News 2003

31.12.2003 Year coming to end

Again one year is coming to end and this year has been very special for us:

Thanks to all our friends for support and help during the year!

14.12.2003 We have a visitor from Sweden

"Edwin" LuxJch Whisborne Esquire has finally arrived for a visit to Somero!
We are very grateful to breeders/owners of Edwin, Annika and Harald Ultveit-Moe (Sweden), for giving us this chance.

13.12.2003 Puppies are growing

This weekend it has been such a pleasure to follow puppies eyes opening. What a cuties they are! :)
And we also found they are now truly trying to take first steps, but still we cannot call this as walking, he he... 

13.12.2003 Simon took third time title Nordic Winner

Dusty's sire and Julia's grandsire Ch Whisborne Angus Og took today already third time title Nordic Winner! Our biggest congratulations to Simon's owners/breeders Annika & Harald Ulltveit-Moe in Sweden!

10.12.2003 Something special will happen...

This weekend will happen something special in our family... but we will keep you stil curious a moment. Follow our updates to find out more. ;)

8.12.2003 Male puppy for sale

According to cancellation there is now one male puppy free from our A-litter. Contact us if interested. :)

6.12.2003 Christa's dam became Finnish Winner 2003!

This was happy show day in Helsinki where we enjoyed to see Christa's dam Tuliketun Utu-Keiju got again one more title. "Lola" became FinW-03 under the judge Mr. Fredric Nordgren from Sweden. Our congratulations to Christa's breeder, Lola's owner Marita Peuhkuri (kennel Blue Baltic's)
Christa got honour prize in puppy class in this same show. :)

5.12.2003 Puppies one week old

Puppies are growing and developing fast. This first week has went so fast when days go watching the lovely puppies and.... of course cleaning the puppy box and keeping the dam in condition. Leija is taking so nicely care from the pups, we are truly proud of her. :)

2.12.2003 Puppy news

With sorrow we must tell you we lost one of Leija's puppies. Alex-boy was the smallest of litter when born and became in time weak despite of our hard effort. Today we let Alex fall asleep.

Other eight puppies are doing fine and are stong and good eaters. Leija is also feeling good and is clearly very happy from her new babies. All of the pups also have already new homes where they will move in January. Until that we may enjoy here in Somero from them every day. :)

28.11.2003 Leija whelped 9 puppies

"Leija" Windsongs Catepillar whelped today 9 beautiful puppies (4 males and 5 females). Photos and more information coming soon. :)

25.11.2003 Welcome Leija!

Today "Leija" Windsongs Catepillar arrived to Somero. If looking her size it seems there comes quite big litter and we expect whelping to be happened during this week. 

8.-9.11.2003 Super show weekend in Estonia

We took part to Estonia Tartu international show 8.-9.11.2003 with our team.

On Saturday our english setter "Christa" Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal was BOB-puppy (judge Eeva Rautala, Finland) and finally with fantastic showing BIS-4 puppy (judge Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden). Our congratulations to Christa's co-owner Marita Peuhkuri. :)

On Sunday tibetan spaniel "Jekku" Ziestan Lilroy was second best male with res-CACIB (judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland). Our congratulations to Jekku's owners Leila Korpela-Saari and Seppo Saari.

Also on Sunday our english springer spaniel "Julia" Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant entered the ring and this lady really "took it all" with beautiful performance. She got CC, CACIB and BOB, but also ESTONIAN CHAMPION TITLE.

27.10.2003 Leija visited UL -> puppies expected

This day we had waiting for and now it is here. We are happy to announce Leija was found to be pregnant in UL. So puppies expected at the end of November.

26.10.2003 Christa BOB and BIG-1 puppy in Lahti

Christa had nice show day in Lahti. She was BOB and BIG-1!
Judge for breed and group was Anneli Karttunen from Finland. 
BOS was Christa's brother Blue Baltic's Ice Man "Luke".

Christa also got super written evaluation:
"Very good type. Correct angulated. Good bone. Well developed body. Very stylish entirety. Beautiful head. Good bite. Moves well."

19.10.2003 Christa BOB and BIG-3 puppy in Kaarina

Christa made debut in puppy rings in Kaarina puppy show today. Judge was Mr. Harto Stockmari from Finland and result was wonderful BOB and BIG-3!!

