialists.

29.8.2004 Emma BOB CC CACIB and BIG-2!!

Melverly Violetta "Emma" was nicely again in Estonia BOB and got CC and CACIB. In group Emma was placed nicely as second. Breed judge was Annaliisa Heikkinen (Finland) and group was judged by Moa Persson (Sweden). Group winner was gorgeous labrador retriever who ended as 2nd best in show.
In this show was not given any CC or CACIB to males, so no dog was best of opposite sex. Multi Champion and Winner Adamant's Superman anyhow entered veteran class and was BOB-veteran and BIS1-veteran. Adamant's Sweet Dreams was nicely BOB- and BIS4-puppy. Our congratulations!

Emma travelled to Estonia with her co-owner Tarja Hovila (Adamant's) and entered also brace class with Adamant's Superman (also owned by Mrs. Hovila). And result was nothing else than BOB-brace and finally BEST IN SHOW -brace! Our congratulations to Tarja for this lovely brace and thanks for taking also Emma with to this trip. :)

28.8.2004 Ato passed spaniel working ability test

Wildomar's Atomic Bomb "Ato" entered spaniel working ability test and passed it easily when only 9 months old (youngest possible age to enter the test). He was also awarded as youngest dog passed the test and got reward colled "Tiramisu Trophy". Congratulations to Ato's owner Mrs. Tiina Huppunen!

28.8.2004 Daddies did it! :)

Sire to our A-litter, Bogaloo's Nostradamus, was today BOB and got his third CC and became FINNISH CHAMPION today in Kouvola all breed show. Our congratulations to Walle's owners and breeder!

Sire to our B-litter, LuxJCh Whisborne Esquire was today also BOB and gained CC in Ultuna Sweden. Edwin became this way SWEDISH SHOW CHAMPION. Congratulations to Edwin's owners/breeders!

21.8.2004 Christa CC in Tervakoski

Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal "Christa" got CC in Tervakoski all breed show. Judge was Lena Ståhlhandske from Sweden. This was already our young Christa's fifth CC and from fifth different judge. :)

16.8.2004 Emma is mated

EstW-04 Melverly Violetta "Emma" is today mated to With Touch Holy Moses.
Additional information available from Tarja Hovila (kennel Adamant's).

15.8.2004 Christa won red adults in match show

We went with "ex-tempore feeling" to match show today which was judged by Mrs. Anneli Karttunen (Finland). We took with only Christa, which was showing superb running head up and standing with good carriage and this made us very happy of course. And also judge seemed to find this when put Christa as winner  of red adults. In BIS-finals they placed only the best one, so we did not get any BIS-placement. Winner was beautiful english springer spaniel puppy Adamant's Sweet Dreams "Siiri", congratulations to Siiri's owner Veera Hovila!

15.8.2004 More about our Ronneby trip

Now is finally time to tell you more about our Ronneby trip which we did at the end of July. We were travelling with our friends from Åland, Roni's godparents and their children. We had rented a cabin quite near to show place from place called Blomstergården.

Show was arranged in beautiful garden with water areas and beautiful gardens. I have never seen show place like this in Finland.... maybe some day.... ;)

Our Emma did quite nice job in shows when thinking there was lots of competition, you may read more from Emma's results. In Sweden there is lots more English springer spaniels than here in Finland but we personally also think the quality is higher in average. So you never can go there just to "get the win". ;) 

Mia Humell's and Christian Häger's Burchfield Cpt Moonlight got three CC's from four shows and became this way Swedish Show Champion. Our congratulations!

Our son Roni did fine in Sweden with us. We remember now only one bigger crying and that was caused by this very hot weather in show place (and it stopped when took all extra clothes away and he was only with diaper, hehe).

Weather was just lovely all the time. In shows it was near 30 degrees (celcius) every day. There parents got red arms and boy got red cheaks easily, but we do not complain, because in Finland was very hard rains during the time we were on this holiday, and all raining stopped when we came home. ;)

8.8.2004 Christa and Jekku both BOB CC CACIB in Kuopio!

We had wonderful day in Kuopio international all breed show, when both Christa and Jekku, were rewarded in their own breeds as BEST OF BREED and both got also CC and CACIB.

Christa got now fourth CC, second BOB and first CACIB (in first INT-show in intermediate class). Judge for setters was Kari Järvinen (Finland). Thanks for professional way of handling to Antti Hokkanen and Molli Nyman!

Jekku got now third CC, second BOB and second CACIB. Unbelievable result when there was total 74 entered tibetan spaniels in show! :) Judge for tibetans was Svein Helgesen (Norway). 

