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Here you meet all litters bred by Wildomar's. If you are interested in our futre breeding, please check Puppies-page for latest updates.
Wildomar's bred dogs in Finnish Kennel Club database

S-litter 6.12.2015 (2 males + 5 females)
Sire: Adamant's Riding High
Dam: Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon

R-litter 26.8.2015 (1 males + 0 females)
Sire: Adamant's Reneissance Man
Dam: Wildomar's Nefertiti's Jewel

Q-litter 27.3.2015 (3 males + 8 females)
Sire: Lordsett No Mercy For Bimbiks
Dam: Wildomar's Midnight Serenade

P-litter 15.9.2014 (1 males + 0 females)
Charlescroft Cover Up
Wildomar's KnockOnHeaven'sDoor

We were finding a good male for Karla a long time and finally we found it. We imported fresh semen from Poland. Of course we had hopes for a bigger litter, but it might be the semen was damaged because the air company Finnair lost it to Warsaw airport for 24 hours. Pedro the puppy anyhow got a most loving home and is livign with his mother, grandmother and great grandmother :)

O-litter 22.5.2014 (1 males + 3 females)
Linmoor Your Majesty
Dam: Wildomar's Hit It Big

This litter was my dream coming true. When I imported Terry (co-owned with Saija Kaleva), I had a dream I would mate Julia (Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant) with him. That never happened, but we mated Julia's daughter Hilda with him instead.

Wildomar's On The Way
Wildomar's Once In A Lifetime
Wildomar's Out Of Control
Wildomar's One Step Ahead

N-litter 21.12.2012 (5 males + 3 females)
Night Prince Avendesora
Dam: Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon

We sent Doris all the way to Poland for mating with lovely Shrek. My dream coming true when could use the male I almost bought to myself when he was a small puppy :-) Thank you Justyna Kaminska (Avendesora kennel) for your co-operation!

Wildomar's NotTheEndOfTheWorld
Wildomar's Nordic Nightmare
Wildomar's News From The Moon
Wildomar's Night To Remember
Wildomar's Night Wolf
Wildomar's Nightingale
Wildomar's Nemesis Night
Wildomar's Nefertiti's Jewel

M-litter 23.5.2012 (3 males + 3 females)
Bimbik's Finch
Dam: Wildomar's Hit It Big

For this litter it was easy to find a male. I think Finch (owned by Katrin Juurak, Bimbik's kennel) fit my Hilda just perfect. And we are very satisfied to the result too.

Wildomar's Music For Your Eyes
CH Wildomar's Magic Rhythm
Wildomar's Makes You Sing
CH Wildomar's Midnight Serenade
Wildomar's Memorable Sounds
Wildomar's Melodious Voice

L-litter 20.2.2011 (3 males + 2 females)
Barecho Young At Heart
Dam: Adamant's Perfect Feelin'

Lady (CH Adamant's Perfect Feelin') whelped her first and only litter 20th February 2011. Sire to this litter is an import male CH Barecho Young At Heart.

Wildomar's LoverForATrueLady
Wildomar's Loyal To One Lady
Wildomar's Lady Killer
Wildomar's Like A Real Lady
Wildomar's Look Like A Lady

K-litter 5.8.2010 (1 males + 6 females)
Winton Man On The Moon
Dam: Wildomar's Gewgaw

Gia whelped her one and only litter 5th August 2010. The sire to this litter is NO CH Winton Man On The Moon "Apollo". This was an AI-litter from frozen semen.

CH Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon
CH Wildomar's KnockOnHeaven'sDoor
CH Wildomar's Knocks U For A Loop
CH Wildomar's Knocks'Em For Six
Wildomar's Knock Your Socks Off
CH Wildomar's Knocks You Out
Wildomar's Knock On Wood

J-litter 19.3.2010 (0 males + 1 females)
Winton Man On The Moon
Dam: Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

Diva had a lovely bitch puppy from this AI-litter (frozen semen). Sire to the puppy is Winton Man On The Moon "Apollo".

Wildomar's Jewel From The Moon

I-litter 19.7.2009 (2 males + 3 females)
Adamant's Take It Easy
Dam: Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac

Vilma whelped her 2nd and last litter 19th July 2009. The proud father of the puppies is CH Adamant's Take It Easy "Wiljami".

Wildomar's Imaginary Lover
Wildomar's Inborn Charmer
CH Wildomar's Intense Desire
Wildomar's Ideal Mistress
Wildomar's I Lust After U

H-litter 11.3.2008 (2 males + 1 females)
Adamant's Take Your Hopes
Dam: Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

This was the third and last litter for our foundation bitch Julia and that made this litter a very special one for us. Thanks to Tarja Hovila (Adamant's kennel) for the co-operation!

Wildomar's HardNutToCrack
Wildomar's HardLikeARock
CH Wildomar's Hit It Big

G-litter 7.11.2007 (4 males + 5 females)
Adamant's Lucky Strike
Dam: Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac

Vilma whelped 9 lovely puppies to our G-litter. We want to thank Zeta's owner Tiina Mattila for making this combination possible.