4.-5.10.2003 Sami passed breeder's basic course

Sami passed breeder's basic course 4.-5.10.2003 in Helsinki. This means Sami will be officially be also kennel Wildomar's breeder together with Sanna. This changement will officially happen during next months. :) 

26.-29.9.2003 We visited Åland

We visited kennel Bogaloo's during the weekend when we also took part to Eckerö show with Jekku and Julia. It was very nice weekend together with Mia and her family, thanks to them for the kindness. :)

28.9.2003 Leija is mated

"Leija" Windsongs Catepillar was today mated with male Bogaloo's Nostradamus "Walle". Puppies are expected at the end of November or start of December.

"Walle" took also part to his third official dog show and as result in Eckerö international show was nicely intermediate class win and res-CC. So now he has only from three shows BOS, 2xCC and res-CC (three times class winner). It has been such a pleasure to handle this young boy in two shows from these three. :) 

21.9.2003 Christa BIS-2 in match show!

Christa was first time shown in any rings and this happened in unofficial show in Turku on Sunday 21.9.2003. Puppies was judged by Mrs. Sari Väinölä and in BIS-final judge was co-operating with another judge Ms. Leena Laine. 

Result was much more than we could expect from 5 months old puppy. So after fine showing Christa won first the pair, then she was best from red puppies and at last BEST IN SHOW 2! 

From this is good to continue. ;)

7.9.2003 Litter meeting

Kennel Blue Baltic's, Christa's breeder Mrs. Marita Peuhkuri arranged today litter meeting to all Ice-puppies. We were very happy to meet Christa's litter brother Luke and litter sister Nuppu (Victor-brother lives in Austria and Lenny-brother in Northern Finland, so they did not arrive).

1.9.2003 Now we are officially living in our new home

Starting from this day we are officially living in our house in Somero Pitkäjärvi. We have really fell in love with this place and especially dogs are enjoying very much from this new fresh environment!

24.8.2003 Sami did debut as judge ;)

Sami was invited to be match show judge in Salo Anjala school today. BIS was labrador retriever, which he choosed together with other judge, Mrs. Ritva Rantanen.

24.8.2003 Julia BEST BITCH in Heinola

Judge Eeva Anttinen (Finland) placed "Julia" Fin CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant as BEST BITCH and BOS in Heinola all breed show 24.8.2003.

"Jekku" Ziestan Lilroy was rewarded with excellent quality prize and 2nd place in intermediate males class. Judge was Mrs. Karin Bernardis (Austria).

23.8.2003 Julia BEST OF BREED in Kouvola all breed show

Breed specialist judge Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finland) placed "Julia" Fin CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant as BEST OF BREED in Kouvola all breed show 23.8.2003. Julia was stealing the show in breed ring with her performance! Unfortunately just before the start of the group finals it was raining a bit and after this Julia's showing was not as it was in breed rign, so she was not unfortunately placed. So seems Julia is much like her "mom": likes much more the sunshine. ;)

17.8.2003 Jekku BEST OF BREED in Aura all breed show

Judge Svein Helgesen (Norway) gave "Jekku" Ziestan Lilroy excellent from quality in intermediate class, class win, certificate for champion title and at last placed him as best male and best of breed in Aura 17.8.2003. There was total 48 tibetan spaniels in this show, so this win was very nice achievement from this young promising dog. Our congratulations to Jekku's owners in Rymättylä! It is such a pleasure to handle this young promising boy in show rings and next weekend is again time to go!

11.8.2003 We bought a house

Today we signed the contract from house where we will move still during this month. House is located in Somero Pitkäjärvi, about 10km from Somero town centrum. It is old farmhouse, which has been renovated afterwards. The site around the house is about a hectare and there is also many other buildings there than just the main house. House is on very peaceful area, so it is perfect place for us, our dogs and . . . :)))))

10.8.2003 Jekku got 4th 'excellent' in his 4. official show

"Jekku" Ziestan Lilroy continues nicely his show career. This time judge Eleonore Singer (Austria) rewarded Jekku with excellent prize from quality and placed him as 2nd in class (first one was Jekku's half brother who also got the cc!).

9.8.2003 Dusty won champion class in Hämeenlinna

Judge Rita Kadike-Skadina (Latvia) rewarded "Dusty" Fin CH Adamant's Stardust with excellent quality prize and Dusty also was winner of champion class.