We travelled to Kuopio shows with our friends and also they had wonderful trip.... here is all our results.

6.8.2004 Friday group speciality

7.8.2004 Saturday all breed show

8.8.2004 Sunday international show

6.8.2004 Christa BOS CC in Kuopio

Our young english setter Christa was today BOS and got her third CC in her first show in intermediate class in Kuopio group speciality. Judge was Christian Vantu (Romania).

3.8.2004 Christa's hips and elbows are x-rayed

Christa's hip x-ray ended to result A/A (best possible) and elbow x-ray 0/0 (best possible). :)

29.7. - 1.8.2004 Ronneby INT shows

Emma entered Sweden Ronneby INT shows. Our biggest thanks for handling Emma to Mr. Jussi Liimatainen (Kennel Linnanhaltijan). Results and more photos coming later!

17.7.2004 Kevin joins our team

We proudly introduce you another new member of our team Wildomar's Bland Esquire "Kevin". This boy does not have only name reminding from father ;) Kevin lives with his co-owner Satu Raassina in Turku.

16.7.2004 Good luck to Siiri, Sissi and Luka :)

We wish all the best to following pups moved to their new homes: Wildomar's Be Pretty "Siiri", Wildomar's Beautiful Piece "Sissi" and Wildomar's Bay Of Gold "Luka".

13.7.2004 Male puppy looking for home

Because of change in conditions of owner Wildomar's Brave Barchelor returned and is now looking for active home. B-litter's other puppies are now all reserved.

Today Wildomar's Beautiful Piece moved to her new home. We wish all the best to family Simonen with this new addition to their family! :) 

11.7.2004 Anet BOB-puppy

Wildomar's Addicted To You "Anet" oli tänään ROP-pentu Haukiputaalla. Tuomarina toimi Leila Kärkäs (Suomi). Lämpimät onnittelumme Anetille Ouluun! :)

10.7.2004 Emma did superb job in Sweden!

Emma entered today Club Show in Sweden which is Springer Club's main show there. Show was entered total by 172 English springers and judge was famous breeder Marie Merchant from Australia. Only in open class was competing total 26 bitches. Emma  won the class and was placed as 3rd best bitch by gaining her first Swedish CC! And Emma was also chosen as best open class dog in show and we also found Emma was then the best dog in show which was not champion yet (when she won also the male cc-winner). :)

6.7.2004 Vilma moved to new home

Today Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac "Vilma" moved to Salo to her new home. We wish luck and success to Vilma in the future!

5.7.2004 Two of puppies moved to their new homes

From boys Wildomar's Brave Barchelor "Robi" and from girls Wildomar's Bright N' Shine "Alma" have already moved to their new homes. Other puppies are still waiting happily with their mom Julia.
We wish all the best to Robi and Alma with their new owners!

3.7.2004 Wilma BB2-puppy

Wildomar's Alpen Rose "Wilma" entered Helsinki all breed puppy show and got honorary prize and was 2nd best bitch puppy. Judge was Hannele Jokisilta (Finland). Winner was Adamant's Sweet Dreams, which was also best puppy in group and 3rd best puppy in show. Our congratulations to Siiri's owner/breeder!

3.7.2004 Ato BOS-puppy

Wildomar's Atomic Bomb "Ato" was in Rusko show BOS-puppy with HP under Mr. Karl-Erik Johansson (Sweden). BOB-puppy was Ato's "aunt" Bogaloo's Qraziest'n Town. Our congratulations to BOB-puppy's owner/breeder!

24.6.2004 Welcome to our team Vilma

From our B-litter Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac "Vilma" will join our team and she will live in placement home in Salo (Taija Kavén).

19.6.2004 Christa BOB and CC in international show

Christa was from junior class nicely BEST OF BREED and got her second CC as well in Kotka international all breed show. Judge was Arja Koskelo from Finland. Best of opposite sex was open class male Cicosan Valon Mahti.

Also Jekku entered this same Kotka international show and got fine result too. Jekku was second best in open class males with quality prize 'excellent'. Judge was Mr. Michael Forte (Ireland). Jekku have got from all shows entered after 2 years of age quality prize 'excellent' and worst placement in class has been second!! :) 

14.6.2004 Show results from weekend

On Saturday 12.6.2004 in Jämsä all breed Christa was from junior class BB2 and got res-CC. Judge was Lisette Delwaux-Crauwels (Belgium). In very same show Jekku was second in open class males with quality prize 'excellent' (there was total 8 males competing in this class). Judge for tibbies was Tarmo Viirtelä (Finland). 