Wildomar's Granite Hard
Wildomar's GreatWhiteHope
Wildomar's Great Gun
CH Wildomar's Grim 'N' Crusty
Wildomar's Gilt Trinket
Wildomar's Gimcrack
CH Wildomar's Gewgaw
Wildomar's Glossy Bauble
CH Wildomar's Graceful Bijou

F-litter 26.1.2007 (3 males + 9 females)
Adamant's Wind Of Change
Dam: Wildomar's Beautiful Piece

Sissi and Arvo (owned by Hannele & Jukka Pakkala) seemed to want a big family and Sissi whelped 12 puppies. This litter is special to us as this is first 2nd Wildomar's-generation litter.Thanks to Antti and Susanna Simonen for leasing Sissi.

Wildomar's Feat Of Falour
CH Wildomar's Fiction Oh No
Wildomar's FeastForTheEye
Wildomar's Flicker Of Hope
Wildomar's FatalAttraction
Wildomar's Fallin' Star
Wildomar's Field Of Dreams
Wildomar's Full Of Dignity
Wildomar's Free Spirit
Wildomar's Flyin' Thoughts
Wildomar's Final Gem
Wildomar's Fading Memories

E-litter 4.9.2006 (3 males + 3 females)
Mompesson Blinking Hell
Dam: Adamant's Royal Stories

The sire of this litter 'Frank' (GbShCh Mompesson Blinking Hell) was Top#1 English springer in Great Britain in 2001 and he has produced several breed typical successful springers. Thanks for co-operation to Katariina Puolakkainen (of Skyway kennel).

Wildomar's Enchanted Boy
Wildomar's Enigmatic Flame
Wildomar's Elysian Fields
Wildomar's Eden Of Witches
Wildomar's Earth Fairy
Wildomar's Elfin Stories

D-litter 14.4.2006 (4 males + 4 females)
Mompesson Royal Destiny
Dam: Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

This was first AI litter at Wildomar's from imported semen. Sire is gorgeous one and only GbSh CH Mompesson Royal Destiny (owned by Bob & Frances Jackson, Mompesson kennel). In this litter we have 4 Champions and also the first FCI International Champion bred by us is from this litter.

CH Wildomar's Discovered Plot
CH Wildomar's Diverse Tails
Wildomar's Double-Dealing
CH Wildomar's Dictatorship
Wildomar's Double Mistake
Wildomar's Deep Silence
Wildomar's Devious Minds
CH Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny

C-litter 27.4.2005 (2 males + 7 females)
Whisborne Angus Og
Dam: Melverly Violetta

This was a combination of our English import Emma and lovely Swedish man Simon (owned by Harald & Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Whisborne kennel). In this litter we have two champions and two other CC-winners.

Wildomar's Count My Spots
CH Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye
Wildomar's Circean Beauty
Wildomar's Celestial View
Wildomar's Chic N' Jazzy
Wildomar's Cissin' Breeze
CH Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac
Wildomar's Classy Violetta
Wildomar's Cal Mi Violet

B-litter 11.5.2004 (3 males + 4 females)
Whisborne Esquire
Dam: Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant

This combination was very special for us as dam is our own dear Julia. Sire Edwin also stole our hearts when he was living for about 3 months at our place (owned by Harald & Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Whisborne kennel). There is total 3 champions in this litter.

CH Wildomar's Bland Esquire
Wildomar's Bay Of Gold
CH Wildomar's Brave Barchelor
CH Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac
Wildomar's Beautiful Piece
Wildomar's Bright N' Shine
Wildomar's Be Pretty

A-litter 28.11.2003 (3 males + 5 females)
Sire: Bogaloo's Nostradamus
Dam: Windsongs Catepillar

This was our first litter. We leased Leija from her owner Mia Humell (Bogaloo's kennel) and mated her to Walle. Our first home bred Finnish Champion is from this litter.

CH Wildomar's Atomic Bomb
Wildomar's Ain't A Saint
Wildomar's Ace Of Spades
Wildomar's Autumn Sunset
Wildomar's Aphrodite
CH Wildomar's Alpen Rose
CH Wildomar's Addicted To You
Wildomar's After Eight

Champions and winners

International Champions

  1. Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye (IABCA Int CH)
  2. Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny (C.I.B. & C.I.E.)
  3. Wildomar's Fiction Oh No (C.I.B. & C.I.E.)
  4. Wildomar’s Diverse Tails (C.I.B.)
  5. Wildomar’s Grim’N’Crusty (C.I.B. & C.I.E.)