5.8.2003 Published new homepage made by us!

Again published new homepage made by us:
Kennel Desierto Belleza - salukis 

5.8.2003 Litter planed

Read more from Puppies-page.

3.8.2003 Dusty was BEST OF BREED in Rauma all breed show

Judge Mr. David Wong (Australia) gave our "Dusty" Fin CH Adamant's Stardust excellent from quality and at last placed her as bet of breed in Rauma all breed 3.8.2003. We are extremely happy for this super result!

30.7.2003 We'll buy a house

Today our offer from house was accepted and already after a few weeks we will live in our new home (country seat). More information and lots of photos coming when official papers are signed. :)

19.7.2003 Jekku got 3rd excellent in his 3rd official show

We are very proud to tell you the young tibbie "Jekku" (owned by Sanna's parents) won his 3rd excellent in his 3rd official show and this time from known tibetan spaniel breeder Mr. Jukka Kuusisto (Finland). He also was 2nd in junior class males where was total competing 7 dogs (in class) and only 2 first got excellent from quality. He also got chance to compete for res-CC when junior class winner got CC, but it went this time to beautiful older male from Sweden.

We are really happy Jekku is developing nicely and behaving superb in show rings. We are sure he will have bright future ahead! :)

His written evaluation by Mr. Jukka Kuusisto in Forssa 19.7.2003:
"Appropriate junior male from bone and size, which has good head, neck, back and body. Correct setted limbs. Moves well."

15.7.2003 Julia was ultrasounded

Vet did ultrasound to Julia today. Unfortunately Julia is empty and  there is no puppies expected.

6.7.2003 2nd excellent for Jekku!

Jekku (Ziestan Lilroy) continues nicely his debute in shows! Today he got in Karjaa under Seamus Oates (Ireland) quality prize "excellent" and was 3rd in junior class males (the dog who won him day before was this time fourth in class). Also his written evaluation was super:
"Nice small head. Good well balanced ears. Good eyes. Nice short muzzle. Correct bite. Good front. Nice short neck. Well founded ribs. Good length of back. Strong hindquarters. Moving well."
Again our congratulations to Jekku's family in Rymättylä!

In this same show Sanna was handling also ess male Bogaloo's Landmark "Nizze" and this time it went even better then day before! As result under Lilian Jonsson (Sweden) was excellent from quality, certificate for ch-title, best male and best of breed! I think best possible result for this young nicely showing dog. Congratulations to owner Camilla!

5.7.2003 Nice results from Tuusula

Leila Kärkäs gave Julia (Fin CH Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) quality prize "excellent" and working class win in Tuusula all breed show. Sanna was handling also ess Bogaloo's Landmark "Nizze" which got from junior class quality prize "excellent" and also res-CC under same judge. Congratulations to Nizze's owner Camilla!

Fransesco Cochetti (Italy) gave to Jekku quality prize "excellent" and 2nd place in junior class (from 6 males)! This was nice debut for him in official shows! Congratulations to Jekku's family in Rymättylä!

29.6.2003 New champion!!!

Judge Ann Kirk (Ireland) placed our Julia in Pori all breed show as winner of open class and gave Julia the last needed CC for FINNISH CHAMPION title. Julia was also best bitch and BOS.

24.6.2003 Christa moved to her new home

At last there came time when we got our dear Christa to her new home. So time to say welcome to our new team member Blue Baltic's Ice Crystal.

15.6.2003 we met our setter puppy

We were very happy to meet our future family member, setter puppy, today. These puppies really made us fall in love with them! So we cannot wait to get Christa home!!!

12.6.2003 Julia mated with Kingi

Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) has been today mated to gorgeous Kingi (Ch Adamant's Gengis Khan).

11.6.2003 Julia's eyes are healthy

Julia was officially eye checked today in Turku (PetVet, Tuomas Illukka) and eyes are healthy and clear (not PRA, HC or RD).

8.6.2003 Julia got res-placement in open class in Österbybruk Sweden

Judge Mrs. Geerta JJ van Gellicum (Holland) placed Julia in Österbybrukin international show to res-placement in open class bitches.

7.6.2003 Julia BB-3 in Hasslarp Sweden

Judge Mr. Anders Cederström (Sweden) gave Julia open class win, CK (CCQ) and placed Julia as third best bitch in Hasslarp SSRK show. CC went to second best bitch, so that was close. ;)

On this same day also Julia's litter sister Nelle (Nobhill Personality) got Swedish show champion title. Congratulations to owner and breeder Monica Dreijer!