On Sunday 13.6.2004 in Virkkala all breed Jekku was nicely 2nd best male and got res-CC! Judge was Eija Vilander (Finland).

3.6.2004 Mickey came home

Long waited cat Mickey came finally home today. What a lovely kitten.... :)
Here is photos from first moments in Somero:

3.6.2004 Congratulations Dusty

Today we celebrate Dusty, congratulations to 5 years old! :)

30.5.2004 Super weekend in Estonia!

It is hard to know where to start..... we had such a good trip to our neighbour country Estonia! ;)

We took part to Tallinn international show, where was 7 springers entered. Breed was judged by Raija Tammelin (Finland). We had with us from our own dogs Emma (Melverly Violetta). Also Tarja Hovila and Darren Skipworth sent Onni (Multi Ch Multi Winner Adamant's Superman) with us. 

Emma took part to open class and was nicely BOB and BIG-4 gaining also CC and CACIB. With this win Emma also got title Estonian Winner 2004. Group 8 was judged by Raija Tammelin (Finland): 

We handled Onni in veteran class and result was excellent as usual: BOB-veteran and BEST IN SHOW veteran! BIS-veteran was chosen by Soile Bister (Finland):

Onni and Emma entered also brace competition and winning way did not stop, they were BOB-brace and also  4th best brace in show! BIS-brace was judged by Raija Tammelin (Finland):

Emma was seen also in junior handler ring, where young promising handler Sini Tervo was chosen best junior handler. Our biggest congratulations to Sini for this achievement! It was just breathtaking to see Sini and Emma co-operating in the ring:

We had with also tibetan spaniel Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy), who anyway got only VG and was placed 3rd in his class, but as we know "you cannot always win". ;) Tibbies were judged by Kari Engh (Norway).

27.5.2004 Congratulations Julia!

Today we give our congratulations to B-litter's dam! Julia is today 3 years old!

25.5.2004 A-litter news

We have received lots of nice news from A-litter puppies and their lifes. Here is some of the happened things. :)

Oona entered obedience classes and won with excellent points the final test of the classes. She got 10 points from 4 different parts and 9 points from 2 parts (total 6 parts in test). Keep up the good work Riikka and Samuli! :) Oona has also tried swimming and was found to be like "water animal". So they have started also training for spaniel working ability test. ;)

Ainu lives happy life in Espoo with family and their family includes also cats, with which Ainu has made nicely friends too. Ainu will be seen also in match show rings soon training show ring behaviour. :)

Ato has already been training blood tracking and this little boy seemed to understand super well what it is all about. And also Ato has shown to love water work. Ato also take obedience classes and is very easy learning young man. Spaniel Club of Southwest Finland has rewarded Ato with Finemoon Cup, which is given to best spaniel in match show arranged by the club (Ato was in this match show BIS-2 and best placed spaniel).

Anet has started her training for spaniel working ability test too and will take part to training arranged by local spaniel club too. Good luck to Henna and Anet in Oulu!

And lots of other nice things happened too. We wish sunny happy days to all A-puppies with their families! And we continue waiting for next news........ ;)

20.5.2004 Ato BOB-puppy and Anet BOS-puppy in Kangasala

Wildomar's Atomic Bomb "Ato" was BOB-puppy and Wildomar's Addicted To You BOS-puppy in Kangasala unofficial all breed puppy show. Judge was Mrs. Kirsti Louhi who also has official judge rights for the breed.

We had such a nice day together with four puppies. Thanks to all puppy owners for these unforgettable moments! :)

20.5.2004 Andy BOS-puppy in Åland

Wildomar's Ain't A Saint "Andy" was nicely BOS-puppy with HP in Åland in unofficial show ("open show"). Thanks to Camilla for handling him. :)

19.5.2004 C-girl is after all tan coloured :)

When pups were growing we found one from girls is after all liver and white with tan marking from her colour. So little correction to B-litter information: 
    3 liver-white males
    3 liver-white females
    1 liver-white tan female

15.5.2004 Christa got CC in Mynämäki all breed show

Christa was 2nd best bitch and was rewarded with CC in Mynämäki all breed show. Judge was Mrs. Riitta Lahtovaara (Finland). Our big thanks for super handling to Ms. Satu Raassina!
Read more and see photo from Christa's results. 