Double Champions

  1. Wildomar’s Ciss Mi Lilac (Show & Tracking Champion)
  2. Wildomar’s Atomic Bomb (Show & Tracking Champion)
  3. Wildomar’s Grim’N’Crusty (Show & Tracking Champion)

National Champions

  1. Wildomar's Brave Barchelor (PL)
  2. Wildomar's Atomic Bomb (FI)
  3. Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye (US & CA)
  4. Wildomar's Alpen Rose (FI, EE, LV, RU)
  5. Wildomar's Bland Esquire (FI)
  6. Wildomar's Dig Dub'N' Deny (FI, SE, DK, NO, EE, LT, LV, BY, RU)
  7. Wildomar's Ciss Mi Lilac (FI, EE)
  8. Wildomar's Diverse Tails (FI, EE, LT, LV, BY)
  9. Wildomar's Fiction Oh No (FI, EE, LT)
  10. Wildomar's Dictatorship (SA)
  11. Wildomar's Addicted To You (FI, EE)
  12. Wildomar's Discovered Plot (FI, SE(Sh))
  13. Wildomar's Hit It Big (FI)
  14. Wildomar's Grim'N'Crusty (FI, EE, LV, LT, RU, BY)
  15. Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac (LT)
  16. Wildomar's Gewgaw (FI, EE, LT)
  17. Wildomar's Graceful Bijou (EE, LV)
  18. Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon (CA)
  19. Wildomar’s Knocks You Out (EE, LT, LV)
  20. Wildomar’s Intense Desire (FI, LT, EE)
  21. Wildomar's Knocks U For A Loop (FI)
  22. Wildomar's Knocks'Em For Six (FI, PL)
  23. Wildomar's KnockOnHeaven'sDoor (LT)
  24. Wildomar's Midnight Serenade (FI, EE)
  25. Wildomar's Magic Rhythm (FI, LT)

Other CC-winners

  1. Wildomar’s After Eight
  2. Wildomar's Ace Of Spades
  3. Wildomar’s Beautiful Piece
  4. Wildomar’s Classy Violetta
  5. Wildomar’s Count My Spots
  6. Wildomar’s Deep Silence
  7. Wildomar’s Fading Memories
  8. Wildomar’s Granite Hard
  9. Wildomar’s Glossy Bauble
  10. Wildomar’s Gilt Trinket
  11. Wildomar’s HardLikeARock
  12. Wildomar’s Imagynary Lover
  13. Wildomar’s Jewel From The Moon
  14. Wildomar's Like A Real Lady
  15. Wildomar’s Nefertiti’s Jewel
  16. Wildomar's Nordic Nightmare
  17. Wildomar's On The Way

Junior Show Champions

  1. Wildomar's Bland Esquire
  2. Wildomar's Brave Barchelor
  3. Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye (IABCA)
  4. Wildomar's Knocks You Out
  5. Wildomar's Midnight Serenade
  6. Wildomar's Magic Rhythm

TK1 title from obedience (3x 1st prize in beginner class)

  1. Wildomar’s FatalAttraction
  2. Wildomar’s Grim’N’ Crusty
  3. Wildomar’s Knocks U For A Loop
  4. Wildomar’s Intense Desire

TK2 title from obedience (3x 1st prize in open class)

  1. Wildomar’s Knocks U For A Loop

Competing in winner class blood tracking (at least 2x 1st prize in open class)

  1. Wildomar’s Ciss Mi Lilac (tracking champion)
  2. Wildomar’s Atomic Bomb (tracking champion)
  3. Wildomar’s Alpen Rose
  4. Wildomar’s Bric-A-Brac
  5. Wildomar’s Enchanted Boy
  6. Wildomar’s Dig Dub’N’ Deny
  7. Wildomar’s Grim’N’Crusty (tracking champion)
  8. Wildomar's Magic Rhythm

BH-test passed (companion dog test)

  1. Wildomar’s Fatal Attraction
  2. Wildomar’s Grim’N’Crusty
  3. Wildomar’s Knocks U For A Loop

AD-test passed (endurance test)

  1. Wildomar’s Grim’N’Crusty

MH character described or character tested (LTE)

  1. Wildomar's Atomic Bomb
  2. Wildomar's Bric-A-Brac
  3. Wildomar's Circean Beauty
  4. Wildomar's Dig Dub'N'Deny
  5. Wildomar's Discovered Plot
  6. Wildomar's Diverse Tails
  7. Wildomar's Enchanted Boy
  8. Wildomar's Gewgaw
  9. Wildomar's Hit It Big
  10. Wildomar's Knock Your Socks Off
  11. Wildomar's Like A Real Lady


Ch Nobhill Pretty Piece Of Adamant
Goldmoore's Destiny of Love
Ch Linmoor Your Majesty
Ch Melverly Violetta
Bimbik's Femy
Another Dream From Avendesora
Better Think Twice Avendesora


Ch Wildomar's Brave Barchelor
Ch Wildomar's Knocks'Em For Six
Wildomar's Nordic Nightmare
Ch Wildomar's Catch InThe Rye
Wildomar's Deep Silence
Ch Wildomar's Knocks You Out
Wildomar's Night Wolf
Wildomar's Memorable Sounds
Ch Wildomar's Kick You To The Moon
Ch Wildomar's Dictatorship