30.5.2003 Julia got EXC from open class in WW-03 show

Judge Mr. Kenneth Edh (Sweden) gave Julia in Dortmund world winner show EXC (excellent) from quality. Julia was not placed in this hard competition, but that did not mind. We after all saw so many fine springers especially from Sweden and Denmark.

Later coming LOTS of photos from this show!!!

24.5.2003 Our unforgettable wedding was celebrated in Rymättylä

We got married in Rymättylä church 24.5.2003. The day was unforgettable and we are extremely thankful to all people who made this day perfect. It was such a nice to see so many friends celebrating together with us this important day with us. Here is some photos from the party (texts will come later to photos, now we are very busy with honeymoon trip).

P.S. Also Sanna's last name changed, so get used to name Sanna Kavén. ;)

21.5.2003 FCI accepted us kennel name Wildomar's

We got the confirmation from our kennel name. Fédération Cynologique Internationale has accepted kennel name Wildomar's to Sanna.

10.5.2003 res-CC for Julia in Lohja

Soile Bister gave Julia excellent from quality, class win and res-CC in Lohja spaniel speciality 10.5.2003.

3.5.2003 The time has come to tell....

Now has come the time to tell you more about our future plans.... and this news is about our other future family member beside the lovely setter puppy......

24.4.2003 Sanna as trainer in show training again

Sanna was again as trainer in show training of Spaniel Club of Southwest  Finland. This time there was a bit more dogs and people to train: five Portuguese water dogs, two Welsh springer spaniels, one English cocker spaniel, one English springer spaniel, one Irish water spaniel and one golden retriever. It was fun and we hope they have use to all the tips Sanna gave them. Also this time Sanna heard many guestions and tried to give answers, that of course made the training easier when people are active and ask things. :)

21.4.2003 Setter puppies have seen the daylight!

We got absolutely wonderful news from Forssa! Lola was whelped last night the setter puppies. This litter included 5 puppies, from which 2 are bitches and 3 are dogs. So it is now quite possible we will have setter baby in our house in July.

18.4.2003 Dog count in World Winner show

We got good news about Dortmund (Germany) World Winner Dog show! There will be exhibited totally 86 english springer spaniels. This is such a nice news for us as we hoped to see many fine springers from different countries in this show. So we cannot wait to be near to this show ring with our cameras.... ;)

13.4.2003 Has come time to tell more about our family addition

So... now is time to tell you more about our "secret" plan.

12.4.2003 Julia got BOS and CC in Turenki

Kirsti Louhi gave our Julia excellent from quality, class win and CC + best of opposite sex in Turenki group speciality 12.4.2003.

6.4.2003 Julia got res-CC in Mäntsälä

Leila Kärkäs gave our Julia excellent from quality, class win and res-CC in Mäntsälä group speciality 6.4.2003.

1.4.2003 Family additions will be confirmed very soon

We can promise it will not take long time anymore when we can proudly introduce you our new team!  So watch for updates here, we will do the update as soon as we get needed information about our family additions! And we can promise you this is something super special coming. ;)

30.3.2003 Julia got res-CC in Kankaanpää

Mrs. Ritva Raita placed Julia as winner of working class and gave her res-CC in Kankaanpää group speciality 30.3.2003.

22.3.2003 Wedding homepage published

Finally we published our wedding homepage.... our wedding will be celebrated 24.5.2003 if someone does not know yet. So check our new Wedding homepage. We will update there some interesting things about our wedding very soon. ;)

16.3.2003 Tampere international show was full of success!

Oh, hard to even say where to start. ;) Sanna handled in this show total 3 dogs: Julia, Walle and Wilda. Success was fantastic in this big international show!!!

Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant "Julia" was competing in open class bitches even if she is still under 2 years old. As result under Mrs Flora McKenzie (Canada) she got excellent from quality and second place in class!

Bogaloo's Nostradamus "Walle" was handled by Sanna as junior class males winner with quality prize excellent (judge was Lilian Hanniste, Estonia) and after this he gained also his first CC under Mrs. Flora McKenzie (Canada). Extra special from this day made the fact this was first official show for Walle!!! He was showing very well and proudly and this was what made him win the other more developed males in certification competition. Congratulations to owners Annika and Mia!!!