14.5.2004 Sami is officially co-owner of Wildomar's kennel

Our B-litter is now three days old and puppies are growing fast and we breeders are proudly following them around the puppy box. ;) Please pay attention to word "breederS".... meaning we have finally received approvement from Finnish Kennel Club that Sami has been added to other owner of our kennel Wildomar's starting 11.5.2004 (same day when our B-litter was born by the way). :)

12.5.2004 Ato was BIS-2 in match show!

Our biggest congratulations to Ato (Wildomar's Atomic Bomb) and his owner Tiina Huppunen for super nice debut in match show rings! Winner of red puppies and finally BIS-2 in Turku match show arranged by Spaniel Club of Southwest Finland (judges were Leena Laine and Maija Haltsonen). There was total 74 dogs in this unofficial show!

11.5.2004 Puppies born

Our B-litter of 3 males and 4 females was whelped today (all liver and white)

8.5.2004 We met our coming family member

We spent such a nice afternoon in Espoo with Ainu's family and there we met also our future family member, which name we still have not decided.... but we are sure it must be something reminding some "hero", when also his owner is 'Roni' which is known from one very popular kids' tv program about hero called 'Roni Neutroni'. ;))))

Here is photos from Roni and his future OWN pet. We want to thank the breeders of this lovely kitten!

2.5.2004 Anet BIS-9 in match show

Our congratulations to Anet (Wildomar's Addicted To You) and her owner Henna Renholm for nice debut in match show rings! Winner of blue puppies and 9th BEST IN SHOW in Oulu. This was good start!

22.4.2004 Congratulations Emma!

Today we give our congratulations to newest but not youngest family member. So congratulations to 3 years old Emma!

Yesterday Christa offered special food to all other dogs for her birthday party. We will see what Emma has in her mind today, until now she has kept that as secret (celebration is later today).

21.4.2004 Congratulations Christa!

Congratulations to our lovely Christa-setter, which celebrates today her first birthday!

10.4.2004 Edwin left home

Today we gave our goodbye-hugs to Edwin, who got such a many new names here as all our "dog-babies" have. Maybe the most used ones were Eetu and Eetu-Peetu. ;)
Once again our big thanks to Edwin's owners Annika and Harald for this opportunity you gave us. Edwin is wonderful dog and we hope to have chance to enjoy from his progeny soon here in Finland when we same time remember this period of four months, when Edwin was here in Somero. :)
We hope to meet you some day in the future again Edwin!!!

9.4.2004 Our future family member

We mentioned some time ago we will have new family member, maybe it is time to tell more. ;)
So this time our family will not have addition from dog..... it is a CAT! We do live country side, so of course we must have one "mouse hunter" in house too. Today we received some photos from this lovely kitten, which will be our son Roni's own pet.

This sweet little cat will definitely have his own place also in our homepage later. So more photos and information coming later. ;)

8.4.2004 Puppies coming

We are happy to announce we clearly feel puppies in Julia's stomach when touching..... so puppies are expected to be born during week 20!

30.3.2004 Mobile phones

We have changed our mobile operators and also we got one more mobile number in use. Here is the numbers and operators (same things updated also to Contact information):

+358 44 363 4243 / Sanna (Saunalahti)
+358 50 363 4243 / Sanna (ACN Mobile)
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28.3.2004 Edwin BOB CC BIG-3 and Julia BOS!

Parents of our future litter took double win!!! 

"Edwin" LuxJCh Whisborne Esquire entered his very first show in Finland and took right away CC and BOB, but also placed as 3rd in group! Judge Markku Santamäki wrote about Edwin:
"Very good. Correct proportions. Excellent lines. Good not overdone head. Well proportioned lip line. Good bone. Excellent movement."

Our own "Julia" Fin&Est MVA Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant was BOS with Markku Santamäki's words:
"Very beautifully moving. Well defending her title. Stylish entirety."

27.3.2004 Edwin took BEST IN SHOW!!!

Our visitor from Sweden Edwin (LuxJCh Whisborne Esquire) went to match show in Forssa to train for coming show. Judge was Mr.  Ilpo Jokinen (kennel Babbler's) and handler was Sami Kavén. Result was best possible: BEST IN SHOW!!!
Judge mentioned he liked especially the gorgeous movement of Edwin.

Also our "Christa" Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal was in match show and she was 3rd best from blue puppies. Handler was Sami with her too. :)

21.3.2004 Tampere international show

"Julia" Fin & Est CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant was nicely "BB-5" in Tampere international show today. Our biggest thanks for professional way of handling to Melinda Burch (Burchfield, Australia).

Judge Arja Koskelo, Finland: 
"Very good in type, strong bitch with beautiful head, which has very well developed forechest. Correct proportions and effective moves. Appealing entirety."

15.3.2004 Our future family member has been born

We got happy news this morning when heard our future family member, our son Roni's own pet, has been born this morning. Mother and babies are all okay and we can't wait to finally meet them after some time. More about this "project" coming later. ;)

14.3.2004 Our son's christening was yesterday

We celebrated yesterday the christening of our dear son and he got his official name Roni Miska Juhani Kavén.

11.3.2004 Julia was mated

Puppies expected during week 20! Our "Julia" was mated today. The father is "Edwin" LuxJCh Whisborne Esquire.

4.3.2004 Julia will be mated soon :)

We are happy to tell you Julia will be mated very soon. Read more about our future litter.
We also have received approvement for this combination from Finnish breed club's breeding committee.

24.2.2004 New homepage made by us

Today has been published Homepage of Ducky, Frisco and Mattsson, which is designed and updated by us.

24.2.2004 Sanna was chosen to committee of Somero Area Dog Club

Today was year meeting of Somero Area Dog Club and there Sanna was chosen as member of club committee for year 2004. Sanna was been deputy member of the committee already two years before. 

In this same meeting the club rewarded our Julia for her champion title.

12.2.2004 All puppies have moved to their new homes

Today also Ato moved to his new home and this means our home is now "free from pups". ;)
We miss them all very much but are sure they all got caring and loving homes, so this makes us only happy. 

8.2.2004 Jekku BOS in Tallinn international show

We may happily tell you tibetan spaniel "Jekku" Ziestan Lilroy was BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX gaining also CC and CACIB in Tallinn Estonia international show under toy breed specialist Svein Helgesen (Norway).

Our biggest thanks to Ms. Satu Raassina for Jekku's travel arrangements and also professional way of handling him in the ring!

3.2.2004 Whole family together again

Today was the day when Sanna and Miska-boy (this name is unofficial calling name, he will get official name in March in his christening) could come home from hospital. What could be better than to be all family together again!

29.1.2004 Little boy was born to our family

Our family got human addition to day at 4:53am in Salo hospital. 
His weight was 3270g and height 48cm.

27.1.2004 Emma arrived home

At last the day was here when we could meet our Emma (Melverly Violetta) on our yard. 
All is going well and Emma has started her life with new family. 

Big thanks for co-operation to Dr. Tarja Hovila (kennel Adamant's).

25.1.2004 Puppy box becoming more peaceful ;)

So now has come time when already Manu, Andy, Ainu, Anet, Wilma and Anna have moved to their new homes. So our puppy box is nowadays quite much more peaceful. ;) Aida and Ato will also move quite soon. 

We wish luck to all new puppy owners!

23.1.2004 Catering Service Tmi Leila-Korpela Saari - new homepage

We renovated homepage we have done: Catering service Leila Korpela-Saari

22.1.2004 All puppies have found new home

Today also Adam found loving home, so all puppies are now sold. We wish luck to all new Wildomar's puppy owners!

21.1.2004 New WWW address!!

Starting today our homepage can be found also from address: 

Also old address is still working, so it is not needed to change the links if not want, but this must be easier to remember. :)

20.1.2004 Photos from puppies

More photos from our puppies at 7,5 weeks old you may see from Kennel Bogaloo's homepage (News-page and there is link to Walle's kids page). Our thanks to Mia! :)

17.1.2004 New homepage made by us

We have again built new website and this time for Kennel Hazebad (stabyhoun + toller). Go and meet them at

16.1.2004 Puppies checked by vet

All A-litter puppies visited vet today. They all are now officially checked by vet and everything was okay with them all. They also got parvo-vaccination.

12.1.2004 Welcome to our team

From our A-litter we will have addition to our team from Wildomar's After Eight, who will live with her co-owners in Tampere.

3.1.2004 New Year with new tricks ;)

We thought best way to start this news page is to tell what we expect from the year 2004. Maybe the most important thing is now this little baby in Sanna's stomach, which we expect to be born within a month. We are sure this baby will keep us quite busy the whole year and also the following years. ;)

With doggy things we of course also expect some nice things to happen. A-puppies will move still this month to their new homes. We are very excited to see them developing and we also will arrange some kind of puppy meeting this summer or autumn (maybe together with our B-puppies?). So Julia will hopefully have puppies with Edwin, the super nice tempered male living with us right now. Mating will happen during January and puppies hopefully be whelped in March then. Propably we will not be very active in show rings before summer. Maybe will visit some, but only carefully selected ones. ;) And also we have planed to travel also abroad for shows.

So it is likely the start of the year will be more normal family living. This will be quite a change to latest years, but we are sure this will also be very unforgettable time in our lives. ;)