Bogaloo's National Anthem "Wilda" was handled by Sanna in junior class bitches. Also she won the class with style under Mrs. Lilian Hanniste (Estonia) and after this she also won the res-CC under Mrs. Flora McKenzie (Canada)!!! This was first official show in Finland also for Wilda. Congratulations to owners Mia and Christian!

It is fantastic to handle young promising dogs which are showing this well in show ring. Our thanks to owners of Walle and Wilda for giving me this chance to captivate the show ring with them! :)

15.3.2003 Walle and Wilda as our guests

This morning we got guests from Åland. Walle (Bogaloo's Nostradamus) and Wilda (Bogaloo's National Anthem) came with boat in the morning to Turku and they will spend the day with us in our home today. Tomorrow we travel to Tampere show, where Sanna will handle not only our own Julia, but also these two fine juniors. So happy weekend going here. :)

10.3.2003 Our kennel name apply published in Kennel Club's magazine

So the kennel names we have applied for have been published now in our Kennel Club's magazine and these names are (in this order):


We will now just wait for the decision of FCI. :)

9.3.2003 Nice weekend in Rymättylä country side

We had such a nice and relaxing time in Rymättylä this weekend. It was also very nice to meet Jekku again, he has again matured in good way and we are just waiting to enter show rings with him soon!

2.3.2003 Our new webpage published!

Our homepage is finally separated totally from Spanielworld homepage. Maybe our visitors already waited this to happen. All pages are updated, and also new information added to many pages. So better to check all from start to the end. ;)

We hope you enjoy your visit.

28.2.2003 Orion Aptus - our dogs will be seen in their product brochure!

Our lovely springers will be seen in Orion Pharma Aptus -product family's brochure. The photo is taken by Sanna in 2002 (spring). We took part to their photo contest with this photo and this was how they "found us" for this brochure. As compensation they sent us nice product packet, where we found also products we have used before. ;)

24.2.2003 Family additions

Today we have done some tentative agreements for having some truly interesting addition to our family still this year. Still there is much to happen before that and nothing is 100% sure, so we will tell you more during next months about our plans. But just to let you all know that something special is coming!

22.2.2003 Julia got 3rd CC!

Julia took part to Valkeala group show today (judge Markku Santamäki) and this was debut for her in working class. She won the class, got quality prize excellent and also gained her 3rd certificate.
Now Julia has got cc's from the following Finnish show judges: Eeva Anttinen, Gitta Ringwall and Markku Santamäki.

15.2.2003 Julia 2nd in open class with excellent

Julia was in Imatra international show competing in open class bitches and placed nicely as second in class when competititors were older than she. Julia got also quality award "excellent". The judge was Mr. Harry Tast (Finland), who was judging the breed the very first time. Sanna got also chance to enter the BOB ring with one of the most successful springers, who is of course "Onni" Adamant's Superman. Thanks to Onni's breeder for this trust.

2.2.2002 Show training and other

Sanna was today trainer at one show training in Turku arranged by Spaniel Club of Southwest Finland. So this is new "territory" for us now! *lol*

New year is going again and this will be very special year to our family! One of the most significant things will be our wedding in May, and the arrangement of this celebration has already began. Our honeymoon trip will be to Germany, Denmark and Sweden with our own car and as long as we are not able to live 2 weeks without our sweet springers, we will take our Julia with us. ;) And we will also visit Dortmund World Winner Show, which will be one of the most exciting experiences to us as "show-fanatics"...

Sami will graduate from polytechnic (vocational high school) during the spring and he is looking for suitable work now. So our life will change from this too. And when Sami has a job, we will buy a house (then we will know better from where we should buy it).

Our kennel name hopefully will be approved this year, our apply for it has already been sended to Kennel Club. We are not sure yet when our actual breeding work will begin, but hopefully already next year (so our first litter will be born not later than 2004). Our dream is to get some addition to our team during a year, but about this we will tell more when the dreams will start to become true. 

Our homepage will be improved during the year, hopefully before the summer. At first we planed to do this already at the start of the year, but now we are too busy to promise anything big.

We are still very active workers for different clubs:

We have been asked to make some homepage designs and updates to different kennels. At this moment we have done kennel Ancer's homepage and more is coming soon!